Eeteuk’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.04.06
April 6, 2009, 5:19 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.04.06


마시’s (real) birthday is coming..
The most best and handsome our Siwonie!!

Credits; OnlySJ13


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wat does tekkie oppa mean..?
i thought siwonnie oppa birthay is over..??

Comment by Baby Kyu

Siwon’s real birthday is actually on April 7th.
But because his parents registered his birth late so in official documents, his birthday is listed as February 10.
Hope this helped^^

Comment by qwertz

leeteukie is so sweet<3

Comment by Jennie

Hwaaaaa teukie oppa so Sweet he remember won oppa birthday n mention won oppa is the the best n handsome

soo happy ^_^

Comment by echa chan


Comment by min-ji

lol Horse Siwon xD He will never live it down~

Comment by Tankun

weeee! 1st to comment!

so sweet of him 2 post up wonnie’s bday in his hompy
wish our bday boy the best-est bday everrr!

L♥VE wonnie!!!(“,)

Comment by raqs

so Siwonnie’s birthday on april??
i thought siwon’s birthday was on february and the one who celebrate birhtday on april just hyukkie??
gosh! what kind of fan i am??

i used to saw 2 versions of siwon’s birthday though..
so which one is correct??


siwon’s real bday is on april~

Comment by evile-hyung

eeteuk oppa!
so concern bout his dongsaeng(so sweet)^0^
happy birthday horse siwon^^

Comment by kim

shiwon was born on april 7th, 1986 but his parents registered him on feb 10, 1987… almost a year later…
so technically hes older than donghae, but he celebrates his feb 10th bday.
teukie is just mentioning it here. he definitely cares about his members to remember shiwon’s “other” bday lol.

Comment by soshee

Siwon’s bday is Feb no?
Or maybe one’s Korean registered or whatever?
I still don’t know how that works

Comment by ViVi^^,

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