Sungmin’s Cyworld Updates 2009.01.30
January 30, 2009, 7:58 pm
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Sungmin’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.01.30

2009.01.30 금 Friday 13:30

What is rising from inside (of me)..!

Sungmin’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.01.30 14:35

완전..피부미남!!/Perfect..Pretty skin boy!
이성민 2009.01.30 14:35


Recently getting immersed in the interest of eating..^^ㅎㅎㅎ

But I didn’t put on weight, I’ll adjust and eat as accordingly~

Using porridge types….ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Now I have to be rational, so I can’t eat other things besides porridge..


But..It really makes my skin good..Huwhoot~

Narcissistic expert..

Sungmin’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.01.30 14:21

애기가…./Little kid….
이성민 2009.01.30 14:21

You’re the first kid who rejected me…ㅠㅠ


I was called an ahjussi*…

How can there be such a young uncle like this!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

N.B *ahjussi = uncle

Sungmin’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.01.30 14:19

게맛을 알어?/Do you know the taste of crab?
이성민 2009.01.30 14:19


The little baby I caught in Japan..



Kick me~

Original Source; 이성민 미니홈피
Credits; SJF
Haven’t updated with the boys’ entries in a while~ *-* The small tiny crab is so cute!


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how can i think sungmin is a bit cuter than that kid?? lolzzz..
omg! he’s face really won’t get old..
i think minnie have much face..because sometime he looks mature (when he play his guitar..and when he’s kissed by chullie) and sometime he looks like a 10 y.o boy..haha..

thank youuuuuu…. *hugs*

Comment by aricintasuju

oh my sungmin is sooo adorable!!!

Comment by bee47

Omgosh how can the girl call Sungmin an ahjussi!

Haha but he’s still as cute – I love eating too! 😀

Comment by yinghui

oppa is so cute 😡 😡 😡
ahhhhh I want to eat him up~~~!!!!!
It’s so funny that the little girl call oppa “ahjussi” haha
But not only her but also me always call older boys “ahjussi” =)) =))
Honestly,before I knew Sj, if I had met someone as the same age as Fishy oppa, I would have called them “ahjussi” although they were only 6 years older than me ^^
Uhmm… is oppa on diet???
No matter fat or thin you look, you’re always so cute to me 😡 😡
Don’t go on diet, just eat everything you want haha^^
Thanks so much for your translation^^

Comment by linh


Comment by sallysync

you are cute you dear..^^

Comment by baby

Oh,the baby..
It’s a crab!
So little and cute.

Comment by joykay

Oh,you are such a cutie,Ming!

Comment by possiy

Ah!you can bring you baby that you caught home and cook for it!
But it’s super small!
Wow,sungmin nail so long.

Comment by possiy

Ah!you can bring you baby that you caught home and cook for it!
But it’s super small!
Wa,sungmin nail was so long.

Comment by fustard

That’s right!Ming must keep slim always and control the diet as well.
Ow,how old is the kid?so lovely.
How can there be such a cute uncle like this,be called uncle Minie!

Comment by cocado

I am new suju fan.I like your song (Rokuko)in SJT
You should take care yourself


Comment by ELf MasTerMiiNe

Ming is so rational to take notice of his diet!
Porridge can cut down one’s weight!
Wah,The little baby crab,just born?

Comment by carde

That is love rising,right?
Take care of your diet,pretty skin boy!
Ow,wanted to know the taste of baby crab!

Comment by gumi

Haha,the cute little crab!

Comment by suni

so cute!
i wish i was that kid,
but how come that kid rejected ming duhhh,
even my sister met him , she will hug him tightly,

Comment by nina

so cute!
i wish i was that kid,
but how come that kid rejected ming duhhh,
even my sister met him , she will hug him tightly,
what a weirdo,

Comment by nina

so cute la the girl
lol @ ” you’re the first kid who rejected me ”


Comment by peige

oh that kid is sooo cute!! but how can she call our forever-young-looking sungmin an ajusshi!

just porridge? but why!? hahaha
he looks cute even when he’s chubby.
maybe i should try eating porridge more, he said it’s good for the skin! puhaha~~

*btw, can you translate his 42 questions.. last time i checked, i suppose he added some. ❤ ❤ ❤

Comment by gelatin

SUNGMING opa is NOT an ajusshi! hes a very very very cute oppa! :DD
his skin is so flawless ❤

Comment by bbftw

ahjussi? that kid looks jealous of minnie looking so young ^^

Comment by min_is_mine


Minnie-ahjussi’s very very very cute!

