Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.15 (III)
March 15, 2009, 11:57 pm
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Influx of Heechul’s creativity *-*



Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.15 22:10
In the 1st ‘天’ folder..


김희철 2009.03.15 22:10

I still haven’t gotten used to cutting my hair short..

The hair tie on the table

The hairclip that needs to be used when rinsing to be put in the bathroom

My flower hairpin to tie my hair up and push away the hair in front

I wanted to take a shower, and saw my reflection on the mirror..

Hee : Heok!! Why do I look like a monkey..!!

As compared to ‘The Dressing Room’s Teacher Kang* ..

As compared to ‘Chocoboy*..

As compared to ‘Pigeon’s Choir* ‘s ‘광득이 Gwang Deuki (?)’..

The chestnut head of mine which has surprised many people is more funny.. It’s even sad…

제킬**..Since I’m already like that, next week!!

Shave my headㄱㄱ

N.B* Names of gag shows
**I’m not sure what this is but I think it is a swear word.

Credits; LoveChul, OnlyHeechul
Please do not take out.


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lol. dun shave ur head!

Comment by diela

shave his head? I’m anticipating for that. =D

Comment by mizzt

chullie.. juz dont think about shaving ur hair… its beautiful enough…!!!!!! O___o

Comment by Boorin

Ah this is explain almost everything i was wondering

Thank you so much

Comment by Peach

I burst into laughter on how heechul responded to the mirror:

Hee : Heok!! Why do I look like a monkey..!!

Luv Heenim forever ❤

Comment by UndeadPetal


Comment by donteatchalk

noooo, don’t shave your head, it’ll take forever to grow back! *sob*

Comment by Silver Necromancy

lmao nooooo heechul please don’t shave your head.
i think he really wants to though -_-“

Comment by mel

no you wont look good in shaved head

Comment by Anonymous

he won’t look good in shaved head

Comment by Anonymous

” why do i look like a monkey”……
remind me of super junior call eunhyuk “monkey” which is a cute nickname…….

but heechul is hilarious and he seems like he likes his chestnut head….hahahahahah

Comment by xuan.dinh0_0

I think he should let his hair grow longer and longer and longer.. I love his hair in U TT^TT

I can’t imagine a totally bald Chullie.. And I bet he had no heart to shave his hair lmao

Comment by ghee

I wish to see their performnce in HQ! I can hardly see him 🙂 but i love the ending 🙂

Heechul youre such a cutie!!!!!!!

Comment by bluebacon

welll…he does have to face the consequences of making his hair so short…:P

Comment by redandrosy

don’t shave!!!

Comment by cheflab

i think his hair resembles more like an acorn than chestnut..!!!but if he really dyes it red then truly it will be like acorn
but i kinda like it.

Comment by trueblue

oppa ah~~~ we’re really soul mates^^
Yesterday I myself cut my hair 🙂 🙂
I’m also in the mood want to cut my hair 🙂 🙂
My mother saw me cutting my hair and she said i was crazy 🙂 🙂
I’m your soul mate so I’m crazy like you, Ok?
hah~~~ Heenim ah, just cut your hair shorter, I always support you ^^

Comment by linh

Aih…..! Go Heenim…go Heenim! Shave YOUR HEAD!!

Comment by Yoo Mi

I think I’m gonna fall off laughing if he shaves his head. XD

Comment by ficcy

Hahahahaaa, his last line cracked me up ^___^. I love Heechul’s sense of humour.

Comment by sugar&spice&allthingsnice

LMAO at the last line!

Comment by kyuhyun's gal

LOL ! monkey ! now Eunhyuk has an ally .

omg the always long haired chullie …
cutting it THIS short already surprised me alil.
SHAVE it ….
does his head suit it ? ><

Comment by yin

the current hairstyle is cute… =)

Comment by hudsy

nooooo heechul cannot shave his head! hahah.
leave the hair, i quite like the helmet head. it’s cooool. 😀

Comment by shaine

andue!! don’t shave ur hair..
oppa~ u already cute with that hair.. it!!

love u~saranghae~

Comment by heebi

uhmm. would it be possible to write a message at heechul’s cyworld in english?
i’m feeling something strange about him.
about him cutting his hair every now and then.
i think he’s going through something really tough right now and i’m afraid that he might hurt himself.. 😦

Comment by geona

@ geona:
I guess it would be possible but.. I’m not sure if he’d understand fully ^^ 🙂
But you need to have a Korean cyworld account, if I’m not wrong..

Comment by ilovejr

TRY IT oppa!! you think your going to be a prince if you do that. =3

Comment by chellie

Oppaaaaa, wae yo?
I hate your hair too oppa but pls don’t shave it.
It will be funnier oppa.

Maybe you can styling your hair.
Only dor a performance.

Hwaiting oppa. XD.

Comment by Caroline

i love u in ur long hair…
hee..but u can try shaving ur hair.hehehe..
i wonder how will u look..
hehe.. u must be so cute.but i prefer u with long hair..
u so cute!!!

Comment by beechull

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