Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.09 (II)
May 9, 2009, 1:12 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.09 00:43
In the ‘尊’ folder..

리 니 지/ Lineage

김희철 2009.05.09 00:43

리니지 (Lineage)

The first time I played a game with my friends

‘K.O.F’, ‘사무라이 쇼다운 (Samurai Showdown)’, ‘철권 (Iron Fist)’ etc..

The games which made me betray the entertainment centres and made me run to the PC rooms

Every night I secretly played till I almost got destroyed by my mother

After exams, I went to the PC rooms to play overnight and almost got chased out by my mother

Once the new games came out, I was at the game rooms attacking cities till I almost got chased out

During puberty, students were all watching ‘yadong (p0rn)’ and I wanted to upgrade to distance myself from p0rn

The areas that I’ve played in before.. Yishil Lotte, Sayiha, 시드랏슈(Sidradshyu) ㅡㅡ^

I only know about these 3 places..

Because there are so many service stations;; I just stay at Yishil Lotte (-┏)

In my blurred memory..(From here on, only people who play Lineage will understand ㅋ)

The only person who played past 50 levels was 9-tattooed Dragon? That’s right;; There was someone like this

I was even a priest.. Everday after getting beaten I’d stay in the destroyed villages

After I learnt my skills and went out to randomly use it, I got leveled down

A female priest appeared when I was in my 3rd year of High Schoolㅡㅡ?

After 개경주(?) came out I played with my friends till we almost went crazy*;;

We played the whole day just for this character

When I leveled up it was MP 6 I guess? If I wasn’t leveled up and instead was leveled down I had to practice all over..

The role which was leveled down by 12 and leveled up by 6 is cursed;;

Conquering land and regions? It seems like this..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ah! Also there’s the poisoned-like music..

뜨르 (DDeuReu) 뜨르뜨 드뜨뜨뜨 뜨뜨드드드 드드~♬

(And it repeated..)

Anyhow.. Those people who don’t play will not remember this memory ㅋㅋ

Star, Lineage, Fortress, 하두리 (Haduri).. I’ve played all of these beforeㅋㅋ

That time I was in my 2nd~3rd year of high school.. It has almost been 10 years (-┏)

Don’t know which wind made me think of the past so I started playing Lineage

Heol.. The careers have increased and so has the background music changed;; A lot has changed..

This.. I feel like I’ve aged..

I’ve come to be gentle.. Because of petty things I’d think of the past

Ok, Undeads!!

What are your memories

N.B* It’s some weird expression.. +_+ But I guess it meant something like that.
Credits; OnlySJ13
Please do not take out!
OMG. @_@ Lol, Heechul’s gaming entries make me go ksjdkjskdjskdjksd all over.. But so fun to do, nevertheless.


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i already played lineage…

..but it’s the new one..

..not like heenim-oppa played..

Comment by janina

you’re fast!!thx for the translation!

Comment by dubu

heenim and his game obsession~~puhahahahaha~!!

Comment by hyoin

i love the way Hee Chul called out his past memories…!!!
sometimes the memories were so sad…
but sometimes no…
that’s good… i love memories…

tHanks… kamsa hamnida… ^^

Comment by dHEEnDHAa

LOL. nice memories, hee. nice. :DD

Comment by iheartmeowing

Finally I can understand what he though during writing ;P I’m happy he’s a fan of computer games, as well as Kyu. Imagine meeting in Lineage Heechul as a female char ;P

Comment by Apple

game world player

Comment by mar

I don’t think you’ve aged~
Technology just upgrades too fast~

Comment by Sonia

i think this is like ..
one of the longest entries heenim ever made. LOL

Comment by yin

@ yin:
Inorite.. And those gaming terms >.< lmao

Comment by ilovejr

hahahahahahhahaha XDDD

like eunhyuk said in jeolchin note, you’re an entertainer or a netizen?? XDDDDDDD

hee is so funny XD he’s really an ordinary boy. being chased by his mother bcoz of playing games XDD XDD omo~ stupid god

Comment by morinchan

hahaha I love Heenim but sometimes I’m affraid of his notes xD
I’m wondering when he’ll start to write about his socks or shampoo xD

Comment by Pat

@ Pat:
That’s how unique he is. XD

Comment by ilovejr

ahahah… why heechul is not playing with kyuhyunie anymore…..

are they still training their starcraft ?????

the one that compatible with heechul is kyuhyun..hahaha

Comment by xuan.dinh0_0

During puberty, students were all watching ‘yadong (p0rn)’ and I wanted to upgrade to distance myself from p0rn

oh god this is too funny XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
he’s really a weird one ❤

ooh and thanks for translating that adorable Eeteuk dimple cyworld entry too! So cute! His dimples are amazing *__*

Comment by spazzes

@ spazzes:
Lol… I was like.. whut!? at that xD Too cute!!!

You’re more amazing ;_;

Comment by ilovejr

KYA!!! ^0^ It’s moments like this I look forward to. Heech is so cute when he’s slightly depressed over his age. Can he not see himself in the mirror?! If that’s aging then bring on the older men! XD Ehehehe~

Still, everyone becomes nostalgic at his age. It’s very normal and sweet too. Kekek. God… Now I wanna play that game!

Comment by amasakireyoko

Hahahahaha I think his Mum should be happy that he indulged in all these games than porn ba haha

Comment by yinghui

i play line age first, but it most played by boys, so i stopped it.hhhhahaa.

Comment by ria triska

My memories…is nothing about game…
Heenim is so full of shocking memories…

Comment by Yoo Mi

my memories……
well, i don’t have any video game memories, haha
but when i reach oppa’s age, i’m sure i will remember oppa and how heechul oppa brightens my day.

Comment by Tina

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