Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.09
April 9, 2009, 10:36 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.09 02:29
In the ‘澈’ folder..

미 쓰 라 眞 / Mithra Jin

김희철 2009.04.09 02:29

It has been 3 years since I introduced a friend (-┏)

Heenim, who listens to no one, and as stubborn as a frog





And Mithra..

Heenim who can only be controlled by these 5 people

Mithra (Choi Jin)


Blood type AB

Actually, he’s my hyung. Hmm.. To put it simply..

Heenim=Bear Mithra(Friend)


Eeteuk<Bear Mithra(Eeteuk calls Bear Mithra hyung)

Our relationship is like that. More than 3 years ago when we first met

Bear : You are the first to use informal language with me when we first met..

Me : There’s no such thing as whose birthday is earlier~ Whoever’s born in 83 are all friends ㅋㅋ

Bear : Even if it’s not like that, those who are older than me still speak to me formally..

Me : No matter what we are friends ㅡ If you’re not willing, tell me straight. I’ll respect other’s decisions ^-^

It was something like this that we became close

Because there wasn’t any feeling, even in the previous years when I confessed to the girl I liked..

Me : Come on a date with meㅡ If you don’t like it, tell me straight. I don’t like beating around the bush

Using that way..(-┏) My character’s like this, if it’s not this it’s that..

No matther what, Bear Mithra is a friend who’s as charismatic as his beard ^-^

Although he’s quiet, he’s a friend whose words sometimes are pithy remarks (寸鐵殺人)^-^

A strange friend who would lie to others before secreting coming to meet me ^-^

Those who know me, know that I don’t rely nor do I trust people

In the past when I was hard to get near to and cold, the girl I liked asked me..

Girl : How much do you trust me?^-^

Me : 1%(Recently it’s slightly better, but last time I was really very cold ㅠ_ㅠ)

Girl : What is this.. Then what about Donghae?? Or Hankyung?? Or Kibum?? Or Mithra??

Me : 100%(On broadcasts I talk a lot but usually I’m someone of a few words)

Girl : What is this!! Why am I only 1%!!

Me : Even if it’s 1% it’s a lot of trustㅡ I don’t have the interest in trusting peopleㅡㅡ

………………..Writing this is making tears blur my vision ㅠㅠ Why am I like this..

Not mentioning about the past, most of the girls I know aren’t envious of girls but these guys

ㅡㅡ Sshi.. Is this one of the reasons why I am not popular..(-┏)

Inside, there’s everything of Epik High


He said he’d give me the Map the Soul tee.. Why haven’t I received itㅡㅡ^

To put it simply Bear Mithra is!!

Bear who will travel far distances to accompany and drink with me when I’m drinking alone

Bear who will quietly endure this guy’s random mood swings

Bear who will really come to the dorm to fetch me if I say “Come and pick me”

Looking at Bear Mithra this way, Donghae asked

Hyung. Is Mithra a buddha??

Credits; OnlyHeechul, LoveChul
Please do not take out!
Heechul is really one-of-a-kind.. T-T No matter how cool and aloof he may look on the outside, he’s really someone who’s sentimental and loyal to his friends deep inside.. And no one can deny that 🙂

I love it how he treasures his closest buddies so much that he puts so much thought into writing his entries as tributes to them! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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this is so sweet ❤ epik junior
is it alright if i take the picture out and a few quotes to post in epikflow (epik high’s international forum)?

Comment by galbi

is mithra a buddha?? lollll donghae! ahaha

thanks for the translation ❤ heechul is indeed very unique…and fun xD

Comment by fairytale

woowwww it’s rare to see heenim write such a long story…

it’s really touching to read it. he always say he has no friend and don’t care about other. but he really has true… friend…

i’m jealous of him

Comment by login

heechul is so cute ^-^

Comment by saranghaeheenim


Comment by Anonymous


Comment by mizzt

oooh… donghae can control heechul… i love this! 😀

Comment by JR14

he forgot to write Kibum…in the big lettered friends who can control him.

Comment by kiixiah

it would be awesome to have such a loyal friend as him…1% of trust, that must have hurt the girl’s feelings, lol.

Comment by mui_gei_tal

why did Donghae ask about Mithra like that? Buddha? Because he’s too kind?? LOL :))

Comment by Shin

Hyung, Is Mithra a Buddha??? LOL
this is really cute side of donghae XD

Comment by mei an


lol. Donghae is funny :))
and he can control Heenim! 😀

Comment by hana429


Heenim is so loyal to everyone he loves, and I think he didnt write Kibum down, not because they’re not friends, but because Kibum isnt one to ‘control’ him, like he said.
We all know he turns into a soft puppy around Jay, Jungmo, Donghae, Mithra or Hangeng. I think his relationship with Kibum is slightly different, but they’re really good friends anyway.

Comment by Anonymous

Aha. I love to hear from HeeChul.
His entries always hold my interest. I know how he feels about trusting people. XD Sweet Heenim~

In the end, always so lovable in every way.

Comment by allyssa.

not about that buddha stuff, im really shocked about that fact….heechul is a guy with one word. how come?? o my god. he always blabbing on the TV!!!! O.O O.O
and that girl…so stupid, heechul like her already, is a 100% lucky!!!!

poor cute sentimental heenim ^^
luv u. XOXO
who said u’re not popular??

Comment by morinchan

Kekeke Hanchul ❤ :] Hankyung can make Heechul listen to him lol xD

Comment by DontEatChalk

It’s good that he is such a loyal friend. ^^

Comment by eshi

i love you heenim!

Comment by lavendergirl54

in the end who is Mithra????~

Comment by elf

he is a member of EPIK HIGH. ^^

Comment by misshae

hehe…heeChuL and dOnghae’s cUte..hehe

mOst xpExali dOnghae…

“Hyung. Is Mithra a buddha??”


Comment by jorie

THIS IS SO CUTE alsjdlkfajksldfs.
I agree with you — Heechul is really one-of-a-kind. It’s so adorable to see this side of him, a side that I always knew was there, but a side you don’t get to see too much on shows~

I loved when he said that girls aren’t envious of other girls, but these guys. HAHAHAHAHA!!

(Must admit I’m kind of sad that Yunho isn’t one of those five people that can control him, though. XDDDDD)

Comment by spazzes


Usually, I don’t get the meaning coz his writing is so implicit..

LOL…Donghae… u’re so cuteeee…

Comment by risa d e.l.f.

donghae so naughty n innocent even he was joking^0^

Comment by kim

To Me…Heechul is almost like a dear friend. When I feel sad, I read his cyworld and the smile comes to my face again

To me…Heenim is almost as clumsy like myself. I hit everything in front when I walk, cause I walk too quick.

To me…Hee sshi is almost like my little brother, Angga, sometimes get very moody and cold, but he could be very funny at a time.

So, I would like to have a dear friend like him…Thank God I’m becoming his fan.

Comment by Yoo Mi

donghae oppa. ^^ HYUNG, IS MITHRA A BUDDHA? wahaha. LOLZ!! :)) naughty naughty Hae. ^_^

Comment by misshae

Hahha Dong Hae’s question!!

Comment by 13in

M curious as to how cute innocent Donghae can control pretty n temperamental Heechul.. Made me curious….

Comment by heechulskitty510

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