Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.01
March 1, 2009, 11:23 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.01 19:35
In the ‘希’ folder..

아 직 도 내 가 고 양 이 로 보 이 나/Do you still look to me as a cat?

김희철 2009.03.01 19:35

A stare full of goodness (우수)

3Jib full of goodness

Undead full of goodness..


Okay~ I say that you all are full of goodness

(If) Us all..

Were holding a 3Jib full of goodness, what would you say?

Kim Heechul Nice?


Just by shouting this line.. Nice?

Even if it’s a little that I can adjust my mood to becoming excited, I don’t know if it’ll turn out like me.. (?)

The moment the album lands in my hands!!

Using 4 legs to crawl *meow*..

Sorry, I let the good you

(Experiencing) A bad economy, to turn into a pitiful gag man

N.B 우수 has 2 meanings, which is something like depressed or it can be portrayed as being good as well.. So it’s really trying to guess the context.. Whether it’s in Heebum’s point of view then it might be.. Depressing? It’s a little vague xD

Credits; OnlySJ13, LoveChul, OnlyHeechul
Original Source; 김희철 미니홈피
Please do not take out, might contain inaccuracies, will edit when needed 🙂


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I don’t quite know what to make of this post…

But thank you for translating~

Comment by allyssa.

Heebum is getting a lot of attention these days. xD
He’s so adorable~ i wish i wasn’t allergic to cats.


Comment by Chelsea

Awww..cute cat!!

Comment by Suju_alwaysInMyHeart

Hmmm…sounds like he’s very tired, but he knows that it’s worth doing it. Hwaiting, Henim!! 3rd album…will it be released here in my country?? Hopefully…I pray..I pray…

Comment by Yoo Mi

“Sorry, I let the good you

(Experiencing) A bad economy, to turn into a pitiful gag man”

Is he meaning: poor ELF, paying so much for 3Jib~? haha ❤

Comment by lyttl3.dollie

what did he say???
anyways, even if oppa will mumble things i couldn’t understand all day long, i still love listening to him…
saranghe oppa…
i luv SUJU… FIGHTING!!!!

Comment by akira

i feraking love and freaking want heebum!!!
he isss cuutteee and fat!!i love fat cats.! ah, dunt mind me~ i’m a cat lover.haha.

nway, 3rd album!!!!!!!!!!! gahh!!!!10 more days!

Comment by sujuheart

don’t understand ^^ but HeeBum get so many attention this day,, as popular as suju ^^

Comment by mai_ree

annyeong HeeBum^^
Ya~ You’ve posted entry so regularly^^
Hi hi you want to but 3Jib too?^^
Your onnie is going to book 3Jib soon~~~~
Haha no matter how terible the economy is, onnie still spend all my lucky money (which onnie received in Lunar New Year) to buy 3Jib 😀
Onnie really anticipate 13 oppa!!!
Wa~~~~3Jib DaeBak!!!!
SJ hwating!!!!

Comment by linh

it’s heebum again!!! that cat is a star!!lol~~

oh my, i’m soper excited for the 3jib as well!

Comment by yan

AHHHHHHHHHH WHY NOT 110309?!?!?!?!?!?!

Comment by cassopeiaqh

haha! so cute heebumie.
cute more than heechul.. LOL.jk
WE,UNDEaDS will support you, esp. for the upcoming comeback. [waah! im soo excited O.O]

[be good oppa]

Comment by chellie

i wonder what happened to heechul’s other cat champagne?

Comment by Hey

all i can say is:

Comment by mar

i love the stare of heebum 🙂

Comment by ssichul

oh on

how do you hear me or i thing very niose.

i want to say to u you is nice.


Comment by LLL

LOL. Heechul is always using Heebum on his blogs.
Haha. Heebum is getting famous!


Comment by empee13simba

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