Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.16
March 16, 2009, 5:25 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.16 02:02
In the 2nd ‘天’ folder..

그 리 운 빨 간 머 리/Red Hair Which I Miss

김희철 2009.03.16 02:02

Now if I dye my hair that colour

Will I become an acorn..?

Credits; LoveChul


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Ah,thanks for the translating!

Comment by fcuk

You look your best in black long hair, oppa 🙂

Comment by ghee

oh heenim, i miss the red and that hairstyle too T~T

Comment by mel

no oppa! for me you’ll resemble a lion. hahahaha 😀

Comment by kyuhyun's gal

that’s a strong hairstyle,,i like it,,
the color suites you Chul…
but with your hair now…i…don’t think so,,

Comment by min-ji

you look good with everything, oppa ^^

Comment by mai_ree

wooh wooh
yeah i also miss seeing u wd a redd-hairr-stylee
but i like your black hair better
u look good wd a black hair

Comment by mar

u’ll look good with any hairstyle!!

Comment by meHEARTsuju

when i first saw the picture, i was like, ‘is it about the hair again?’ haha. oh heechul. 🙂

Comment by CM

noo, ur best hair is when in band of brothers

Comment by tikamicizia

yaah i agree
i like his hair on band of brothers too
it’s d best
simple yet looks cool

Comment by mar

Sweet Heenim…
I will love him no matter what nut his head looks like. 😀

Comment by allyssa.

Hee has quite an imagination indeed – he pokes fun of himself – i bet hanging out w/ him is SOO much FUN!!!

Comment by ohno

Your Majesty, you will dye your Sun Wukong hairstyle with this color??
Then you’ll be a real Sun Wukong 🙂 🙂 🙂

Comment by linh

he looks good in black and red .
OMG my fave colours . XDD

Comment by yin

yeah me too oppa!! i like your red hair..
you look like a char. in anime..

Comment by chellie

With your current hair style, Heenim?
Perfect match for a monkey…
Still loving you, for your Sun Wu Kong hair style!

Comment by Yoo Mi

I say Heechul it is the best look for you. 🙂

Comment by Nicole

if it’s you Oppa U can pull off any hairstyle!!!:) your as HOT as ever!!

Comment by shytownLEF

Oppaaaaaaaaaa, I miss this hair too.
You’re so cute in this hair.
I really love this hair. xp.

Wait until your hair longer & then make your hair like this. xp.
But please don’t shave your hair. xp.

Hwaiting oppa.
Thx for share.

Comment by Caroline

black really fit u!!
u r soooooooooo goood with black hair!!!
i love u!

Comment by beechull

any looks heechul oppa!!
you will still be as gorgeous as you are!!
but in red hair??i remember daisuke in dn angel..

hehe..a manga..

Comment by loren

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