Lee Sora’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.25
April 26, 2009, 3:41 am
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It’s 4am.. My brain is dying.. x_x

내동생/My Brother

이소라 2009.04.25 22:25

This fella!!!!

You gave me a shock~~ You wouldn’t even give a hintㅋ

It was really a surprise, I am even more touched Heeheehee

Did you need to be so shy just to say ‘I love you’?ㅋㅋ That’s right, I would have felt embarrassed too~~

From now on, shall start calling well, it’s already March, it’ll almost be 1,000,000 won right?

Do you know what you should say?ㅋㅋ I’ll anticipate^^

Must always fight on..Well….Well….We must interact wellㅋ

Original Source; 이소라님의 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13
Please do not take out T-T


They look so cute on Jeju Island (?) together xDDDDDDD

Hyukjae-ya~ You’re such a sweetie!!


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Is she HyukJae’s sister ? *O*
They are so cute and beautiful on the pictures. ❤

Comment by saiz'

@ saiz’:
Yep! That’s his nuna 🙂 She’s really pretty!

Comment by ilovejr

lol why do i always find you updating at 4am XD

their pictures are so pretty and well posed ^^

Comment by cherryfilter

@ cherryfilter:
It’s 4am my time and usually by the time I find the boys’ posts it’s around that time since they post at around 12mn or 1am.. -_- LOL

Comment by ilovejr

Aw Eunhyuk’s sister is so pretty!!

They look like they had fun.

Comment by Jessica

wooooow .
the pics are good !
what did he actualy do ? ._.

Comment by yin

@ yin:
I’m not too sure either but I’m guessing he gave her a surprise trip to Jeju ^-^

Comment by ilovejr

he and some super junior members are on guerilla date,an interview on tv.there hyukkie said that because of his schedule on this 3 months,he didn’t make the first move to call his his sister called him and said “can we be closer?” so he appologized.then the mc asked him to say “i love you” to his sister,so he said “thank you and i love you” in korean to his sister and he’s VERY shy when he said it..he looked so cute on that interview

Comment by selaykacang

Oh my gosh, what cute pictures!! x3
They’re such adorable siblings~
aww this post made my day ^^
They look so happy 🙂

Comment by Helium Lights

thanks for sharing. hyukjae is love
i was about to feel jealous, till i realize that is actually his sis. lol 😉

Comment by diela

his sister?

Comment by Jin Suk

AAHHWw…how sweet…
i hope i had a brother like her…

Comment by jay em

Ahhh~ 혁재씨~ so sweet of him.
It’s so nice to see them hanging out!
He must’ve missed her so much as well as 소라씨~! ^_^
Yeah 혁이, why so shy when saying ‘사랑해’ to your 누나? ㅋㅋ
Thx for the translations!
정말 감사합니다! ^_^

Comment by Chelsea

Awwwwww the pics are so sweeeeet!
I also want Eunhyuk as my brotherrrrrrr

Comment by yinghui

she’s so lucky to have such a cute brother!!!!

Comment by sungminnie

If i were sora..then i live in heaven for having hyukkie oppa as my bro..


ahh she so pretty~~

And i wanna be his sister!! XD

Comment by diyana

they really cute XD
hyuk really like my cousin in the second last pic LOL

Comment by mei an

i want him to be my big brother too!

Comment by xeraxiah

aaahh~ so sweet.. :3
lol she has the same name as me~ :3

Comment by Sora~

Aw~ He’s so sweet ahhaah~~ xD

Comment by KishiFishy

I like first pic.
Sora and Hyukjae are so cute.
and pic that they can fly is so exceedingly.

Comment by idotmummy

so sweet!^-^
oaww…I’m having problems with saying I love you too^-^ it’s hard

Comment by min-ji

this is sweet..^__^ obviously, she must have written this after watching guerilla date..eunhyuk was really shy when the host & the members asked him to say “i love you” to his noona cause he was sorry that he haven’t kept in touch with her lately..

Comment by ennairacm

they look alike though

eunhyukgie look adorable with his sister

Comment by xuan.dinh0_0

So they are related?!
I did not know this…

Now that I look, I see the resemblance very much. ^^
Sweet siblings~

Comment by allyssa.

his sister also coll as he is…..what a lovely family!!!

Comment by kim na

hahaa.. i know that say ‘i love you’ is very uneasy.. ~

i’m sure that hyukjae oppa was very happy .. XD

hyukjae oppa , i’m happy if you’re happy .. ^^~kyaaa…

~thx 4 translate it ..^^~

Comment by hyukness

makes me miss my little bros more!

Comment by chie

OMG this is so cute a;sldkfjdsl I can’t stand it <333 THOSE PICTURES! Ahh~

Hyukkie’s sister seems really sweet, just like her brother :).

Thanks for translating! ^^

Comment by spazzes

@ spazzes:
INORITE ♥ I was going all aksjkajskjkfjdkfjdkfjkdfjk -WHY DON’T I HAVE A BRO LIKE HIM- when I saw the pictures!

She’s so pretty *-*

Comment by ilovejr

because I began to keep my eyes on this boys (suju) last month, I don’t even know that hyukjae has sister^^
looks like they have a good time together
how I wish I have sister
thanks for translating

Comment by ayay

hyukjae is so cute with his sister…

Comment by Jenna

i swear…,,,

i jealous..,,

i want to be his sister..,,



Comment by kariza

jealous of his sister…
she’s pretty btw…

thanks for this… ^^

Comment by Vaniaaa

huaaa … hyukjae-oppa so cute…
huaaa … pretty sister
om so jealous

Comment by TiwyHae

X3 look soo kawaii !

Comment by mini

lee so ra is so so lucky! born to be hyukie’s sister.. pengeeeeeeeeeeen.. ^^

Comment by HYUKRIE

Hyukkie so cuteee^^

Comment by Cha MinRa

please tell me lee sora cyworld link 😦

Comment by Anonymous

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