Heechul’s String of April Fools’ Cyworld Updates 2009.04.01 (I)
April 1, 2009, 4:35 pm
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This fella.. has gone mad XD

He changed his minihompy layout to SNSD.. His sidebar avatar to SNSD’s Jessica, closed his photo albums and changed them to ‘소녀시대/SoNyeoShiDae’ HAHAH.

Lol.. There are too many of them so I guess I will split them up into a couple of parts..

His minihompy title is now:

Right Now is SoNyeoShiDae

In the folder ‘소녀시대/SoNyeoShiDae’..

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.01 10:09

싴 누 나 임/Sik Nuna-im

김희철 2009.04.01 10:04

My Devil & My Uncles.. My Moonshine~ Uh Uh Let’s Go!!

This is Sergeant Sik Nuna-im who is in charge of the part above

There are news of her getting out of the army warm-heartedly spreading about

Ah.. Shindongie’s April Fool joke was hard to resist..(-┏)***

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.01 09:59

유 뤼 누 나 임/Yu Rwi Nuna-im

김희철 2009.04.01 09:59

If will hurt if you say it again

(In a strong storm, because she is a black mountain goat that’s why it’s black)

Dammit.. It’s April Fool’s Day but no one is fooled**..*

N.B* Highlight over the parts beside the red asterisk to see what Heechul wrote in white font colour^^
Credits; OnlyHeechul, OnlySJ13


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when i saw the layout
i laughed xDDDD
he’s so cute

Comment by .dayuum

@ .dayuum:
At least you laughed~ I got a shock of my life.. Cos I apparently forgot about the date. -_-”’

Comment by ilovejr

i dont understand what he’s talking about O.o
somebody understand? reply please T,T

Comment by morinchan

@ morinchan:
Hi~ He’s just making a joke out of April Fools’ ^^

Comment by ilovejr

and why must….jessica -____-
what happen actually?

Comment by morinchan

Jessie onnie is so cute ^^ 🙂 🙂
But I don’t quite understand why Heenim keeps saying that Jessie is getting out of army? @_@
Anyways, thank you so much for updating Heenim’s CY so soon^^
(ilovejr, were you fooled by anybody today??^^I was fooled once 🙂 :))

Comment by linh

@ linh:
Thank God no one around me fooled me xD I guess people around me are tired of fooling one another xD
I only got fooled by some news online D: SKJDKSJDKJSKDKJD Lol.

How were you fooled! Haha!
You’re welcome ♥

Comment by ilovejr

I don’t get what he’s saying xD but think it’s cute? 😛

Comment by Jennie

Jaa~ I’m cofused with this CY entry.
Actually who’s go to the army??
And why SNSD??? OMO, oppa, I’m totally shock.

Thx for share ilovejr.

Comment by Caroline

@ Caroline:
Hehe, it’s just an April Fools’ joke so no one knows why SNSD.. The whole SM April Fools’ joke is cool though, the 3 biggest fancafes sorta interchanged their banners among one another, DBSK, SJ and SHINee lol. xD

Comment by ilovejr

kya~~ SM’s artists fooling for april 1st…

anyways, that’s really hilarious…

glad no one fooled me yesterday^^

Comment by meh

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