Sorry, Sorry (쏘리, 쏘리) mp3 Released!
March 9, 2009, 5:34 pm
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Cr; sj3jib@youtube/

Go to for the MP3 dl!


Is it me or why do I have an instinct that the 2nd singer is Kyuhyun (after Siwon)? Does anyone else think so? xD Anyway.. Jongwoon sounds so smexy as usual, love his voice quality so so much. And I really think Kkang suits this song! Not much of Heebum though D: Lots of Ryeowook.. And..

The bridge part is so addictive!!!!!!! Jongwoon-ahhhhh! OF COURSE, KYU HAS GROWN UP SO MUCH. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *THROWS HEARTS IN THE AIR*

But I’m loving me more of Hyukjae!!!!!!! 😀

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hehehhehe AWESOME XD
hehehe got mine off youtube..THANKYOUU<
pretty easy just repetive cept that its really fast hahahah rofl


Comment by sujuluvxox


Comment by Fion

@ Fion:
I love me more Sihan but.. XD I’m sticking to Q for now!!!!!!!! xD

Comment by ilovejr

cool. it’s been ringing in my ears like tinnitus! lols.
i need to know who sings which line. just when i thought i’ve memorize their voices. @-@
anyways, they’re so much love~

Comment by iheartmeowing




Comment by yin

It’s Hankyung after Siwon:Pbecause most of the time it’s like this:)

Comment by kim_oana26

Is it just me, or does this song sound a lot like Britney Spear’s “Womanizer”? 0.o

Comment by Miniri

@ Miniri:
A friend commented that it sounds like Mirotic+Womanizer+Gee xD LOLS. 😀

Comment by ilovejr

OMGGGGG i really am loving this song, at first I was a bit unsure , with their voices being technofied, but it is awesome! Siwon seems to sing first in a lot of songs 🙂 I agree, there is lots for ryeowook..i’m looking forward to their dance!!

Comment by sureyya

uhm…. I think the voice afer Si Won is Geng’s voice ^^
OMG… Kyu and Hae’s parts just make my heart stop!!!~~~~
It’s totally beyond my imagination~~!!!!!!!!!
Wow…. they’re really grown up to be real gentlemen
I really can’t wait for the MV (i’m very curious about the girl starring in the MV 🙂 :). I like how she roll up her dress 🙂 :). Maybe I’ll do that fỏ my Si Won in the future 🙂 🙂 )
But up til now I haven’t identified Bum+Chul+Teuk+ShinDong+Hyuk’s voices T_T
So sad that there is no rap in this song
Anyways, this song is really great and catchy!!!!
I can’t stop listening to it
SJ Hwating!!!

Comment by linh

@ linh:
Oh yes, rap 없어~ T__T
😀 Some people are saying the girl’s Victoria Song, the one who was in SJ-M’s U MV..
If I’m not wrong, Hyuk sings after Ryeowook in the 2nd verse. The one where it goes RW-Hyuk-RW-Hyuk.
Like in the 1st verse it’s RW-Ming-RW-Ming.. imo ^-^

Comment by ilovejr

can’t wait for their promotional activities.. love the song… a brand new them… can’t stop myself from dancing…

good luck to all of them… wish them good health for all their activities…

Super Junior… fighting…

Comment by lttleMISSkvarietyADDICT

i guess it was hangeng after siwon
ryeowook voice is very easy to recognize, as always LOL ^^
and is it sungmin after ryeowook on the first verse??

i need the MV like NOW..
i need to know who sing what, and the techno touch in the song make it really difficult..

Comment by ms.bluesky

it’s super catchy!!!!!
heck i can’t stop listen it!!!!!!!
let’s dance fellow ELF… XDDDDDDD

Comment by akucintasuju

anndddd i can hear hyukkie!!!!!!!!!
awwwww…gotta love this song!!!!!
but, is it just me or kibum and heechul….oh well..
still love them!!!
kyaaaaaa….i’m going crazy oppas!!!!

Comment by akucintasuju

nice sOng!!~

suju fighting!!!~

Comment by jorie

the one aft siwon is hankyung. (:

sadly, kyu only has one solo line (during that bridge)
but its enough!
he’s so hot. 😀

*you can download lyrics here (pdf file):
korean + romanisation –
korean + english translations –
Credits: onlysj13 (korean lyrics) & yumetheny (romanisation + english translations)

Comment by amm.

@ amm:
Thank you for sponsoring the lyrics!! 😀
I think for now for who sings which line, it’s still all guesses? No? 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

i forgot to say, the pdf files include which SJ member sings which line, except for the last verse before the final chorus.
i think its cos the voice is too digitised?
i cant make out who is it also.
anyone has any idea?

Comment by amm.

thank you very much for posting. really cool! i think is kyuhyun. i love this song very much! so sexy…

Comment by Michelle

O.o I thought it went Siwon then Han GENG, Ryeowook, Sungmin etc etc TToTT So hard to tell with the electronicized voices…. TToTT Yesung does sound extreeeeeemely smexy in this song :]]]]]] <3<3

Comment by DontEatChalk

@ DontEatChalk:
Lol that’s what I thought so too! The electronized voices make them sound alike.. My friend was saying Teuk sounds like Ryeowook after his voice got ‘electronized’. LOL xD

Comment by ilovejr

this is v different but still, SO ADDICTIVE!
Omg, totally love this! 🙂
Excited to the max!
Thanks man! 🙂

Comment by shuyan

gah im sooo addicted <333

hmmm… i think its geng whos singing after siwon…

and jongwoon ♥ sexy as usual

Comment by tofu_sana

yes 2nd is kyu. no way kkkk. yesungs voice is so hot~~~

Comment by khina

Oh yess… Ah gad. It’s been on repeat on my phone since last night, haha. In school, I have the earphones in my ears, just listening to it repeatedly. It’s so great that I wish there were more Koreans in my school to gush about it with, haha. ><;

I absolutely love Hee’s part. I’m pretty sure he’s the one during the GIRL GIRL part, and a little bit before KangIn sings… *0* It’s beautifullll~<3333

Hehe, okay, back to listening to it, and not doing school work, haha.

