Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.09 (I)
May 9, 2009, 2:08 am
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.09 00:47
In the ‘天’ folder..

머 리 염 색 / Dying Hair

김희철 2009.05.09 00:47

If I go back to school do I have to dye my hair back to black!?

Poppy hairdye

Ah.. It should be this right^-^

Bigen? This is not too bad either (-┏)

Credits; OnlySJ13
There’s another longgggggggggggg one so I won’t be doing it today. Tomorrow I guess T_T


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hehe… heechul’s flaming red hair!

Comment by Lol

Bigen? o_____O

“back to black”

Aish, what? Did he do something with his hair?
Too much dye ruins hair. T^T Stop it, Heechul.

Comment by spike*

one again, I not really understand what he said, lol but reading his entry is always entertaining!!

and thanks so much for translating this!!!
dont know about everyone but i so love his hair like that!!!
last but not least, looking forward to ur translate tomorrow !!

Comment by superfrankie

back to school? hmm . . . anyways, red hair ❤

Comment by mel

lol bigen!! my mum uses that too chullie!!

Comment by sureyya

dont even come in the middle of me and kim hee

Comment by TEN

If you are a strong so come on let us fight you idiot

Comment by TEN

Bahaha my hair is dead from dye.
Heechul is going back to school??
he shouldn’t have to be put through that sort of torture. lulz

Comment by KC

Haha. In my school it’s forbidden to even do slight highlights on your hair. So it’d be SO cool if he walked into my school with that hair! XD Hehehe. He’ll fit right in and be the coolest guy (for obvious reasons).

PS: my school’s an all girl’s school. XD hehehe.

Comment by amasakireyoko

…Isn’t his hair black right now? Did he change it?? 😮

Comment by bibi

hahhahah….heechul is awesome…..
if you dye your hair, you gonna have an acorn head….hahahahhaha
i love your chestnut head now, so don’t dye it…

i want to see sungminie cyworld…….bogoshipda

Comment by xuan.dinh0_0

I love Heenim’s red/orange hair! ^^
Once it grows out more he should dye it back to that. It would look good.

Comment by allyssa

wow nice hair..goodlooking heechuL..

Comment by zeniorita_chelle

hha!! ur soo cute heechul oppa!!

Comment by chi

Queen Cinderella… please stick with one color… =_=

Comment by KishiFishy

so cute my oppa !!!

Comment by ameljaejoong

heechul oppa looks cool in that red hair

Comment by TEN

my oppa looks so sweet nottie and cool guy

Comment by TEN

But please dont colour your silky hair always you will not have a single hair.

Comment by TEN

Hi! how are you kim hee sarang hae yo

Comment by TEN

I love kim hee and no one can stop me to love him, if any body says bad about him i feel to those people i love you cindrella

Comment by TEN

It looks so stylish and cool

Comment by TEN

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