Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.15 (I)
March 15, 2009, 10:10 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.15 21:23

In the ‘澈’ folder..

머 리/Hair

김희철 2009.03.15 21:23

Had my hair made in Lee Young Ae style to record MuBank

Don’t know what got into me but I suddenly went to cut my hair short

And then I took part in MuCore

Don’t know what got into me and I cut my hair even shorter

(I initially wanted to shave my head but I got stopped by Teacher Seonoh so I didn’t manage to shave it)

So I went on Inkigayo with a chestnut head

Hankyung asked why do I always keep following him and blamed me

I said “Ya Let’s take a brother concept photoㄱㄱ”

We laughed along and put on our sunglasses and took a picture together

In the midst of cutting my hair shorter day by day

Me : Ah Teacher Oh ㅡ I cut my hair in vain (-┏) Tying it up is not too bad either

Seon Oh : You look!! It’ll be easier to do a style if your hair is longer!!

Ah.. My center-parting and hair tied up on the album jacket is also very handsome(유_유)

Hankyung Cosplay

Sun Wukong*



Etc etc.. Many modifiers can be used to describe my hair

But I want to reach Yang Ban Kim**‘s short hair

That degree

N.B* Sun Wukong is the Monkey God in Journey to the West.
**Yang Ban Kim = Kibum

Credits; LoveChul, OnlySJ13
Please do not take out.


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LOLXD Heechul is so funny! haha hankyung cosplay
Thanks for the translations!:)

Comment by Eunice

i want to see him in shave his head. =D hmm… *anticipating

Comment by mizzt

it’s really amazing how he to himself day by day .

Hee is always Hee. so proud and so fond of himm

Comment by Peach

Hanchul!!! 😀 I love the two of em >w<

Comment by donteatchalk

puahahah dats cute
“brother concept pix” ^^
personally i like Heechul wit this hair
than da one on da jacket :]
but still love him for he who is ^^

Comment by ngannie


Comment by Shelley

I mean SEXI xD

Comment by Shelley

hahaha… this photo is awesome! HanChul=twin brothers!!!

Comment by ohno

ps… i’m beginning to REALLY like Hankyung’s hair style XD

Comment by ohno

ps2 … wait, Hee… So Kibum cut his hair shorter than your haircut? did he shaved his hair? Now im more curious to see KiBum… where is he anyway? * Ok i know he’s doing his drama/movie thing…

Comment by ohno

lol…i love you heechul but I kinda don’t like this hair!!

Comment by mimi

wait he said he want to shave his head….and then he said he want cut his hair like kibum…does that mean kibum shaved his head???o.0`

Comment by Ellie

heechul is so so so hilarious

hahahah “so i went to Inkigayo with a chestnut head”

“….chestnut head…”..hahahahhaha

Comment by xuan.dinh0_0

Awwwww cute! hankyung and heechul …i love them and i love their conversations 🙂

Comment by bluebacon

LMAO!!! Heechul makes me laugh so hard!!! when i saw his hair on inkigayo i was like WTF is that!?!?

Comment by redandrosy

Omona~~~My HanChul ah~~~!!!!!!
Looking at you 2 makes me extremely excited~!!!
I want to jump now~~!!!
You drive me crazy @_@
Heenim’s new hair is just… so gorgeous!!!!
Haha… now I see your hair really looks like Sun Wukong ^^ (Heenim ah, do you know that Sun Wukong is 92line’s ancestor? 🙂 🙂 :)) You love my ancestor??

Comment by linh

Any hair will do…
But…my haircut now is Heenim’s a month ago…
Now it’s impossible to follow his hairstyle…
Sun Wu Kong’s…?Chestnut…?…Atom…?

Comment by Yoo Mi


Comment by ficcy

hellow!! how are you? only this good going to tell you that your blog is very cool and I like to know I let you come much luck bye bye

Comment by fatygirl92

the new appearance..cooool^^
no more beggars hair!!!!

Comment by kim

ur hair’s short
but too short..
well, still u look good
i like d hair u had wid d music core march 15 performance
so coool
hope u greww ur hair longer dan daat

Comment by mar

really want to see heechul shaved his head and go bald, hahaha

Comment by bunga

he is so cute!!! =)
how can i not love him??!!

Comment by hudsy

I am totally lost for words here… I was a little bleh about HanGeng, Teukie, and SiWon having their hair so short and now HeeChul…

I will get used to it though. HeeChul’s too cute. XDD

Comment by allyssa.

wah….hankyung n heechul so cute..
hankyung…love u~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
hanchul 4ever..

Comment by lotadiaz

hee chul…i really wnna look u in short hair with good style.heee….

Comment by beechull

mmmm. they both look so yummy in the pic! 😀

Comment by cha

Hankyung & Heechul & Kibum is love ❤

Comment by Carmen

ha x)
Heechul is too cute.
But, I am very in love with him 🙂
I live in Canada though…
And, i cant really speak Korean…I can speak a sentence of chinese ;]….But french and english is what I speak. Oh poo, Ill just drag Henry Lau along with me to korea, and we’d pick up Hankyung, and we can have a lovely conversation all day long :D.

Comment by Kalyn the pic!!
he looks like an agent!!
Agent HEE!

Comment by Glyza

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