Comment by mirue


How can he be called UNCLE!?!? XDD

Comment by Choi Jin-Ah

so cute the little crab!

Comment by huy

OuwEmJi.. I still dun understand how can God created human lyk Minnie dSUPACUTE >333!!! Ahaha.. Arrggh, i can’t 2 much 2 lukAt him, cz i can be fallinInLuv wth him, ahaha 😛 (Geng oppa im sorry, promise not to be flirt to him, just want to pinch him, ahaha ;)) alwyz Support SuJu, FIGHTING!

Comment by LuvGeng

the first picture is the updated on…others two, he took it during the Boys in the City Season 2….
his hair is getting long
maybe he’s leaving it like that for their new hair style for comeback performance

Comment by xuan duy dinh

sungmin oppaaaaa……..u’re so CUTE!! ummmmmph,i want to pinch u’re cheek (^_____^)!!!! HOHOHO~

Comment by nizsukasuju

oppa oppa oppa oppa!!ㅋㅋㅋ
only porridge?? D:
his puppy face look made me squeal (literally.)
i wont kick you~ ㅋㅋㅋ
mingming!(^∇^) ilu!♥♥♥

Comment by ahwang

Take care of the diet!Pretty skin boy!,wanted to know the taste of crab!

Comment by gumi

lol ahjussi…~~

Comment by Caramel

kyaaaaa!!! a new cy entries from minnie!! i miss reading his entries!!
OMG! his cuteness attacks again!! he’s sooooooo cute in all those pics! ^^

he’s just trying to eat just porridge in order not to gain weight? aww…-_-

the kid looks like………. *get off me!* lolz~~

and the baby crab, looks as cute as him!

Comment by yan

…sungmin looks so cute…ohh,..looking at his skin…HIHI
there’s something special about him…i just
don’t know what that is….
well…he is special…and also SJ

Comment by kym889

Immersed in the interest of eating?
My god!Luckily did not put on weight!

Comment by carde

omg lol sungmin being called ahjussi xDD rock on, little girl! gah, those 3 entries are too cute.

Comment by Nee

Oh You’re uper duper cute Sungminnie , See you next Friday. This nuna will be there to meet you.

Comment by Peach

For what’s worth Sungmin makes the cutest ahjussi ever, alright! >:D

Comment by fatalblue

LOL ! the kid’s mean !! xDDD
i like the crab .
and i didnt know porridge makes ur skin good . ._.
good narcissist . *nods*

Comment by yin


you are cute ahjussi for me………..

Comment by sungmin.....

psh narcissistic, oppa, really? if i were as cute as u i’d go around the world telling everybody im so cute xD the kid is from japan? and the crab <33

Comment by EternalELF

waaaw …
really really cute!!

Comment by nyaa

sungmin why you so cute^^*squels*
that girl is funny! how can he call our sungminnie an ahjussi???
SUngmin is the cutest lar 😀

Comment by ilyc

How cute! I totally just love all his expressions! He doesnt have to watch his diet cos he looks like someone who wont put on weight! XD

Comment by Anonymous

sungmin oppa, how can u be that cute? huhuhu~ ^0^

Comment by MeI jInG

so cute sungminnie!!!

Comment by ann enriquez

sungmin oppa reallly cute><really lov u~sarangheyo^^

Comment by zhulyn luv min min>

Cutest Sungminnie~!!!
Funniest Sungminnie!!!
Most innocent Sungminnie!!!
Would u give me that crab baby on ur hands?

Comment by lellytaangelteukie13

No one as cute as Sungminnie!! Ur smile was so..ah~how to call it??Adorable Sungminnie! Hwaiting!

Comment by lellytaangelteukie13

Sungmin ahjussi,you are very hansome!!!!
very lovely ahjussi for me…

Comment by Cinderella0133

this is the first time I read his cyworld entries,He look so cute with the kid beside him, Sungmin – Young Uncle cute uncle,Hihi you don’t have to go on a diet u already look really good,You’re very cute in my eyes, how come u get this cute? 😛

Comment by Sungmin lover

my god~~~
that child is very lucky..
if i were her,,
i won’t reject
such a cute and handsome guy
like sungmin
saranghae Sungminie
pyeong seng sarang hal ke yo

Comment by rain

ow u’re so cute….

Comment by wede

sungmin was sooo cute i wish he has a picture in the pajama party bec he was sooo very cute there

Comment by trisha

Sungmin Oppa, I Like you face, because your face so cutteeeeeeeeeeeeeee >/////<

Comment by Pratiwi Maharani

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