Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.08
March 8, 2009, 4:15 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.08 14:12

In the ‘天’ folder..

M i s s i o n ?

김희철 2009.03.08 14:12

Praising Kim Heechul-nim


Does it look very fake?ㅋㅋ

Shut upㄱㄱ

Credits; LoveChul
Original Source; 김희철 미니홈피


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nice back. xD

Comment by teukiangel

i dunt want to praise heenim,,
but i LOVE HIM!!.xDD

Comment by chellie

can i take this out?? can i?

Comment by icepluscoffee

Aigo….if we shut up how could we praise you…yah…confused!!!

Comment by green*opium

all i can say is
“hee chul”

shut up shut up shut up
yeah, i’ll still keep on listening


Comment by mar


Comment by cassopeiaqh

omo!! sexy back!!! and nice pool..haha

Comment by wengskie

yes, Your Majesty, I’ll shut my mouth and listen to what you say^^
Your Majesty, you look so freaking hot in that picture!!~~~~
Let me scrub your back, ok? =)) =)) :))
Thanks so much for your translation^^

Comment by linh

ah, I forgot
Happy Women’s day, everybody!!!^^

Comment by linh

I’m guessing this is in China right??
he love to post those weird comment.LoL

Comment by RadEchiZen

I haven’t say anything yet
why do I have to shut up??

Comment by mai_ree

omonaaaaa i love the swimming pool!!! damnnnnnn. XD

Comment by shaine

I love this back…and…front…and ….all!!!


Comment by Anithsirc

wait . . . what looks fake??
heechullie doesn’t have tell me to praise him, i do that already x)

Comment by mel

Hahahaha! The statement is hilarious! “Does it look too fake?”
No, Heechul, it doesn’t. ❤

Comment by Koncettina cute..

Comment by Krissy

kim heechul !
you’re KILLING me !
how dare you ,

Comment by nina

❤ sexy back

Comment by mui_gei_tal

heechul ssi~~!
Ilike him =)

Comment by xeraxiah

Is that a fake?
i don’t think so…
Oppa has a sexy back~XD

Comment by SarangHee

hahaha anyway nice back hahaha

Comment by ryry

AIGOO~ that picture makes me wanna hug him ^^

sexyback LOL
saranghe heechul oppa~~ his hair style doesnt look as bad there

Comment by Josie Chan

sexy backkkk heechullah~
hawt hawt. kekeke~


Comment by empee13simba

ommo , heechul is totaly the type tat
i love to pick a fight with . xDDDD

clean back .. o__o

Comment by yin

Hmmmm….fake?….fake?….did you say FAKE???
C’mon…it’s too good to be true!
Cute Heenim’s back…

Comment by yumi achmad

jyahahaha… Heenim… what r u talking about???

Comment by iKka

Uyu pika Kim Heechul!
Sarangheayo Kim Heechul!

Comment by Ann


Who could’ve taken that picture? xDDD

Praise you? HA.

You asked me to shut up, so I will obey 😛

thank you so much for the translation 🙂

Comment by Angela~♥

hi. i’ve only recently discovered SuJu, HeeChul & HanChul – i have been lurking here at your site for a few days now, reading your entries. i just cannot resist commenting on HeeChul’s photo here. i have a shoulder-arms fetish & his are really delectable.

i’m also taking this opportunity to thank you for everything that you are sharing here.

Comment by salome

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