Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.04.13
April 13, 2009, 2:04 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.04.13

Really really thank you everyone!!^^

Receiving everyone’s love like this, I am very thankful, and I am very happy!!^^

Looking at you all, I know the reason why I am living!!~~I love you all!!^^

Let’s continue to be together in the future!!^^

Credits; SJ Baidu Bar


Congrats on your triple crown boys! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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aghhh why does he have to be so adorable!

“Looking at you all, I know the reason why I am living!”

what a cutiepie ^^

Comment by definetlykyu

whoaaaa..DONGHAE…. CUTE,,,

Comment by risa d e.l.f.

aaaahh donghae ah, saranghae^^

Comment by :D

thats all i can say ^_^

Comment by Nina

Baby Hae
thanks so much too,,

Comment by Min-ji

i’ll always love u too lee donghae…
very nice words from him…very2 charming
but y there is no promotion in malaysia??

Comment by zamimi

All his messages are always so sweet 🙂

Comment by katie

i thought he had a thing with electronics where he easily breaks them…how come he updates his cyworld so often?

Comment by olivia

awww… he’s really adorable. ^____^

does anyone know why they can’t win anymore? how come snsd won 9 times?

Comment by haru

Lil Fish.. u re the cutest fish in the world… ^^ take care n live passionate…
thank you so much 4 uploading.. wish u luck ^^

Comment by Boorin

he always thank to everyone..
so sweet fishy!! ^-^

Comment by kim

thanks for the translate…

Comment by evoleteva86

being everlasting friends forever rite?
Sarange oppa~

Comment by Haerie

let’s continue to be together^^
how sweet….

Comment by krizZjaE

continue 2gether..we’ll be beside u..FIGHTING!!

Comment by waru

donghae sshi….
saranghae too!!!

Comment by fishy_luph

Hi Donghae,
I miss you so much. You are so cute every time I see you. And I am very thankful to you because you know how much we love you. And this love will continue forever,till we grow up and become parents. I will be always grateful to you who make me to understand the music and love. I now can understand love because of you who is always telling us that you love us. Before now, I have no idea of giving and receiving love. I am so grateful to you. I have a dream. The dream is that I want to see you faster and faster. I want to see you how you look like in your real life. I have told my mother that I want to study at the university which you are studying now. And do you know what my mother say? She asked me “Can you speak Korean?” I didn’t know how to reply her. If you love us, please study well in your lessons. Take care of your health. The most important thing for me in the world if to worry for your health and your education. As we grow older, we will become everlasting friends. I am also thankful to the one who translate your cyworld. You should also thank to her because if she doesn’t translate your cyworld, we won’t know what is writing on your cyworld. I love you so so so much. Good Bye. I love you.

Comment by Khin Kan Kaw Thin

Dear oppa !
Are you OK ?
I know that you try to work hard for give happiness to me and other fans.
I want to thank you for working hard for us, and of course for yourself.
But please take good care of yourself onion45
I often dream that if I can prepare energy food for you whenever you need, you may not feel so tired .hugggggg
I cannot always come here But I am supporting you all the ways and will support you forever ^^

Comment by amy

i really love it when the 13een of u r 2gether…
plez continue being 2gether,,,
really,,i mean seriously,,hehehehe,,,

love watcng u guys n all da songs,,,
got really xcited when i watched u guys in music bank..
u guys r sooooooo adorable,,,,

Comment by bebyteukie

Hi DongHae^^

your’re my I doL

sweet dream ^O^

good Bye

Comment by ELF

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