Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.03.26
March 27, 2009, 12:25 pm
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*pops bitter cola* HE OPENED HIS DIARYYYYYYYY~ But ugh, hate hate hate those stickers.

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.03.26 21:09

Date: 2009.03.26 Thursday 21:09[Snow]
Currently: Bored

Wherever you go, you are smiling widely Fried Chicken*

A good woman is an absolutely excellent person, thought of as a Fried Chicken

You’re untouchable, you’re undeniable, you’re truly Fried Chicken

I’ve fallen for you, I can’t turn back, I’m lost in you Fried Chicken

If you’re jealous of me, then they’re Fried Chickens

After all, Mubank’s lunch is Fried Chicken

….. In between breaks heehee

N.B*닭강정= Fried chicken coated in tangy sauce [#]

Credits; OnlySJ13

Lyricist Kyuhyun in the act *-*
LOLLLLL Are you alright bb? Too much soju? xD
But it’s not snowing in Seoul.. Perhaps he can foresee the future? +_+


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fried chicken????. o.o lol.

Comment by chellie

this is totally…^-^

Comment by min-ji

I don’t understand what did you write?
But I want to know U

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

how cute XD
kyu hyun you must really like chicken ><

i love it when suju update cyworldssss


Comment by sujuluvxox

LMAO@ kyu^^ i was wondering whos that friend chicken… bwuahhhahah,, thier lunch is fried chicken.. lol!!.

Comment by joyze

Fried…chicken? 😮

Comment by DontEatChalk

thats so random and so cute !
fried chicken ~
and ooooooh ~ tangy sauce !

is he in the making of a song
for “i fell in love with a fried chicken” ?

gosh he s so cute . XD

Comment by yin

kyuhyun, what the hell?! WHAHAHAHAHA
you silly thing…
you like “fried chicken” that much? ^^,

Comment by unachicaloca

lol that was cute ^_^ kyu makes me smile~ 🙂
thanks for translating~ ❤

Comment by redandrosy

sooo KYUte…!!! n random…kyu luv chicken!!

Comment by xelmox

no no kyu just wants another nick 😀

Comment by littledarth

is he hungry or what….lol~~

Comment by zai

Kyu… who’s the mystery girl? *substituting her name for fried chicken*…I’m on to you!
I hope he just really LOVES Fried Chicken.

Comment by ViVi^^,

i can be ur fried chicken…

Comment by AGAyaa

Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

Comment by mrred

oh kyu…dun eat too much okay cuz too much of it is cancerous u knw…….this following question should get ur head ticking ….wat part of the chicken is mostly injected….well it the wings so do be cautious….

Comment by nicky

chicken??? ^^

Comment by lyk

chicken ????????????????
u a like my friend

Comment by indah_sung_min_ho

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