SMTown Live ’08 in Bangkok Concert Merchandise: SJ & DBSK Files
February 13, 2009, 3:53 pm
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Apart from the usual concert tees that were sold from the leg in Seoul at the beginning, these files were special to Thailand *-*

It’s actually quite pricey for a set of 3 files.. Almost USD9 altogether! But it’s just too pretty~ LOL.

I almost ended up broke buying all the merchandise! This time, they printed the rainbow-on-black-based tee on white instead.

Here are the pictures of the files.. Couldn’t scan them in cos my scanner was getting cranky on the white-based SJ Boys In City file set, so I gave up and took pictures of them xD Sorry if they aren’t so clear! T.T

Pictures can be taken out with proper credits! 😀

Can’t bear to use them, lol.. Too precious!! ♥


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Thank you so much!
they’re damn precious!

Comment by possiy

wow,that amazing!
i also got freak of buying all the merchandise.

Comment by cocado

i’m gonna be broke if i’m there too! lol~

Comment by yan

they are so nice and precious. how i wish i have them too.

Comment by hhui

they’re nice..even though it’s little bit expensive, i think it’s worth it..^^

in my country, there’s a mall and there’s this counter that used to sell stuff about suju and dbsk..but it already closed now..because there isn’t many people buy that stuff. TT_TT

Comment by apple


Comment by ahwang

And 3 files for RM32.4475.
IT may be pricey BUT IM SO GETTING IT.
-if only its sold in msia D:-
i want it TT________TT

Comment by ahwang

i want it tooooo T____T…

Comment by sujuheart

what are they exactly?
and where can you get them?

Comment by jade

it is sold here in malaysia.
there’s 1 small shop in times square that sell all kpop stuff especially from sm artist.i got my original suju stuff from of all,one of my suju album have all the 13 member original sign on,to all malaysian who want to get original kpop stuff you can go to that shop in times square.

Comment by yanie_elf

waittt what is that?

Comment by sarah

DBSK and Suju is very great!

Comment by elfvn

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