Mod Post: I Came Back Alive in 1 Piece!!
February 9, 2009, 4:31 am
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Much ado about getting squished like a sardine and having to battle the war between pushing fans and sticky bodies and sweat dripping over, feeling faint with the lack of oxygen..

I survived the gruelling 5 hours!!

Which isn’t that gruelling since everyone’s attention is on the stage anyway xD
Shall post up a fan account soon.. I didn’t take any pictures and fancams during the con (except those horrible quality ones with my mobile) as security was strict and I couldn’t even stretch my hand to open my bag to take my camera out anyway >.<

So here’s a sneak peek of the press con instead!

The last pic is one of my faves, Taemin looking so innocent, the awkward couple and Geng’s megawatt smile ;D LOL at Jungsoo taking the fans!! ;D There were TONS of people opposite at the Siam BTS Station and I guess it was definitely worth a photographic memory!

And of course, 韩庚!生日快乐!! (HanGeng, Happy Birthday!!)

I’ll try to post soon, once I am better from having lost 90% of my voice and having my skin feel like there’s sea urchins on it >.< I’ve got 2-toned arms, legs and feet now xD


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Sengil Chukae ^^

Arrgh, can’t moving my eyes from his smiling face.. >3

After SM town, we hope SuJu oppas can take a rest ^^
Support ’till d end, FIGHTING!!!

Comment by LuvsGeng

I fail for not checking this blog recently, I’m sorry T___T! I didn’t know you went! That’s awesome!! Can’t wait to read your fan account … I can’t stop refreshing this page lol. (Your “I’m a new Yunho fan” has me especially interested :D!)

Comment by spazzes

Oh.. im jelous! your so lucky!

Comment by lara

Oh wow, you went to their SMTown concert :D. Looking forward to your fan account..once you’ve recovered xD.

Comment by shazzii

wow!! ilovekido!! so you’ve been to Thailand? wow!!
Hope to see more photos soon.. Im so excited to read what happen to you in there..haha.
By the way WELCOME BACK!!

Comment by suju_jjang

glad you made it back safely! Great press con pics here!!!

Comment by mimi

my dear, great to hear you survived SMTOWN08. i still wish i could’ve been there!

let us know what happened— if you’ve had any run-ins with the boys! 😀

DONGHAE was so damn hot at the presscon.

Comment by Kim Yu

@ Kim:
WHY DIDNT YOU COME WITH ME!!!!!!!! 😦 Okay will chat with you soon!! 😀

Comment by ilovejr

woahhhh how i wish i can go to SMTown LIVEEEEE. XDDD

Comment by shianee

finally u came back safely..!!!

must be really great to see them right??? waaa.. i’m really2 envy u..hehehe.

in 1st pic shindong oppa looks like he tired..shiwon oppa really handsome..^^
anyway,it’s sooo nice to have u back..can’t wait for your story ^^


Comment by beth

wowww… Hae is so hot with that hat(?) and glasses…

i cant take my eyes off him..
but siwon is very handsome too


Comment by view_zaa

lol.. still no fan account??? feels like im waitin for ages.. haha:P ok sit back and wait patiently… super excited to hear ur stories..

Comment by anne

@ anne:
It’s on the way~ Sorry for taking so long!!

Comment by ilovejr

Hangeng is so handsome! <333

Comment by gaegood

notice the handphone of Leader-sshii??..

he used that in every1 idol show..

..i really love his handphone..

Comment by Janiña

aww teukie is so hawt in those glasses:D
thanks for sharing and welcome back!

Comment by 10tookie24

i don’t know that you came to Thailand ^^
if I know, maybe we can met ^^
nice trip in Thailand right?
wish you see you someday

Comment by Sky of My East Sea

wow thats great!!!
ahh u r so lucky!haha

i love those picts.hangeng look so fine, siwon too.haha.everyone looked so good!

can’t wait for 3jib!haha

Comment by ryry

OMG!!!! so you’re went to smtown???????
why on earth i didn’t notice it before????????
you know what??you are sooooooo damn lucky!!! XD

come..share with us… hoho.. ^o^

Comment by aricintasuju


but i couldnt, damniiitt! anyway i shall chat with you! tom night! its too late. work tomrw!

oh. i know someone who went there too… she said she was face-to-face wit jonghyun when she was on her way to the bathroom. goodness. i would’ve ravaged tha guy.

till then. :p

Comment by Kim Yu

oh u r so lucky looool…welcome back dear ..iam new fan of ur blog ..

tell us what happen and who u saw? and yeah iam aheechul fan so tell us what the crowds thier felt and if some news mention it ??


Comment by noni

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Hangeng ge ge~~

You’re SOOOO lucky you go to go~
Did you see when Heechul & Siwon kissed!? ❤
-squeels- It looked like so much fun.
I wish i lived in Asia.. TT___TT

Glad you’re back! 😀

Comment by Chelsea

hey!!! welcome back!! so that’s where you went…thailand –> sm town concert. you lucky bird.

Comment by tinaxxe

I didn’t check this blog recently T.T
I miss u so much..!!*hugging, kissing u,mod..^^*

How sad that CSJH wasn’t there T.T

I’m so happy that all 13 were there!yay!
can’t wait for their comeback…!!
All elf are extremly miss them soooooooo much!!

Comment by agassi_

hahaha… get well soon, so you can update more ^-^
don’t forget to drink one gallon of water ^0^
wanna happy b’day to han geng gu…

Comment by mai_ree

omg donghae is seriously killing me

Comment by diyana

Cute Donghae~ So fashionable! ;P
HanHae love ❤

Comment by allyssa.

lucky u!!! i love the last pic ^___^
eun hyuk smile ….aaaahhh

Comment by cheflab

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