Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.28
April 28, 2009, 8:37 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.28 03:24
In the ‘…Jung Soo…’ folder..


박정수 2009.04.28 03:24


..What is this?…ㅋㅋㅋ

..Uhmm…Uhmm..My expression…

..It looks like the expression I made a few days behind a female singer..

..If it’s not please do not misunderstand..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..Through out the 2 days I only slept for 2 hours..I didn’t sleep that’s why I am like this..

..Even if it’s like that..I don’t have time for myself..

..Perhaps I might just go crazy..Really..

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.28 03:12
In the ‘…Special…’ folder..


박정수 2009.04.28 03:12


..I am very happy when I’m on stage..

..I like those blue waves..

..I like those ear-splitting loud screams..

..I like breathing along with the members..

..Leaving great memories on every stage..

Credits; OnlySJ13


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Oppa! weren’t you eating something?!

Comment by Sonia

“I like breathing along with the members”…
suju fighting!!!

Comment by me

Omgosh how can you just have 2 hours of sleep dear! Please think of ELFs and don’t go crazy yeah T.T

Comment by yinghui

he only slept for 2hours? poor teukie. hope you’d have a better sleep this upcoming days.

Comment by i♥myfisHie

lee teuk ah,you are cute<3
they are very good

Comment by smile

I actually fe;t really bad for him.Something’s going to happen if he didn’t hold himself together.
Fighting Eeteuk oppa!! ^_^

Comment by Anonymous

great memories on every stage.!
Soo!! You’re stressed! physically and emotionally…
I bet that issue really hurt you right?
But don’t worry, it’s not your fault, people just spread unnecessary rumors all the time, they loose sight of what’s wise.
I’m glad you’re staying strong, I hope you get enough sleep. I understand what sleep deprivation is capable of…woah,,

We’ll continue to wave, scream and breath along with you, with ALL of you^-^

,,thanks for posting!!!!

Comment by min-ji

whoa!!!! seriously?! 2 hours of sleep for 2 days? I might faint with that!!!
ah, i love the last part^^ so touching.

Comment by chie

really cant imagine….just 2 hour..but teuk still awesome in front of camera…but its not good for teuk health..hope teuk can get better time to sleep =)

Comment by chocolate

jung soo oppa..
you’re still look cute in that expression . .

ooh my..
oppa, please take a rest
hope you’ll have a restful night always^^, so when u get up on the next morning u won’t exhausted

we don’t ever want to see you get sick oppa..

and eat more pleaseee !

Jung soo oppa saranghaeyo ❤

Comment by qyan

Leeteuk you have to sleep! You making me worry! Try to take some Leetuek time and just relax!

Comment by Zara

Teukie ah… Take a rest…You need it more than anyone in the group…
Love ya’…

Comment by Yoo Mi

whew?! i never knew, idols will have so less time for sleep and for own self T,T

ahh teukie2 oppa, pls think of your self T,T
~~~~~~ poor oppa ~~~~~~~

ehh,i loooooooooove how he mention about his feeling on the second entry XDDDD
omo i love it so much ^^

angelkie oppa,saranghaeyooooo~

Comment by morinchan

ohmygod ,
you should rest !
even though i always sleep late ,
but not until just two hours time for sleeping ,

Comment by nina

oppa! please take good care of yourself, will always support u guys<13!

Comment by Jennie

Oh my poor angel 😦

Comment by Fishy

We are happy to see Super Junior oppa on the stage .
We like to see the great perfomance of this 13 guys .
We like to supporting you guys down the stage .
Super Junior oppa , FIGHTING !
Eeteuk oppa , you must take more rest ,
take care your health 🙂
you’re the best leader !

Comment by hjsrh13

i though the expression is because of the bread

Comment by tingtin87

Teukie rest well 😮 You have to take care of your body :]

Comment by DontEatChalk


Comment by chi

just 2 hour?
eeteuk you need to tke care yourself
just have so little time to rest
I and your fans will very worry about you

Comment by starstar95

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