Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.11 (I)
May 11, 2009, 9:00 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.11 17:11
In the ‘希’ folder..

어 머/Omo

김희철 2009.05.11 17:11

What are you doing now

I am not an easy cat

Credits; LoveChul


Argh, should be studying T_T But Heebum!!!


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lmfao O.O;; Heechul you weirdo ❤ “I don’t easy =,=” xDDDDDD

Comment by DontEatChalk

hahaha…. remind me of Kangin in FH… thats a classic line… did he shave Heebum again?

Comment by Porcelain

i missed heebum. <333 lmao.

Comment by iheartmeowing

i miss heebum !
i miss him (?)
what gender is heebum eh ? 😀

Comment by nina

Heebum is def a boy. ^^ Heechul said he got him fixed, and so Heebum was walking around the dorm speaking(?) in a high voice, lmao.

Comment by Mel

…Heechul said that??? xD LOL
Oh god he kills me. xDD

Comment by bibi

Heechul What have you done?! The cat is shaved?!Oo

Comment by Zara

Heenim should stop bugging Heebumie…

Comment by Yoo Mi

I miss Heebum! ❤

Comment by Sonia


Comment by yinghui

LAAWWWL heechul you sped (:
ohyeh, silent reader here (: thaaanks so much for your awesome translations~

Comment by suhree(=


Comment by achi otsuka

Heebum! ^_^

Comment by Jam^_^

Haha Heechul is crazy– Also Heebum is very cute in this!

Comment by Susanna

LOL . poor heebum ya !

Comment by yin

Heebum!! Ahahahah xD

Comment by KishiFishy

heebum’s fur looks so freaking nice XD

Comment by sunkissedcandy

우유를 피부에 여동생 김 heechul,,
난, 당신 동생은 김 heecul, 사랑

난 정말 그를 사랑 때문에 다시 eunhyuk 제발, 날 꾸짖다하지 않으면, 난,, 덕분에 오빠 희망

Comment by lovely

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