Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.31
January 31, 2009, 9:24 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.31 16:33
In the ‘希’ folder..

삶 이 란/What living is called
김희철 2009.01.31 16:33

Just.. Pretending that you are loyal to your owner

If you’re hungry, just aegyo to your owner and roll around

When I go meow meow, the owner will be happy and will think I’m cute..

Phew.. It has been a long while since I acted lethargic (-┏)

Original Source; 김희철: 싸이월드>미니홈피
Credits; LoveChul


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kyung, kyung…
chullie oppa cat so cute le~
I like his cat~~

Comment by celestial222


Comment by sallysync

HEEBUMIE~ I MISS HIM SOO MUCH! as much as i miss his owner ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Comment by sapphire13angels

i hope heechul oppa is doing good…!!!
even after that incident with Sungmin…it’s been a long time,but we SJ fans just have to keep on believing…!!!

Comment by kym889

hehee.. lovely Heebum………..
CHuL.. sth’s fishy here..its not juz Heebum’s thinkin.. (rite?) ^^
thanks 4 upload 🙂

Comment by Boorin

So he still has Heebum!?!?!
😀 😀 😀 😀

OMFGosh!!!! I thought he gave Heebum, or so someone wrote around the internet!
Thhhhaaaa XD … anyways!! Who cares now!!! AAAAAH~~! XDDD So haaaappy!

Comment by nicoleta

HEEBUM is baaaaccckk!
and he looks exhausted. puhaha~~
has heechul been abusing you lately dear cat!?

Comment by gelatin

Yeah..Glad you are back, Heenim, I mean Heebum..miss u much..

Comment by green*opium

aigoo, such a cute cat. aww. huhu~

Comment by spike*

Wah~ Long time see, Heebummie!!! BOB mentioned Heechul gave away Heebum..So he’s still here 🙂 Miss both the cat and owner!!!

Comment by UndeadPetal

heebum is sill alive!! yehey!

Comment by icepluscoffee

Heebum is totally spoiled~ XD

Comment by Diptz

awwww, Heebum is so adorable! I’m glad that Heenim has been able to keep him. ^^

Comment by C

lol. Chullie angry at heebum. xD

Comment by ahwang

meow meow .. AEGYOO ! xDDD
rofl. cats ARE like that .

Comment by yin

han j heebum!

Comment by kieurdbsjee

ya, the cat is cute = heechul

Comment by smile

Heebum! wah cutie cutie….reminds me of my old kitty that has passed…**sniffle**

Comment by Nepurr


Hee bumie…. so cute…..

Comment by renren

Awww I love kitties so much and Heebum is such a cutie ❤ Just like the owner haha.
Waah I wanna play with his ears and rub his little nose x3

Poor Heebummie is a patient cat, Heechul abuse him so much. xD

Comment by nie

“If you’re hungry, just aegyo to your owner and roll around”

Comment by cheflab

that cat look like my home cat

Comment by tingtin87


Comment by Himi_Mia

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