Sorry, Sorry (쏘리, 쏘리) MV Released!
March 14, 2009, 11:47 am
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‘Nuff said. xD FREAKING AMAZING MOVES THEY HAVE, UGH. *heart attack*~~~
Nick and Trent were so awesome with the moves! And I’m so glad the boys learnt it really well! sdjskdjskdjksjdkjskdk.

Credits; sj3jib@youtube/

Other than that.. Anyone got favourite songs already? xD
So far, I’m liking Angela, Monster, Why I Like You & Reset ALOTTTTTTTTTT. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Imo, I’m a little disappointed that some members didn’t get more distinctive parts and solos.. But oh well T__T

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…yupp..kyuhyun 2nd singer after siwon…n ryewook have more part in the song….but the moves n dance was HOTT!!!! n suju boys r gorgeous….luv their new look especially eunhyuk n sungmin….

Comment by olivia

LOVE the vid. its so different..but its HOT HOT HOT.

omgsh im totally addicted to ‘Reset’ and ‘Why I Like You’ but since the boys sang ‘Reset’ on Sukira.. ive been totally and irrevocably ADDICTED to it. its so awesome. i love it!

LOVE the new album. tis really amazing!

Comment by c.n

love them1!
wait i didnt see kibum or heechul much on the mv 😦
but i styl love it 😀

Comment by cloud


teukie is so so manly and handsome! i love his new hair! he melts me for god sake! XD~

Comment by ghee

wa~~~ I must say that this MV is really really polished and trendy
The boys have brought many surprise to me!
First is the teaser pics
I swear that until I die I can never imagine that the boys would have unique style like that!
Second is the song
It’s so catchy and easy to memorize
I sing Sorry Sorry all the day^^
Now is the MV
So attractive~~~All members look so hot in suits
Their new hairstyle have driven me crazy @_@
And the dance moves are so amazing!!!!
Nick and Trent really made wonder~~
Wa~~~ Everything is totally beyond my imagination!!
But there is something makes me feel a bit sad
First ,some members got no line in this song T_T
Before the album was released, I hoped that members such as Geng, ShinDong, KiBum or Heenim would have more parts in each song
But this album is agaisnt my hope T_T
KiBum even got no part in this album, which made me feel depressed these days T_T
Second, KiBum oppa can’t participate in yesterday and today’s performances
Without KiBum, I feel the stage is so empty
For me, Super Junior is perfect with all 13 members T_T
Anyways, I hope that KiBum will be able to take part in performances in next weeks
P/s: -I have watched Kyu dancing all the time in this MV, and I’m very amazed that he dances so well (haha his new hair~~~
-I also noticed that Heenim wore the “Hee” necklace in the MV^^
– Do you see that all the boys look so skinny???? They must have had strict diets T_T

Comment by linh

@ linh:
Oh my, thank you for your long comment!!!!!!! 😀 Yes I agree that they all look awesome 🙂
I do hope Kibum gets to join them too.. We really need a complete stage! T__T
LOL Kyu’s dancing has improved so much, ever since M days until now.. *-* Go BB!
Yeah I think they all wanted to look good but.. I just hope they don’t overdo it ;o;
Tbh, I’m liking Don’t Don more because more members have solo lines and parts in certain songs at least.. 😡

Comment by ilovejr

Why I like you, Reset and Shining Star.
I love those songs now.

Comment by Lara

yeah mee too!
i want heenim and kibum in that video.. i feel INCOMPLETE!!

Comment by chellie

my fav—> hearthquake!!
and i loooooveeeee eun hyuk style in sorry..sorry MV!!! [just like rain in rainism]
however…some members did not have the solo lines in most of the song n the album =(

Comment by cheflab

gawd….their so hot!!!!
recovering from hyperventilation…

I only wish i saw more of heechul. 😦

Comment by Silver Necromancy

The more I watch,the more I love to this MV!I can say that sungmin was really perform well in this MV and also done perfectly for the MV in the past.I love this MV so much!

Comment by fuck

Heechul part was less because of his injured leg and kibum was because his mom was sick in hospital and spend most of the time to take care of his mother so he was not familiar with the dance steps.

Comment by Mark


Comment by Eunike

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