Random Post: Donghae’s UFO Replies 2009.02.25
February 26, 2009, 4:56 pm
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Hae replied to so many UFOs yesterday or perhaps 24th.. And stuff about 3Jib!!

Donghae’s UFO China Replies 2009.02.25

  1. Fan: Donghae, I like your smile, because it’s so bright, looking at you smile makes my heart warm! So no matter what difficulty I’ll experience from today onwards, I will continue to smile brightly!
  2. Hae: I don’t understand some things so (my smile) is very bright hehe

  3. Fan: I heard (you all) finished recording 3Jib today, I’m really anticipating it, it’ll surely be different from previous (albums) right, the concert is also coming, you must take care of your body, and stand on stage handsomely, fighting *♥0♥*
  4. Hae: (We’ve) Finished recording~ 3Jib fighting!

  5. Fan: Oppas fighting! Haha! May 3Jib be a big hit! I’ve already made preparations~~ Hope that you all will update your CY, if not I’d think you all have gone missing…
  6. Hae: I believe you~!!!!

  7. Fan: Siwon Oppa…. What have you been doing recently?- You’re always going back to the company… Is your leg better already? Really ㅠ.ㅠ… I’m really worried.. You must.. Please take care of your body.. –Trista
  8. Hae: Siwonie’s leg is much better~ He’s even working hard at practicing the dances!

  9. Fan: 3Jib fighting! We will quietly wait for your comeback! Handsome Oppas, fighting! Don’t fall sick!
  10. Hae: We will be healthy~ You must cheer for your new album okay

  11. Fan: Oppas~ I anticipate your 3Jib so much~!! Let us ‘fight’ together~
  12. Hae: Fighting~! Thank you all for your cheers! 3Jib big hit~

*phrased like in, 대박 (dae bak) which means to sell big.

Original Source; UFO CHina
Please do not take out!


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fighting Super Junior oppas!! ^-^

Comment by mai_ree

Really love him xiaohai ^^
If i can understand Chinese fluently, i would be good.. I hop to have a chance to talk with him like those fans TT
Donghae’s Chinese is getting each day while my Chinese still stuck in the same haa~

Thank you so much

Comment by Sky of My East Sea

3Jib hwaiting!!! Mr. Fishy hwaiting!!
Siwon’s leg is must better, that’s well

Thank you for trans!

Comment by Everlasting Friends

wa~~~ DongHae oppa~~~
Long time no see his UFO!!!!
He is still like that, warm-hearted and caring ^^
I also wish 3Jib will break all sales record!!
Super Junior Hwating!!!!

Comment by linh

I love donghae reply because he always give sweet relpy but I love Kyuhyun’s bluntness and Heechul’s witty answer^^

Comment by leesarang

reading this make me excited moree!!!

Comment by sujuheart


Comment by roge

Yay they finished recording!
-happy dances- x3
&& Fishy’s alive! xD
He’s been quiet and so have the other members~
But atleast we know they finally finished recording~~ ^___^

Comment by Chelsea

i’m dying even more because of wait the 3rd jib!!!!!!!
and sure it will be a huge hit!!!XDDDD

a ja a ja fighting oppas!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by ariluvsuju

omo! fishyyy……….

Comment by min-ji

yeap ! wish their 3jib will do well !!

Comment by yin

gawd!!! everyone is really anticipating for it!!!


Comment by yan

3jib fighting!
Super Junior fighting!

I’m very very very relieved that Siwon is doing fine.
Siwon ahhh, you worried me.

Comment by empee13simba


Comment by aiden leen

oh god!!!!how to join this chat….i really want to chat with donghae oppa…..what to do now????….to elf please teach me how to join this…….

Comment by aiden leen

ya, what is UFO? is it sth to do with cyworld?

Comment by sirae

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