Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.21 (II)
March 21, 2009, 11:58 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.21 22:38

In the ‘天’ folder..

나 를 찬 양 하 라/Praise Me

김희철 2009.03.21 22:38

Emitting the feel of a pseudo leader (*교주)..

Undeads who love the night!!

Abandon all else, just praise me~


If you’re unwilling, then pass ㄱㄱ

So cool希

N.B: From Naver; 교주(敎主) the founder of a religion;the head[leader] of a religious sect

Credits; LoveChul


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I just watched Iljamae and Hee looks like Iljamae minus the curly hair & the suit xD

Comment by ohno

Jaa oppa? What do you mean?
Fake leader??? For what?
I’m sorry oppa but I don’t understand this. xp.

Mmm, i love this look oppa.
You right. It’s so cool.
Hwaiting oppa.

Thx for share.

Comment by Caroline

@ Caroline:
I wasn’t sure of how to translate 사이비 교주 xD But I used Naver’s dictionary and that was the literate meaning so.. xD
I think.. “pseudo” is a better word, I’ll edit it 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

Oh, thx a lot ilovejr.
Maybe he wants to be a pastor? 🙂
His CY entry is always make we confused.


Comment by Caroline

haha. he is so cool. 🙂

Comment by CM

I honestly have no idea what he just said. XDD
Im sloooww~~
But i already worship you Heenim!

Comment by Chelsea

So he desires to be a leader? Kekeke, the elder, the funnier. That’s why I love they two 83ers 😀

Comment by ghee

lmao Oh Heechul xDDDDD

Comment by donteatchalk

im praising you
coz im one o the undeads..
but COOL???.hm.. nuh oh LOOOL.jk

Comment by chellie

All hail Heenim XD

Comment by green*opium

He looks so calm, cool and sane here, so maly with the long dark hair.
He is so protective of others.I am sure he can be a great leader if he agrees to.

Comment by green*opium

isnt he handsome?

Comment by bluebacon

i dont understand what he want to tell us.
really -_-

stupid husband (?)

Comment by heechulian


Comment by Yoo Mi

LOL i thought of jesus…

Comment by mui_gei_tal

…. xDDD
pseudo leader ?!

Comment by yin

you show a lot of trick and smile but your eyes show a lot of sorrow and i don’t know why …. anyway you know urself better than anyone

Comment by princess scha

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