Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.21 (I)
March 21, 2009, 11:53 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.21 22:16
In the ‘澈’ folder..

希 라 인/Hee Line

김희철 2009.03.21 22:16

希 (Hee) line

庚 (Geng) line

馬 (Horse) line

Yang Ban* line

If the 4 of us are together like this, it’s a fact that Yang Ban Kim will talk the most

Credits; LoveChul

Kibummie, where are you? T_T


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xD… surely KimBum will talk more since they’re only 4 vs 13 where KangIn & Eetuk does most of the talking plus I think he’s more comfy talking when there’s only a few people around… the 4 bff – I hope they get to collaborate in a drama/movie in the future… I’ll patiently wait!

Comment by ohno

ps… sorry I meant *KiBum* not kimbum … no throwing tomatoes on me now… it was just a slip of a finger when typing lol!!!

Comment by ohno

I love this photo so much.
They just looks like F4 right. XD.
Me & my friend say that they are F4 from Suju. xp.

Kibum talk the most? Jinjja? XD.
I miss Kibum like they do.
I hope Kibum’s mom is better so Kibum can go with Suju again.
Hwaiting for Kibum’s mom.

Thx for share.

Comment by Caroline

Yaayy…!!! F4-SuJu Version~
[Simba-Rella-Geng-Snow White!]
Yang Ban Kim, we miss you so much~~

Comment by mirue

i like heechul’s hair on dat photo so muuuch
and oh
deyr like..

Comment by mar

woaaa! kibum looks sooo hot there !
I love this picture ^^

Comment by Cathy azndreamer -

luv that pic!!
so cool!!XD

Comment by meHEARTsuju

yyaaannngggg bbbaaannnn kkkiiimmmmmmm!!!!
i’m dying because i DAMN MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!
please please pleaseeeeeeeeeee….
please come back with the others!!!!!!!!!!

Aaannnddd..those F4,,really really GOOD LOOKING!!!
really made my day!!!

Comment by tarieluvsuju

can someone tell me what’s yang ban?

Comment by Val

@ Val:
Yang Ban Kim refers to Kibum.. It refers to someone who is noble ^^ ..

Comment by ilovejr

true F4 😀

I’m missing Kibumie so much!

Comment by Ky

omg i miss f4 and bummie D:

Comment by diyana

hi there ilovejr.. can i ask a favor?..

can u pls, sub for us the suju guesting on star golden bell..?.. that if.. only can…(please)^^

Comment by joyze

@ joyze:
Hiiiii 🙂 I’m really sorry but internet really sucks where I am right now, though I really wish I could sub that. I know everlastingsubs are doing the Suju cuts, so maybe you can find them on youtube^^

Comment by ilovejr

yeah,, ive already watch the cuts.. but i think its more nicer to watch the whole episode… mind if i ask a question/??

” ilovejr, where u from?.. im from brunei..and a filipina.. hehehe..

by the way, ive joined sjworld.. and yeah i think its cool.. but i havnt finish checking it all yet.. im so busy of my work..nowadays.. i just open this site and check the updates… hehehe.. i wish u could more updates…

wel.. i hope everlasting can sub it all..

goodluck to you!!
stay healthy and take care.!

Comment by joyze

oh…seeing this pics makes me miss kibum more….

Comment by yaya

I miss this kind of brotherhood…

Comment by Yoo Mi

hee chul!!!
u r damn damn damn cute!!
argh…i cannot concentrate on my study now!
u r killing me with ur damn good looking face!
u r the 1st who impress me soooo much…
im gonna fail my test tomorow..
but,believe me..i wont blame!
i love u hee chul!!
i dnt care what ever ppl say about u..i just love..
when will u come to malaysia?
i knew u came here at genting highland last year..rite?
dat time,i dnt know about u all..
now..i crazilyy love u all..esp u..!!
ope u always fine!!!n of course..goodlooking!

Comment by beechull

i miss kibum..

Comment by hnyippohjunior

i am so missing kibum. really!!
and the photo consist of my fav suju members just that kyu’s missing. hahahaha 😀

Comment by kyuhyun's gal

REALLY how long will it take for kibum to please be in a perf come on ;___;

Comment by lovestylefree

i miss oppas hair…heenim!!!
and i miss kibumiee!!!!!
i love these 4!!!!!

Comment by Kymee

This was the manager F4 right! 😀
they are so handsome ^_^

Comment by Carmen

oppa woow you soo cute and sweet…>_<

Comment by sweet GIRL

oppa you so cute i love you

oppa sarnhee

Comment by sweet GIRL

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