Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.02.01
February 1, 2009, 3:06 am
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.02.01 01:21
In the ‘澈’ folder..

므 흣 한 밤/A hilarious night
김희철 2009.02.01

Here you go~ A scene coming out from a fanfic (-┏)

Ah goosebumpsㅡㅡ

Because the other members have all gone abroad

So today, Hassan hyungie came over to provide food for me


Hongki and Hassan hyung were supposed to stay over tonight..

But whiner Hongki kicked us aside (-┏)

Hassan hyung heard SuJu’s 3Jib and said it was awesome as he danced along

Original Source; 김희철 미니홈피
Credit; OnlyHeechul


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ahh !
i cant wait till the 3rd album comes out !!

Comment by Brittany [:

awwwwwwwww i want to hear sj 3rd jib toooooooooo

Comment by Roge

lol, interesting picture there.

Awww the good daddy cast love! Hassan seems so nice

gahaha Hongki is too cool for them XD

wait, where did the members go??

Comment by Diptz

I really wanna watch that show.. does anyone know where i can watch it?

Comment by lara

ohhh….heechul opppa left all alone….

Comment by kym889

was i correct?…hehe…not really sure….!!!

Comment by kym889

“Hassan hyung heard SuJu’s 3Jib and said it was awesome as he danced along.”

I had a big smile when I read this line.

Comment by Angel

AH! Cute HeeChullie~ It is nice he has more friends like Hassan & HongKi ^^

Comment by allyssa.

ah, can’t wait for the 3jib………..

Comment by bunga

ahh.. goosebumps? fufu~

lucky hassan. >:

Comment by spike*

oh gosh hassan hyung is SO LUCKY! ok i trust his taste! and thanks u for ur continuous trans

Comment by sjcindelurve

awee heechul’s so cute ! i wanna sleepover ;D

Comment by asianbread

omo, now i’m really excited for the 3jib~ TT_______TT

Comment by iheartmeowing

ahahaha, those first few lines are priceless. XD

Comment by C

kekeke… i always lyk evrytime Heenim mentioned his family, you know which family i refer to… XD

heenim, u must be bored since Su-Py all have their own activity, in Japan(?)… keke… hwaitting!!!

Comment by LFi

why all the member have gone aboard
and leave their Chulie alone at home ?
it ‘s not right [-x

Comment by RaiChan

I like this pic, ei ei
Thank you for your translation.

Comment by mondaymay

oohh! can’t wait for 3집!! ^^

Comment by cinnamon

love them all..
want to have a copy when hee kissed sungmin and jungho…

Comment by melo

Now i KNOW the album is gonna be a hit!!!!
If Hassan says so then its a positive!!
-spazz attack- OMG!!
Ive been praying NONSTOP for their album to be a huge success and to sell billions!!!
OMG~ Its a sign, God has sent me a sign.
Siwon moment. xD

Comment by Chelsea omg Heenim kills xD

3Jib *hyperventilates*

Comment by ahwang

Thank you for your hard word….

I am really appreciated…

I’ll trans this into Vietnamese…I’ll give full credit and link back to your page…

Comment by Naochan waiting for it..
heechul are killing us..haaha

Comment by suju_jjang

oh my..the other members went abroad? Is it because of SMTOWN Bangkok? They went abroad so fast?

lol, fanfic indeed…heechul knows his fans.

Comment by mimi

He can really expand his fandom, can’t he? Everyone is like a bug flying into the web of Heechul..’s addictive..

Comment by green*opium


Comment by PAN

soooo… their songs are all done! and i’m thinking- upbeat songs (since hassan ‘danced along’).

gawd. i cant wait! 😀

Comment by Kim Yu

Ah SJ 3Jib!!!!!
Can’t waittttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Comment by yinghui

omg . means they already finished recording ?!!

Comment by yin

waaa~~~~ 3 jib. i cant wait for this album.

Comment by khina


so, heechul, do you read a lot of fanfics? :^D

Comment by Anonymous

Why are the other 12 members abroad? o.O Where are they?

And ooooh! I wanna listen to SJ’s 3Jib tooooo! ><

Comment by yurim

@ yurim:
SJ-H have gone to Japan for the Kpop Concert~ And I’m supposing Hae, Kyu, Siwon and Wook are in Korea but they’re going to Thailand tomorrow~

Comment by ilovejr

Ooh, does that mean their album will be released in the VERY near future? xD

Comment by shazzii

@ shazzii:
Yep, it’s expected to be released in March 😀

Comment by ilovejr

How do you know what Fanfics are, Heenim!? =O *Hides*

lol XD joking, joking.

Comment by Choi Jin-Ah

yayy!!! i cant wait for the first 3jib single release……
yayy!!! all 13 of them together again!!!

Comment by olivia

awww…hongki and hassan are so sweet!!
and heenim was all left at the dorm T~T
if I’m there i’ll surely bring him something to eat too^^ LMAO~~

kyaaaa!!! that makes me so much more excited about the 3jib>_<

Comment by yan

i hope it’ll b released on my bday!! 13 march…!! tat would be great!! X3

Comment by Caramel

Heechul reads fanfics? that’s amusing 😯
now totally can’t wait for the 3jib! >D

Comment by Nee

ahh 3jib i cant wait la
knowing that is so good xD

Comment by peige

i love heenim’s post.
why don’t others update their CY also..?
like Kibum,Siwon,Wookie…

Comment by xeraxiah

Where’s Kibum? they are the only two who are not member of SJ-H and SJ-M…

Comment by garfieldjm

heechul ah, what are u doing?
3rd album??? when when…………………?

Comment by smile

Hassan oppa got to listen to SuJu’s third album! jealous!

Comment by Nepurr

oh my god!!!
is the 3rd album ready?!!
cant wait for it to come out.. =)

Comment by hudsy

สวัดดีคร้า …..พี่จาอ่านมันออกมั้ยเนี่ย?

hi! hmm…. canyou read tha senten over there ?
oppa …see you on sat.

Comment by chacha

Oppa, are you read so many fanfiction? Will you read mine? LOLS.
Ah, Hassan oppa is so good. He prepare a food for Chulie oppa. So sweet. :). But where the other members go? Why Chulie oppa is abandoned? So curious about this. xp.
Hongki is his best friend now. Its so good. xp. I cant wait for their 3rd album too. Hwaiting. 🙂

Thx for share ilovejr. Can i translate it to Indonesian? I will give a proper credits for you. Thx a lot. 🙂

Comment by Caroline

AHHH~ DARN IT. lucky guy gets to hear it first!!!!!

Comment by EternalELF


Hello, guys! do you guys know how to send them messages directly! i wanna greet them!

take care!

Comment by Wenna

really can’t wait^^

Comment by ilyc

Ah…Mine is only Kyon-kyon….HeeChul ssi…cute…

Comment by Yumi

yay!! can’t wait for 3Jib ^___^

Comment by cheflab

awaaaah oppa nice post T.T ca’ wait for album who is Hassan ?

Comment by Meme

Album 3rd. I can’t wait it >”<
Hassan appa was very funny.

Comment by Everlasting Friends

i’m indonesian fan.. is it connected to heechul’s cyworld or not?thnkz guys..
great job..i’m satisfied so much..

Comment by lellytaangelteukie13

how come hassan appa got to listen to it first? you better feel honoured hassan appa cause even ELF haven’t got to listen to it!

Comment by Anonymous

how come hassan appa got to listen to it first? you better feel honoured hassan appa cause even ELF haven’t got to listen to it!

Comment by leesarang

u r very lovely why! i would like to be ur friend please give me ur email address …

Comment by thuthu

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