Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.04.16
April 16, 2009, 8:37 pm
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With special thanks to Gaia.. ;__;

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.4.16


The fellas who randomly
make up stories…

I can just only laugh…..^^

Credits;, SJF


If they are antis… GTFO!!!!!!! >: (


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Kyu, what happen to you again!!!

Comment by green*opium

what? why?!

Comment by min-ji

Whom you are taking about?

Comment by VEn

what? who are the “fellas” he was referring to?

Comment by unachicaloca

ppl making up rumours about him?

Comment by ViVi^^,

im thinking its the antis…

yeah just Kyu-oppa just laugh…

Comment by kiixiah

that’s right kyu,
just laugh XD

Comment by mei an

You must be healthy!
what is the fellas?
is it a girl who has a fell hair ?
is it your dream?

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

kyu what happen with you ??

I still vote u here ..

Comment by risti

i wanna hear his laugh, hehe…

Comment by steffi

huh? sth smells fishy here… s1 gossip abt u??? anyway.. juz be cool… ^_______^ Kyu…fighting…!

Comment by Boorin

i think the starking scandal…
with gaeul…
haha kyuhyun

Comment by g-g-g-girl

Whats wrong?!!? WHo’s that stupid fella or watever it is, dear magnae LOLOLOL

Comment by Green.Apple

Its both a good and bad thing if there are antis makin rumors.
They obviously love him so much they cant stop talkin about him. XD
I saw this one pic that said something like
“Keep gossiping about me, you’re making me famous.”
Ehh somethin like that. XP
Yeah Kyu, just laugh. Dont let it bother you~ ^_^

Comment by Chelsea

I think he’s talking about the fan fiction stories proliferating in the internet–usually about boy-boy loves…involving him & Sungmin or Heechul. Hilariously disturbing stuff, I tell you.:)

Comment by LexieP

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