Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.05
May 5, 2009, 10:14 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.05 19:35
In the ‘…Special…’ folder..

..보조개야 어디갔니?../..Dimple, where did you go?…

박정수 2009.05.05 19:35

..Not to be blamed, but to come back carefully…ㅠㅠ

..Where have you gone~~~~~~Dimple-ya~~~~~~….

Credits; OnlySJ13


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teukie!! so cute 🙂
but i can’t really see the dimples in the photos:P
hope it comes back~

Comment by Ryu

where’s dimple sshi? omo!
please come back to Soo…

Comment by min-ji

teukie!! u should just eat more so you’ll have more flesh i’m sure after doing that ur dimple will come back running!!

u are TOO thin…don’t be like that! i don’t like it…nobody likes it!

work hard but atleast it ur almost all bones now continue doing that and hyukie’ll not be the only myeolchi in suju

Comment by ferusa


Comment by ferusa

Dimple-ya come back carefully on Jungsoo oppas’s face please!

Comment by Shelley

Ooooow GOSH… he’s so handsome in this picture..!!

Please Comeback, Dimple oppa ^^

Comment by renren

eeteuk oppa..
still handsome and cute even if without his dimples,

hope the dimples come back soon,
so that oppa isn’t confuse to look for them anymore^^

moreover, i miss him with his dimples >.<

thx 4 translating this

Comment by qyan

LOL…I loled so hard at the previous comment :”Dimple-shi, where r u?!” XDXD it reminds me of Hyukie’s “wonderful” English on 050509 Sukira
I’m dying of laughing because of that =))
Oh, dimple-shi ahhhh, come back!!

Comment by Green.Apple

Where has it run off to? :OO
This is too cute~~ *eepsquee*
He’s adorable whether his dimples show or not. ^-^
Haha, Teuk always comments on the randomest things; he’s amaziiing.

Comment by Sen/Aste

Oh Teukie~ah….You’re getting skinnier…
Please gain some weight again and take a rest…
Love ya’ much…

Comment by Yoo Mi

my dimples disappear sometimes too and i ask myself the same question that teukie oppa asked whenever i see my photo without my dimples…haha…and his dimples are super cute…

Comment by Jenna

very very cute teukie oppa^^

Comment by kim

ahhh teukie oppas soo handsome…
hmmm…i think dimple-ssi didn’t
go away…
its probably just because in your pictures
as a student of dimplelogy^^…dimples mostly show when you smile
soo angel teukie..SMILE!!!c:

Comment by kiixiah

where is the dimple? that’s the reason why i fall in luv with u jungsu uppa….

Comment by daylajames13

ur so cute 🙂

Comment by sukira16

cus he got too thin ? ><
ommo ~ he s still cute though .
HAHA . oppa ! tell dimple to come back !
poor thing ~ 3:

Comment by yin

You know oppa?
Just a simple word you put on your cyworld this time.. just only 2 lines but….. it’s soooo cute xD
haha.. ELF start our mission
find out where your dimple is right now? ^^

Thanks a lot

Comment by Sky of My East Sea

i luv u..!!!..;-)
i hope that u’ll success in ur career..

Comment by khalillah

angel teukie..i like white too,hheehe

Comment by ria triska

Talking to his dimple… haha…

Comment by KishiFishy

*looks under rocks* dimple-shiii~!!!!
where did you go?

Comment by plastikxteukie

Awww, Leetuek! Who will drown in ur infamous dimples now? Gain some weight love (but not too much…i need to be able to fit my arms around ya!) ❤

Comment by Yesung'sGirl

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