Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.03.16
March 16, 2009, 11:32 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.03.16

hae-1703The first broadcast has finally ended^^ You’ve waited very long and anticipated it for very long right?^^Let’s run together now*!! Let’s go ELF!
^^ Girl Girl Girl Girl Girl Girl Girl I
When I open my eyes, I think of E.L.F., whether I’m sleeping or awake I only think of you**

N.B*Meaning like.. “Let’s go!”
**Hae’s line in Sorry, Sorry, he changed the you to E.L.F ^^;;;

He also updated it previously with

* S O R R Y , S O R R Y *


today as well.

Credits; SJF


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oooh i love Donghii
this guy is very cute >.<
thanks for the entry^^

(sorry of my bad english xD I can’t say nothing too coherent xDD)

Comment by sandraxp

Cute Donghae~
His part is my favorite in Sorry, Sorry.

Comment by allyssa.

yep,,yep,, he’s cute ^^

Comment by mai_ree

such a cutie!!!!
man, i love him very mucho~~
And i love his part too!!! xDDDDDD



aww donghae<3

Comment by sujulover

let’s run!!!
love so much fishy……

Comment by min-ji


Comment by kim

my lil FIshy.. he looks so cool in Sorry SOrry! i love his part 2.. ^^
thanks 4 upload!

Comment by Boorin

Donghae I love your part in Sorry Sorry and I love you I pray that God will use you and help you everywhere and everything you do with all the love in the world I pray He will bless you and bless you with a wife and many children. May God protect you and keep fighting with you because as (MercyMe song) God With Us. May God be with you and the rest of the Super Junior. I love you. Keep on Fighting. LEE DONGHAE FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Nicole

my fishy,,,, i realy like u..

Comment by iKka

i think of u..asleep or awake..
HaaHaa Donghae fighting!!!!

Comment by waru

Donghae words always bring quietness,,
like an older brother of all member he3:)
Oppa I love u:)

Comment by penz

hai i’m jun from indonesia
suju oppa caiyo^o^

Comment by jun

we also do that too oppa…
We think of SJ whether we are sleeping or awake….

Comment by yaya

do u kno everyone loving u??We r always thinking bout u too, ,iz that rite?Do you always thinking bout elf and elf iz precious for u?
If it rite, ,i will never regret loving u in my life, , ,kekeke

oppa, ,i think ur part in sorry2 iz d best than another part, ,
omo~ ur voice iz soo sexy, ,hehe

hwaiting oppa!Elf besides u!

Thanx for translating ielovejr, ,^^
i hope our fishie kno diz web and he read diz!

Comment by Haerie

Hi! Again. Long time no see, no I shouldn’t tell you like that. Long time no contact. Right?I am so sorry that I don’t know what they are talking about.Sorry,Sorry. What is this?I don’t know what Sorry Sorry is. But I will try to know.Thank you for missing us all the time. I think I have told you all the things that I have to tell you. Now this time is for you. You must tell us all the things that you want to tell us. And you must write your cyworld this time very long. Thank you for your cyworld and the one who translates this.Bye.

Comment by Khin Kan Kaw Thin

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