Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entries 2009.02.10
February 10, 2009, 2:15 pm
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I’m sorry but I’m really rushing for time.. Having to do the fan account, post up the press con pictures and scan in more stuff, I guess I’ll only be updating with cyworld entries from today onwards.. ^^ Unless I have free time, I’ll backtrack and add the rest! 😉

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.10 02:00
In the ‘…Special…’ folder..

..우리는 가족입니다../..We Are a Family..

박정수 2009.02.10 02:00

..SM ent..

So we look like a school..It looks just like a house..Suddenly 10 years have gone by..

The things that I didn’t learn at school, I learnt it all here..

Not only songs..Dance..Speaking..Will able to live on in this world..

A place where I can be more outstanding..A place where I can realize my dreams..

A place where many good people gather…

And..Our Sunbaenims…And those alike..Our hoobaes..

Here..It isn’t important about who stays the longest..

Mutually, we are all brothers..We are all friends…

If we are together..It’s just like friends who make me feel blessed..

I should train more?Kangta hyung..!!!!You must be healthy!!Quick come back!!

Not Asia’s star any more but an international star!!BoA!!

How are you all?ㅋAwkward us…Hahaha..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Charismatic Dong Bang Shin Ki!!!But..Hyung…Thinks you’re all very funny..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Pretty So Nyeo Shi Dae!!!!Oppa’s laughter is not evil, it’s just spans 7 octaves..ㅋㅋ

Shining SHINee!!! Moon-nim, please quickly let Taemin grow older..!!

Handsome Trax..!! Honourably sexy..Cheon Sang Ji Hee and Ri In….

And of course the very precious..Super Junior!!!Thank you for becoming Super Junior..

All of us..SM TOWN…named as a family..

We are a family..I love you all..!!!!We are King Wang Jjang!!!!

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.10 02:22
In the ‘…Jung Soo…’ folder..

..썬그라스를 쓴 진짜 이유../..The real reason for wearing shades..

박정수 2009.02.10 02:22

..It’s for the sake of not getting photographed with my eyes closed cos I don’t know when I’ll be photographed..

..But I was still taken..ㅋㅋ

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.10 02:27
In the ‘…Jung Soo…’ folder..

..시간 있으면../..If there’s time..

박정수 2009.02.10 02:27

..Want to drink a cup of tea?..But I don’t like coffee…

..How about a cup of cocoa…ㅋㅋㅋ

Like that I asked for a cup to drink..Wanted to see who was the person he was(?) waiting for…

Here!!!Here!!!!!…He/she came?….

There was a traffic jam..Aish!!! You could have called me to go over..

Because I was late I have to give a treat..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Original Source; 박정수 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13
Please do not take out!


The Sapphire Blue sea at SMTown was really magnificent.. I never saw it with my own eyes before, just from pictures.. But it looked really grand, and the whole sense of feeling just overwhelms.. Definitely *-*


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leeteuk really epitomizes what a good leader should be like.. recognizes the past and acknowledges the future.. SMT Bangkok looked really, really fun 😀

Comment by Summer M.

Ahh, Teukie’s love for the SM family! SM LOVE<333

Thanks for the translation 🙂

Comment by shazzii

awww leeteuk rocks!

Comment by Mrs Leeteuk

waaa…teuki oppa, ur soo cute..^^

don’t worry..even if you got photographed with ur eyes closed, you are still very cute u know..^^

@ ilovejr :
REALLYREALLYREALLY thanks for the post…^^
and actually i’m so dying to ask u anything about suju..T_T coz i just know them recently

heei…ur so lucky u can go to the concert..!!!


Comment by beth

whoaaaaa…teukie oppa~~~
smtown is a huge huge huge succeed!!!!
damn i couldn’t go to there!! >___________<

SM HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by aricintasuju

Love SM family, so regret not being there….

Comment by green*opium

oppa is really a sensitive leader!
He is always like that, humble, caring and mature
I really admire those character of him!
And he really looks like a girl in the last picture @_@
I can say loudly that he is even much more beautiful than me @_@
OMG I really love him wearing those sunglasses!!
He looks so freaking hot~~~!!!!
Ah~~Thanks so much for your translation^^
You were so lucky to attend the concert^^
I wonder whether the concert will come to my country? T_T

Comment by linh

Eeteuk’s 7 octaves laughter is cute!!!
Love SM Family so much!!!

