Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.30 (II)
April 30, 2009, 7:56 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.30 14:24
In the ‘上’ folder..

희 시 카 열 풍/Heesica Craze

김희철 2009.04.30 14:24

Even Jessica said Heesica was pretty

Number 1 in getting invitations from broadcasts

Number 1 in character

This century’s most popular phrase “Idiot~”, “Nonononono ha!”

After ‘Jeolchin Note’ had it’s broadcast, everyone is looking for Heesica ^-^

Dammit.. No one is looking for me (-┏)

Credits; LoveChul


Lol, everyone wants Heesica and not Heechul? ;_;


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LOL….Heesica, the Hyde for Hee Jakyll…or maybe the other way around…

Comment by green*opium

hhahahahahahhaha yeah heesica is so XDDDDD

daily heechul is not as crazy as the past heechul. now heesica brought it up.
so maybe…..

i dont know…

Comment by morinchan

heechul is sososososooooo cute 😛
thanks for the translation

Comment by Ryuryu

heechul really is funny!!
hahaha!XD…yeah..heessica is really pretty!!hahah!XD

Comment by shayne

You got that right, Heechul! Everyone loves you as a girl better hahaha


Comment by KishiFishy

haha.. Heesica yo!
you’re so pretty
I’ve heard that you said that you don’t like to wear in girl cloths.. But!! you update your cyworld about this for 2 times !!

Comment by Sky of My East Sea

heechul you are just a Pabo! Nononono HA!

Comment by Jennie

No ! I was looking at you oppa ~
but Heesica is too funny haha.

and yes after looking at the show,
I always say ‘Pabo’ with my friends. haha

Thanks for your transtion.
I always love it ^^

Comment by NoChi

chul is really funny..
and cute..
and beautiful ???¿¿¿


thx 4 posting

Comment by qyan

Hahahahaha yessss I miss the pretty Heechul xD

Comment by yinghui

Really… Heenim is much Much MUCH better than Heesica…

Comment by Yoo Mi

im looking for you!!!
but i cant find you.. =(

oppa!!! stay crazy & happy ok!! ^-^

Comment by Anonymous

Heechul’s Cyworld Entries always crack me up!!!
‘BABO~! No no no no, HA!”
I loved that epi. XD
It’s funny how he leaves a long space before putting something funny at the end…
Don’t worry, people will look for Heechul again soon.
But now, it’s Heesica~! XD

Comment by HeeBumTheCat >^.^

I will always be looking for the one and only Heenim~ Though I may never find him, I will forever search!

HeeChul is my oppa and I do not care where Heesica unni may be…

Comment by allyssa

ooowww… heesica is so pretty….
her body is so sexy…
i love him/her more than heechul…
hahahaha,, nope, just kiddin’…

heesica unnie,, saranghaeyo….
heechul oppa, hwaiting!!!

Comment by ickacku

It’s sooooooooooooooo effing unfair how pretty he is as a girl. And he doesn’t even like crossdressing and his personality is actually pretty manly — WHAT A WASTE XD. crying, he looked really good in that cheongsam lmao.

Thanks for translating! Btw, I love the new layout ^__^

Comment by spazzes

@ spazzes:
INORITE. Why is he so pretty *-* I feel.. Like I’m so undeserving to be a girl. HAHA XD

Thank you ❤

Comment by ilovejr

if heesica really exist, then word pabo will be a famous word

Comment by leesarang

i love heesica too & im craving for more heesica, ha!
no no no, i must be ‘babo’ too.

Comment by steffi

LOL . no more heechul ?
BABO ! xDDDD heesicca fighting ! xDDD

Comment by yin

Hahahahaha heesica is popular now huh? Heesica is sooo pretty! Is been so long heechul dont act pretty like in intimate note….hmmm everyone looking for heesica and not heechullie oppa??? Dont worry, people like heechul more! me too of course. Andd on intimate note, kyuhyun word to heechul is so stabbing…

Comment by kmaudy

i was stun when i watch jeolchin notes
heenim was very pretty
i know he is a pretty boy
but hee-sica eclipsed everyhting – very beautiful
but of course, heenim is so much better

Comment by gem_amethyst

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