SJ’s Comeback on MBC MuCore 2009.03.14
March 14, 2009, 10:30 pm
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Heechul cut his hair ;D

And I’m loving Hyukjae’s silver gloves soooo muchhhhhhhh ;D

Cr; codeanaylsis@youtube

All in HD!!!!!!!!!


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suju u are so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

take care, and take care…

we always support u!!!

sarange suju oppa

Comment by eline

thanks for your post. may i know HD means what? thank you. so weird, why kibum is not in both songs? thank you once again. ^^

Comment by Michelle

@ Michelle:
Hi! HD means High Definition 🙂 According to Sukira, Kibum had meetings with some PDs of drama projects that he might take up.. ;_; oh well.

Comment by ilovejr

Well, kibummie is an actor anyway. I’ve heard so many rumors said that kibum will leave super junior. I was kind of shock when I heard it. But since he appeared in this 3rd album, then the rumor is totally a bullshit. Although kibum didnt show that much (and no solo lines) we should believe that super junior will do their best 🙂

Super junior is 14, started with Eeteuk and ended with E.L.F. xD

Comment by ghee

oic, thanks for your reply. he must be so sad as cant appear much on screen dancing together wif other members. super junior and elf fighting!!!

Comment by Michelle

a bit shock..heechul cuts his hair…n kibum absent in both comeback…huhhhuhh…i wish i see them all 13 in stage for comeback….yup i agree with u ..i really luv hyukjae silver glove sooo muchhh…ahhh!!!!

Comment by olivia

Wohoo, i’ve watched it! I agree too! Hyuk’s silver gloves is eye catchy, I want one! XD

Uh-oh, they perform every evening after those hectic schedule of super shows! I hope they could take care of their health and blessed by God always. And again, they should gain more weight. What happened with their bodies anyway? TT^TT

Umm, is it just me, or the audiences is less then in KBS? And the stage was dark, I had difficulty in differentiate the members TT^TT

Comment by ghee

Uh, my bad. I mean the dark stage was in KBS, when they sang sorry sorry. And I downloaded the low quality vid. Guess I should download the high one..

Comment by ghee

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