Comment by mirue

this entry is so amazing ♥

thank you again for all your hard work! 😀 glad you got to reward yourself going to an SM Town concert! *_*

Comment by emma leigh

woooow!!! gosh, i’m so happy reading these posts by teukie oppa! ^^
he’s such a mature and real person, with those thoughts and gratedfullness from that first entry… awwww…♥ him so much more!! >_< SM Family surely rocks!! :)) Love them all!!
kyaaa~~ so that’s the reason for him wearing sunglasses! lol^^ but he looks so darn HOT with that shades! more manly and looks like a true blue leader! ^^

@ilovejr: thanks so much for this one! though you are surely tired from the concert you still did your best to keep all those loyal ELFs reading this blog so happy with all these updates!! super duper thank you! Fighting!! ^^

Comment by yan

O.M.G such a lovely entries!!

Teukie, you’re such a good person!!

Super Junior jjang ~~

SM Family jjang ~~

Comment by rukiaichigo

hahaha.he sure kows how to make people laugh.
by the way, where’s Kangta going??

Comment by RadEchiZen

sungmin short hair cute~

Comment by possiy

Eeteuk’s smile is so gentle and cute ~

Aww I truly love his words ❤
Isn’t Eeteukie the best? \o/

Comment by nie

“Pretty So Nyeo Shi Dae!!!!Oppa’s laughter is not evil, it’s just spans 7 octaves..ㅋㅋ”

I lol’d so hard at this. XD XD XD

I hope you had an amazing time at the concert ^_^

Comment by Kat

eeeteuk so cute^^
SM town concert looks fun…
dang!i wish i could go D:
SM family rocks larh!!!

can’t wait for 3 Jib^^

Comment by ilyc

lovejr, thanks so much and i really want to take it out.Plz.I will credits full.Are you gree?
Ah, i want to take all CY of Teuk althought when you said :”do not take out”.if you can give me.
I am a fan of Teuk and this is my web about Teuk :
My Y!M is
You can talk with me…thanks cuz all

Comment by Mickey

SMtown really makes people wish we are a part of them!! I mean, look at them, they look like a BIG really HAPPY family with beautiful people among them.. Awww, leadershii,you are so precious!

Comment by ItzEzie

“Oppa’s laughter is not evil, it’s just spans 7 octaves” =)) Haha :))
Teuk oppa has the highest tone laught :)) =))

Comment by JungSooMi

LOL ‘Oppa’s laughter is not evil, it’s just spans 7 octaves’.

I literally LMAO at his 2nd post.

Is it only me or does Teuk look like Wookie in the last post?

Comment by ahwang

“Honourably sexy..Cheon Sang Ji Hee and Ri In….”

YAY!! He mentioned my five fave :D.
Yes all five of them are the honorably sexy 😀

Leeteuk is such a sweetie.

Comment by marmar

i love this!
“Oppa’s laughter is not evil, it’s just spans 7 octaves..ㅋㅋ”


Comment by ruru

lol so funny. the reason for wearing shades is not to be photographed with eyes closed.

Comment by hhui

oh my My angel his so sweet as always….
thanks for this…

Comment by joann19sj

OMG cutest thing ever
i was actually cryin
thanx v.v.v.v.v.much 4 translation teukii is the cutest thing ever
Leeteuk is amazin leader !luv u!

Comment by ^_^iluvteukii^_^ (helen moxley)

ahaha^ he was right!
he never know when he would be photographed.
so yeah…sun glass is a perfect choice. :p

Comment by xeraxiah

Teuk ….

You are a very good leader.

I love you

Comment by nuknik


you so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

hope you still keep sungmin and ki bum!!!!!!!!

Comment by eee_by

teuky oppa……we always support you
no matter what happened, just stand up and look a head. thank you for being our angel, thank you for looking after the 12 dongsaeng…sarange oppa..

uri Super ELF eiyoooo

Comment by kim na

Tueki is such a great leader to his dongsaengs. He must be strong to keep it all together

Comment by SUNmee

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