Comment by spike*

@ spike*:
Yeahh that’s Hae’s part the gir gir gir girlll 😀
LOL I was spazzing to myself in school as well. Sucked cos I was screaming inside and fidgeting and people were staring at me weirdly @__@

Comment by ilovejr

Yeah, kkk.. >> Only after did I realize this, and while I surfing through SJ-world and Soompi, lol. OTL ;~;
HAHA.. I avoided people today just so I could listen to the song. And all day today I’m going to play Super Junior songs until I tire haha.. ~~

Comment by spike*

I REALLY like it. Donghae oppa sounds really awesome too. I love his part in this.

Comment by allyssa

I’m pretty sure it’s Geng after Siwon :/

Comment by Letty

aha i am pretty sure it is hankyung lol you can tell by the higher voice then siwon!

Comment by roge

LOVE²³²³²³ Hae’s and Kangin’s lines *-*
Also, the bridge! ❤

Wah, I love the song ~ I think it’s great ’cause it’s a whole different style from what SuJu has already done.

I’m just a little bit sad because my two fav. members (Teukie + Heenim) didn’t get a line. :~ (at least, I haven’t recognized their voices, neither has anyone).

Wah, but it isn’t a big deal, I hope the other songs in the album will be also great surprises

Comment by Nie

@ Nie:
I hear a lot of Teukie in the chorus though 🙂 Mostly combined and background vocals *-* But the digitalising has kinda enveloped their voices D:

Lol, I was wondering how a MR version would sound like! ^-^

Comment by ilovejr

Oh really *-*, yes.. now you’ve said it, I’ve realized… I can hear his voice now ~
Also, at the “Oh” parts, I think it’s his voice as well. ^^

Comment by nie

I don’t think it’s Kyu XDDD I’m pretty sure it’s Geng, and if not Geng, possibly Heenim? I don’t think it’d be Kyu, since he has a part with Yesung later, ne? XD

Comment by Rini

it was a hard time for me to tell whose who…i could really just tell siwon, kangin and KRY’s voices. lol.

Comment by mui_gei_tal

nice voice~
sound amazing comparing to dont don

Comment by Rick

I love it!!!!!!!!

its really worth the wait! I heard it first here! Thanks superduperlove! Cant wait for SJ’s promo activities…. I heard they all have a new look….the performance will be SMOKIN!!!!!

Comment by bluebacon

i think the 2nd is Geng’s voice ^__^ yeah..the song is somewhat similar to womanizer..anyway..i looovveeee the song..soooo addictive!!!

Comment by cheflab

Onni,, I get Wonnie voice over there…
At the first I listened it,,

Sorry Sorry is addicted he3

thanks 4 share,,

Comment by penz

yeah,the lyrics at the beginning really similar to womanizer when I first listening it!!make me confused!I love such lyrics very much!

Comment by dining

I’m very glad to listen it. You’re wonderful men

Comment by luvbumoffline

wah, i don’t care who sings when! i’ll figure it out when the music vid comes out. 😉

this song is so catchy… i have this post up at work so i can keep listening to it. i can’t wait eight hours until i can hear it again! *BOL* (i’m so bad off… i don’t care if i’m an 83line myself, these boys make me feel young and squeaky. *____*)

Comment by emma leigh

very good

Comment by eed

after siwon is geng its soo obvious but can’t hear Hyukkie’s voice anywhwere!!!! can some1 tell me !!!!! please!!! also eeteuk’s

Comment by kiixiah

@ kiixiah:
It’s Kyu after Siwon xD LOL. I’m not sure where’s Hyuk but I guess he makes up the chorus too 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

I can’t hear Hyuk.
I keep hearing RW-SM-RW-SM on both verses.
And no Leeteuk or Heechul or Kibum or Shindong either.
Anyone heard them?

Comment by mainnn

@ mainnn:
The MV shows that it’s RW-SM-RW-SM on both verses too. Sigh, wonder where Hyuk went T-T

Comment by ilovejr

That’s cool~
Eventhough I’m not like the song very much but their big changed was suprised me!
This is the big success!

Comment by Mark

This song sounds like Gee and Womanizer!
Ha!feels like male version of Gee.

Comment by Donny

Sungmin sounds like Changmin…
or…atleast i think he does…
is it Sungmin though?
can’t wait for the vid now! fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teukki’s so HOT
Kibum too!!!! WOW

Comment by min-ji

Woo it’s awesome and addicting.
Thanks for the frequent updates, really appreciate your time and effort.

Imagine that this song would be kind of hard to sing live though, it being so digitalized.

Comment by mei'er

@ mei’er:
Yeahhh I was wondering about that too!! But they nailed it during the past 2 perfs so I guess it’s not as hard as I thought xD 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

They sound like Eiffell 65, or Lady Gaga.. D:
it is a VERY cool song though! I like it.
At first i was like “techno? greaaat” but its actually pretty cool!!

Comment by KT

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