Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.10
March 10, 2009, 5:44 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.10 15:30
In the 2nd ‘天’ folder..

Stare From a Horror Movie

김희철 2009.03.10 15:30

In real fact..

I am smiling like a kid eating a 쮸쮸바 (Jyujyubar=some popsicle?)

but my mouth can’t be seen (-┏)

I just..

Happened to stare at people

But they said I’m too scary and ran away(-┏)


I’m a warm-hearted angel, yet people don’t even know..

I beat them all up and (became a) devilㄱㄱ

Credits; LoveChul
Original Source; 김희철 미니홈피


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hehehehhe so like heechul to promote his kindness…
miss them all~~

thx for the update><


Comment by sujuluvxox

Teheheheheheh nice one our lovely Heechul!

Love you!

Comment by bluebacon

hahaha so funny.
i really want that mask. XDD
thanks for translation. 😀

Comment by heechan

aw..heenim will always look like an angel~~ hahaha.. he’ll never be a devil.. =]

can i take this out? thank you.. =]

Comment by icepluscoffee

kekekeke… heenim’s ruLe! XD

Comment by LFi

Yes, I know you’re a warm-hearted angel… [but have those devilish smirk *ahehe*]
I really really love Kim Heechul!

Comment by mirue

lmao oh Heechul… -.- xDDDDDD

Comment by DontEatChalk

Seriously, Heenim is an angel (in disguise)…

Comment by green*opium

thanks for translating. heechul shi is my angel always too. i love heechul shi. ^^

Comment by Michelle

haha seriously heechul you are a freaky man

but i love you!XD

Comment by 10tookie24

haha :]]
so heechul.

yes you are heechul,
warm-hearted you.
haha :]]

Comment by empee13simba

he DOES like to have alotta spaces
and to create tension
and make people scroll down alot . LOL .

i love the mask .

Comment by yin

XD Cute Heenim!
How could you be scared of that? 😛

Comment by allyssa.

‘I beat them all up and (became a) devilㄱㄱ’

HAHAHAHAHA! Very Heechul indeed xD

Comment by cassopeiaqh

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! crazy heenim! XD

Comment by redandrosy

Heenim IS warm-hearted!
He’s so misunderstood. D:
ROFL “I beat them all up and became a devil”
That is sooo like him.<333

Comment by Chelsea


But yes…It’s VERY obvious, that warm heart inside his eyes (despite of the contact lens, of course).

Angelic Devil


Comment by Yumi Achmad

haha!! more lovely oppa!!.. =3

Comment by chellie

Mad weird Heechul owns everyone <33

Comment by nie

Your Majesty!
You’re really the most strange man I’ve ever known^^
You always stare at people like that, which makes many people scared
But your majesty, I’m not scared of your stare at all :)) :))
If you stare at me, I’ll stare at you, too^^
I always stare at people whom I like ^^
Your Majesty, you say people don’t know you’re a warm-hearted angel?
It must be someone, not be, alright?
For me, you and 12 oppa are always the most warm-hearted angels in this world^^
Your Majesty, I like your mask T_T
Thanks for translating, ilovejr^^

Comment by linh

lol! heenim! you’re a warm-hearted angel! (disguised as a cute little devil XD)

Comment by min_is_mine

Nice look, Heenim!!

Comment by Yoo Mi

oh heenim 🙂 yesyes he’s an angel in a devil’s disguse.

Comment by mui_gei_tal

heechul is being heechul…


Comment by arena

soo funny!!
chul ah!!
i always know u r an angel!!=)

Comment by meHEARTsuju

you are an angel.. even after you beat them up…

Comment by ReChul

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