Random: Zhoumi’s SJ-World UFO Replies
March 13, 2009, 10:59 am
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For more details.. go to!!!

Anyway, Mi replied Gaia and I last night.. A really pleasant surprise *-*



ME: Zhou Mi~ we created, it’s a forum for international fans to support SJ and all their sub-groups.
You can ask Leeteuk gege the relevant info~ (there’s also a letter in Chinese!)! Please come and visit it often!

ZHOUMI: *ilovejr*, I see your message again! How are you recently? Do I go ask Leeteuk hyung? ~hehe

Lol cute Mi updated his own avatar tooo!!!!!! ;D It’s been 12 days since I got his last reply.. T___T And when he finally does.. It’s about SJ-World!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Such a darrrlllllinnnnnnnnnng *-*


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Comment by min-ji

omg he’s so sweet 😀 hehe.

Comment by attis

u must be really happy rite??

Comment by meHEARTsuju


Comment by SAYUU

he is so the way the address of that forum is ???

Comment by chocohehe

@ chocohehe:
Yep it’s!! 😀

Comment by ilovejr

omg!! you’re so lucky!!
man, i wish i could have send something for him..
but congrats anyways!! though i’m jealous but happy for you!! 😀

Comment by sam

That’s such a cute reply!
lucky, haha. im chinese but i don’t know how to type in chinese…

i dont know much mandarin 😦

Comment by Jeannie

is leeteuk inside the forum???? i wanan talk to himmmmmmmmmmm… haha

Comment by nauttie

it MUSTA feel good !!

Comment by yin

I wanna talk to suju too^-^!! woah!

Comment by Min-ji

dying, this is so cute omg <333

Comment by spazzes

wow! that really is amazing! yay zhou mi feels the love! so great that you got to send him a message! really awesome! I am happy that he knows there are many fans that support super junior & the super junior sub-groups!
thank you for the news, ilovejr!

Comment by lala

How can I talk to super junior wishing to meet them sobadly 😦

Comment by SujuLoverr

omg. so sweeet! 🙂

Comment by anya

aw, zhou mi is so cute.

Comment by Rhymis0306

aww zhou mi is soo nice! he reaches out to his fans! :’) i’d go laskjdflksjdlkfjasdfjksdjfj if he replied to me! youre so lucky! 😀

Comment by abby chang

how do u chat with him ? wad website ? 🙂

Comment by Zaveria

holy crap you actually TALKED to him????!!!!!!i wish i could but i can’t write/read in chinese i can speak it though! What about a webcam conversation? you are a lucky ducky!

Comment by ♥Ryeowook!

Wellllll not really talked to him but.. He replied that particular UFO message so I guess it’s considered? lol.. if not its usually people just randomly sending him UFO messages and waiting for him to reply. HEHE. 🙂 thank you!

Comment by ilovejr

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