Random Post: Zhoumi’s UFO Replies 2009.02.23
February 23, 2009, 10:06 pm
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Mainly for a friend *-* And to spread the Mi love! Sucha darling to reply so many UFOs at one go!

Zhou Mi’s UFO Replies 2009.02.23/22

  1. Fan: Zhou Small Mi, Zhou Prawn Rice (homonym), where have you run to? I sent a UFO to you, but you don’t care about me! Don’t tell me you don’t want me any more? WuWu.. (crying sound) Nana
  2. Mi : Recently, I’m at home writing here and there, I keep wanting to write something, hehe~ I’m not ignoring you

  3. Fan: Zhou Mi oppa, today I saw that you replied Zi Xi’s (another fan) FLY. Thank you for remembering me and my light board, we will wait for you to bring back more interesting performances with 2Jib. You must remember there’s still Shen Mi’s presents… Fighting!
  4. Mi: Hehe~~ Xiao Jiu (name of fan) ah! I’ve always seen you… Thank you!!.. Wait for me! I’ll definitely bring you all more surprises in 2Jib

  5. Fan: Dear beloved Oppas of SJ-M, I love you all! I really want to be a singer, but I don’t dare to tell my mother, I know if I want to succeed I have to face it bravely, but I still can’t overcome it, what should I do!?
  6. Mi: It’s very important that you must go all out on your first step once you’re certain about your dream 🙂 Hope that you’ll succeed, Fighting!

  7. Fan: Zhou Mi Oppa, please come out quickly! I miss you a lot! I miss you till I’ve caught a cold! Oppa ya! You must take care of your body! Getting sick is not good! Please don’t be like xxx (another fan), she has to eat medicine everyday, it’s agonizing! Doesn’t feel good!
  8. Mi: Have you caught a cold? The day before the fanmeeting I ate something bad which resulted in me having a fever and a cold.. You must take care of your body!

  9. Fan: Zhou Mi, actually I’m not really a Honey, but I’m used to sending a UFO to you everyday! They said I’m climbing the walls (meaning something like jumping fandom). But I said it’s a feeling which is hard to explain! I will accompany you to walk down the road! Garfield
  10. Mi: Thank you Garfield! Previously, when I was chatting with a friend, actually what artistes and everyone else need is a sense of existence and trust.. We can all feel the existence of one another! Thank you

  11. Fan: Zhou Mi~ You’re going to Korea soon right~ I can’t bare to let you leave~ But I will wait patiently~ I will strive to improve myself within this time~ When we see each other the next time, we will see a more perfect self of each other fighting~ Xiao Wen Zi
  12. Mi: I am waiting.. For my visa.. Once it’s done, I’d have to go over 🙂

  13. Fan: Mi Xiao Mi, why are you so handsome? I love you ah. Please sing for me, if not I wouldn’t be able to sleep, haha. You must remember to eat more rice, don’t fall sick.
  14. Mi: What song do you want to listen to then? I like Wang Pei Rong’s (汪佩蓉) songs!

  15. Fan: Today is Sunday, Zhou Mi oppa I doubt you can rest! Please let me sympathise with you for 3 seconds, Zhou Mi oppa, you must catch hold of the time to find a girlfriend, once you get older it’s not easy to find one, but I’m sure Oppa is an exception..
  16. Mi: Hehe! Where am I to find the time to get a girlfriend! But it’s already enough that I have everyone! It’s not something I just said out of courtesy!

  17. Fan: Mi ah~ Recently I’ve got a lot of homework! I always find that I can’t finish them.. Also. I recently fell madly in love with a koala (Mi’s nickname)… = =
  18. Mi: Hehe which koala are you talking about?? Ha!

  19. Fan: Zhou Mi Oppa~ Are you still in Beijing? ~What have you been doing recently, did you go out and have fun? ~Hehe you must be happy~ I’m anticipating 2Jib! And also your new works! ~Fighting! Love you love you~
  20. Mi: After ending M’s schedules, I’ve returned to Beijing to rest for a few days, been writing some stuff at home.. Hope that in 2Jib I’ll have a chance to write good lyrics for you all!

  21. Fan: Zhou Mi: Oppa, how are you? I’m anticipating Oppa’s lyrics in 2Jib! Sorry Oppa, I didn’t go to the airport to send you off on Feb 15, because the sight of you leaving is very upsetting! Oppa, you must rest well! —
  22. Mi: I don’t want you all to be sad after seeing me, my smile was pretty cheery! 🙂 Hehe

  23. Fan: Recently there hasn’t been any news of Zhou Mi oppa, have you gone into hiding to be a hermit? Please show yourself quickly…
  24. Mi: Hehe~ That’s right! I’ve run to the hills to shut myself and recuperate.. Hehe

Original Source; UFO China
Can be taken out with credits~

Okay.. Mainly these few, I even skipped about 5/6.. Which were going about asking what he was doing and where he currently is and that he’s been going online less cos he’s writing more.. I’m so glad he’s writing stuff at home.. Which means more wonderful works from him! YAY. ♥__♥


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1. WRITE.. write songs! omg ♥

8. I’m always here lol.. -shot by other honeys-

12. LOL ? ..

His replies make me smile ♥♥♥♥♥♥
thanks for translating! ^^

Comment by okaerichoco

he is so kind for replying fans UFO ^-^
make me smile…
if it happen to me ^-^

Comment by mai_ree

Zhou Mi oppa was so sweet 🙂
nice replay,oppa..!^^

Comment by agassi_

ahhh mi ah is so cuttee
cant wait to hear new songs from SJM
he’s so nice replying to fans too~~ i wish i sent one *sigh*

looking forward to SJ’s new album in MARCH KYAAAAA!!<3

Comment by Josie Chan

Mi~~~~ <33333333

Comment by rawrcarebear

Zhou Mi ah!^-^

Comment by min-ji

mimi!!! miss seeing him^^

Comment by yan

uhh, zhou mi! :”> :-*

Comment by anya

Zhou Mi……. <3, "I ❤ Zhou Mi……"
Adeku: " I ❤ You Zhou Mi…………."
kITA BRU THU KM D SUJU m me…… ❤ ❤ <3……

Comment by Siti Fadilla

ZHOU MI……….. 😀

Comment by Siti Fadilla

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