Wo De Xin Gan Bao Bei~ Happy Q Day!
February 3, 2009, 9:58 pm
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Happy Birthday, my favourite boy

*Wo de xin gan bao bei = roughly translates to my heartfelt darlings* which Kyu likes to say xD

It was because I entered the fandom late.. and I wasn’t able to join in the all the agony suffered when the accident happened and the aftermath.. That this guy makes my insides jump with every smile of his.

I didn’t start the fandom liking him, truthfully, but he just moved my heart time after time, with his angelic, flawless voice that never fails to make every heart out there falter.

Happy 22nd Birthday Kyu ♥♥♥ Love you 많이많이!!

P.S This time.. I really have no time to do a videos post, I’ll link up the previous one I did for Kyu’s 2 years anniversary~ 미안!

Pic Spam

Hope that our magnae will always be happy and healthy 🙂


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omo! i so love the pics!! thanks for posting. like you, this is my first time celebrating his bday. glad that he’s okay now. 😀

Comment by kyuhyun's gal

1st comment? i dont think so but.. im busy as hell too so i’m just going everywhere, saying hapi bday stuff T-T

hapi bday Q! ♥


Comment by okaeri

Happy Birthday Kyuhyun oppa :X:X:X

Comment by Maou

hapi boitday KYUHUN oppa!!!..
btw. i love te pics *steals* lol

Comment by chellie

Happy Birthday Kyuhyunnie oppa.. Hope u r always in the best of health.. Eat more oppa.. U r too skinny.. Dont juz eat chocolate.. Lets filled the world with sapphire blue..

Comment by carolyn4eva

Kyuhyun ah~~~

Saeng il chuka hamnida~~~

Wish you all the best oppa..

Comment by Aricintasuju

Wah! Happy birthday Mr. Cho. 😀

Comment by sallysync

that’s soooo ♥ of pic spam! haha~~

happy birthday our dear magnae cho kyuhyun^^

Comment by yan

happy birthday my kyuhyunnie!! saranghaeyo!

Comment by POOCHY

happy happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappybirthday our beloved magnae! <33

btw, the pic spam is heaven :)))

Comment by bbftw

Happy B-day my sweet sweet super junior magnae ^-^

Comment by katie

Aww… sorry if im late, but happy birthday kyu…. I hope to see you more often in the third album.. 🙂

Comment by lara

Happy B-day kyuhyunie oppa^^
U hav one of da bestest vocal in SuJu…n i adored dat^^.U r da best:)

Comment by mizztaznchick

Happy Birthday to Kyu! I hope he stays healthy and happy in 2009, has more opportunities to visit his family and to show off his beautiful voice. ^^

Comment by kvhc

HaPPie biRthdaY oppA!!!
hope you the best for this year oppa!!
take caRe of yOuRselF..
God Bless oppa…


Comment by tingsala044

happy birthday kyu oppa!!!^^
love u!!

thanks for the pics!=)

Comment by meHEARTsuju

Happpy Belated Birthday Kyuhyunsshhii..

Comment by kim

sorry i am late here but wish you happy birthday,my dear…waiting for the third album,hope to see you more in there! saengil cu kai hamnida…3/2
always beside u~

Comment by zhulyn luv kyuhyun>

Happy birthday to my first love :X

Comment by Everlasting Friends

oppa…..happy bday…
saengil chukahamida~~!!
may God bless u….
stay healthy…sarange oppa~~!

Comment by suju13lover

Happy Magnae Birthday..!
It’s absolutely late to say but..
Ah,it’s okay!hehe..
E.L.F. Will always love you,Kyuhyun oppa!!
Forever Together!
Keep hugging and kissing for you..!

Comment by agassi_

oh dear kyu…

Comment by steffi

he is so strong and cool..
cute too..
ah,luv him!!!

Comment by hana

Wish:YOU are happy forever

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

true true…when i see members of suju…kyu was not my fav either…till i recognise that he actually pretty funny guy…+ str8 forward too and tht make my heart fall to kyu…
cheers to kyu…loves him…saranghaeyo kyu!!

Comment by RiRi

ahh I love Kyuhyun svm >u<
Thanks a BUNCH for posting this~
belated happy bday my fav suju guy ever (:

Comment by Maiii

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