Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.15 (II)
March 15, 2009, 11:53 pm
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chul-1603b Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.15 21:43
In the ‘希’ folder..

헬 맷 맨/Helmet Man

김희철 2009.03.15 21:43스크랩:276

Heebumie’s legs....

Because he didn’t want my kiss, so he used all his strength to push against my chest

Credits; LoveChul P.S I LOL-ed at how the boys stuck their Don’t Don poster behind.. Using scotch-tape across xD Full of fail but oh so cute!!


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maybe heebum doesn’t like heechul’s new

Comment by mizzt

Hee always have time for the luckiest cat on earth.

Comment by Peach

oppas should use masking tape! LOL

Comment by ngannie

Haha Heebummie kiss oppa for me ^^

Comment by Shelley

Heebum doesn’t recognize the “stranger” in front of him xD… at least heebum is faithful to “Hee” * if only Heebum knows hahaha*

Comment by ohno

Heebum is getting so much love from Heechul! Awww lucky cat!!!! oh well there are days you cant win them all! I love how heechul described this moment… i wonder who took the photos…

oh by the way, ROFL on the poster 🙂

Comment by bluebacon

heebum is the luckiest cat on earth!

Comment by ilyc

see!!! even Heebummie doesn’t like Heechul’s hair~

Comment by redandrosy

What a father and son picture…
Love your new look…Heenim…

Comment by Yoo Mi

Heebum doesn’t want to be close to the haircut of fail. XDD *is shot*

Comment by ficcy

Heebum’s full force get away got me LOLing
buaha,,guess you need a new doo Chullie^-^
but gotta admit i like the Hanchul matching hair!

Comment by min-ji

HAHA heebum is so like my cat <333

Comment by diyana

he love heebum..
i love heebum too..
so heebum love ours..:p

Comment by kim

LOL ! the cat’s got its attitude from the owner .
xDDD prolly because he inherited the name . LOL !

Comment by yin could u???
the poster!!XD

Comment by meHEARTsuju

heechul’s cat is sooooo cute. XD and heechul’s hairstyle now is damn cute too. 😛

Comment by shaine

Aww. Whow wouldn’t want a kiss from Heenim?!

My dog does that…

Comment by allyssa.


도토리 머리 희님~

Comment by allyssa


도토리 머리 희님~ <33

Comment by allyssa.

huwaa… =(
i wnna be that cat!!!

Comment by beechull

one thing..of all names..why heebum?
is there any story behind the name?

Comment by 4everELF

if i have a wish or reincarnation if ever i die that is to be heebum..i will not push him to take away from him but i will kiss him..

heebum is soooooo lucky!!
heechul really love that cat!!

Comment by loren

Heebum is such a beautiful cat.
I’m amazed that he puts up with Heechul.

Good Kitty 🙂

Comment by Kalyn

i want to be that cat!
i wouldn’t push him if he’ll kiss me~

heebum always makes me jealous~lolx

Comment by heenimISlove

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