Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.16
April 17, 2009, 1:42 am
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Han Geng’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.16 22:47

我们的家/Our Home

Date: 2009-04-16
Mood: Weather:

Today when I came onto (my) CY I saw everyone’s messages as well as the forum, and I was dazzled* by so many of them, this CY minihompy is my only blog, I don’t have other blogs, (also, IDs from the other websites aren’t mine) I hope that everyone love everything about this place just like loving themselves.

Hehe~~~When everyone’s posting pictures or leaving messages please follow the categories and rules set by the staff, family members who are new, please do go take a look at the announcements, I went to have a look as well, I know it’s troublesome, but everything written inside is very detailed, everyone should take a look at it before posting messages and pictures then it won’t be wrong, then everyone **won’t post so many of the same content. By doing so, you are keeping this minihompy neat, and I won’t go blind looking at it! Don’t you think so? Hehe~~~~

Now there’s alot of people who come to this minihompy, and it is very tiring for the staff and some of the children who maintain the order here, they are all using the rest time amidst their studies and work to help out, so that our home can become better, they have been very serious and hardworking all this while, they respect everyone and also hope that everyone who comes to my minihompy will be happy, and I also hope that everyone will respect them similarly, because I don’t pay them hehe~~~~!

I also saw that everyone left messages asking why I didn’t add any of my friends, actually I wanted to, but there are too many people coming here, and all of them want to add me as friend, and I really can’t add more, there’s only one staff, I hope everyone will understand.

This minihompy of mine is our home, we can share with each other no matter if it’s anything happy or sad, (how come this feels like something from a script?) I hope that everyone will care for one another, will support each other, will reach an understanding of each other, will compromise with each other, working together to help me maintain this home, we must be a real family! Hehe~~~~!

Also, I’ve been very happy during this trip to Changchun and seeing you all, because it has been a long time not seeing everyone, hehe~~ Thank you everyone for the things you do for me, seeing your enthusiasm and contribution I have even more motivation to work harder, to prepare even better works for you all. In my heart, you all have been so outstanding, your existence is what I am proud of, I will work harder. We must work hard together towards a goal.

(Today’s weather is such that it was hot in the day and cold at night, everyone must be careful not to catch a cold!)

I love you all~~~!

N.B *It sorta means that there are too many for you to see until you get blur.. I can’t think of a proper word ;_; brain’s gonna shut down, it’s almost 3am, sorry! T_T
**typo: should be 就 and not 久

P.S Sorry about those continuous sentences.. I just followed what he wrote.. LOL XD

Original Source; Han Geng ‘s Home
Please do not take out!


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LOL: he must’ve keep these for a longgggg time. very longgggg entry this time hahaa…
be happy hankyung! 🙂

Comment by sweet_n_nice

why is that your not posting Heechul’s updates???…
he has so many updates already…even if it is only picture…
pls…’cause it’s only Him that i’m always looking forward….thanks (^-^)o

i always check to ths website…and im so happy knowing ths…

thanks for tranlating the cy updates of the other members….

Comment by jay em

@ jay em:
I always post his entries.. I know there are 2 new ones but when I saw them last night it was 3 am and my internet was lagging like crap T_____T
Please be patient ^^ I really try my best to update daily. 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

sorry…and super thanks a lot…

Comment by jay em

waw. great. thx

sorry, can i get the url of hankyung’s real minihompy??? does someone have it?

Comment by morinchan

here is real Han Geng’s Chinese CY address

Comment by Anonymous

aww. hankyung is such a sweet guy. 🙂 he melts my heart. <33

Comment by hankyung is mine :)

Awwww…such a long entry!!!

Comment by green*opium

Oh! very long entry ^^

First time I think it should be his staff who post this entry but when I see this words ‘everyone must be careful not to catch a cold!’ confirm that this is him for sure ha ha ha

Even it’s very long but I would like to translate it into Thai, if you have any suggestion please email me ^^

Thank you for your translation ^^

Comment by mondaymay

i want t0 make an ID in CY, but…
first, I always g0t the k0rean site 0f CY, it use hangul and my c0mpt d0esn’t have a hangul s0ftware! T.T!
and sec0nd, i d0n’t understand k0rean well! XP!
s0, can any0ne tell me the english site 0f CY?

Comment by superkids

thanks you very much about anything

Comment by heechul_suju

thanks about anything

Comment by heechul_suju

Han Kyung, sa-ra-hae..[Em yêu anh :X]

Comment by Tiny

Dear oppa Han !
Are you OK ?
I know that you try to work hard for give happiness to me and other fans.
I want to thank you for working hard for us, and of course for yourself.
But please take good care of yourself onion45
I often dream that if I can prepare energy food for you whenever you need, you may not feel so tired 😡
I cannot always come here But I am supporting you all the ways and will support you forever ^^

Comment by amy

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