Hankyung’s Cyworld Entries 2009.01.26
January 26, 2009, 6:59 pm
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Han Geng’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.26 16:49

大家新年快乐/Happy Lunar New Year, everyone

Date: 2009-01-26
Mood: Weather:

Happy Lunar New Year everyone, it has been long since I came here, I’m so sorry hehe

This period of time, our schedule was really tight, we didn’t have much time, thank goodness I was given a few days to spend the New Year and accompany my parents this year, I’m pretty happy hehe~~~!

I’ll pay respects to everyone first, hope that this year, everyone will be 牛牛牛牛牛牛 (ox x6*) hehe~~~~!

Also wishing all the crew of 《Stage of Youth》 a Happy Lunar New Year, I miss all those days working with everyone a lot, it was really enjoyable, hope that next time I’ll be able to work with everyone again. Hope that everyone will be more and more ‘牛/ox hehe~!!!

I love you all!

N.B* Basically meaning that he hopes everyone can be like as hardworking as the ox.. Something like that.. It’s a little hard to translate it into English xD

Han Geng’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.26 16:42

谢谢老爸/Thank you Father**

Date: 2009-01-26
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Father, it’s me your son (Xia Lei) Hehe~~~!
Father thank you for giving me your new year’s blessings, seeing your blessings I felt ashamed, because I didn’t send you my blessings at the first moment (of the new year), and even let you, my father to leave a message first. I’m really sorry hehe~~!
In this show, I really learnt a lot of things from Father, and he taught me a lot too, he gave me a lot of experience for my acting path ahead, thank you Father.
Here, I’ll first pay respects to you, Father, wishing you health in the whole year ahead, may all endeavours be smooth for you, and may you be younger by the year hehe!
Your son, Han Geng (Xia Lei)

I don’t know how to leave a message to you on the blog, so I just wrote it here hehe!

N.B** Although I haven’t watched ‘Stage of Youth’.. (Been too busy, ack they’re tempting me in my HD) but I’m supposing he’s referring to his on-screen father *-*

Original Source; Han Geng ‘s Home


He’s so sweet to the staff and crew of SOY! I really need to watch that show soon. ARGH. +_+


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Happy Lunar New Year to all! Just ate a big dinner with the family! <3<3

Comment by mimi

Happy Lunar New Year Han Geng gege. I wish all the best for you. I hope this New Year can be better than before. Hwaiting for your drama, gege. I want to see it too. 🙂

I’m happy for you, gege. You can cpend this new year with your family. Be happy gege. 🙂

Ilovejr, i will translate this to Indonesia. Thx. 🙂

Comment by Caroline

oh my hangeng~~
youre so sweet..
wo ai ni!
i love you!

Comment by suju_jjang

i was watch stage of youth .. and i download it … hehehe~~~ iLegal gtu deh …

Comment by iKka

hangeng is so sweet~~~~~
he’s so caring T^T saranghae
happy chinese new year everyone ^^

Comment by Josie Chan

hangeng ah! happy new year
i miss suju so much

Comment by smile

Wishing a happy Chinese New Year to hangeng.
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Comment by possiy

I dislike chinese new year.
It is very tiring!
But it has it fun too.

Comment by suni

awwww….what a sweet of geng..

Happy Lunar New Year to him and to everyone else! Can’t wait to see him with the rest of the Super Junior!!

Comment by yan

Happy niu year,hankyung!

Comment by huy


Comment by joykay

kung hi fat tai…(it is chinese) do you understan???…
It means you have money so much in new years hihi!(>_<). I hope you understan. I use english not good. We love you. wellcom to Viet Nam and good luck to you.

Comment by Si

You are welcome.
You are right!Actually I cannot translate those chinese words to english,so I use chinese.
And welcome to Malaysia too.^-^

Comment by joykay

happy chinese new year too ^-^ I’m happy to know you can spend it with your parents… but I’m jealous too, cuz this is the second times I can’t spend chinese new year with my family T.T

Comment by mai_ree

hahhaa . gong xi gong xi !~ xin nian kuai le, han geng ! sweeeeeeeeet . xDD

joykay .. ur from malaysia ? ME TOO !

Comment by yin

happy new year hangeng…..and to ur family too…hangeng’s parents…i want ang paw..

Comment by lotadiaz


Comment by Linkz4ever

Happy lunar new year too, Hankyung oppa..
Be healty plis..

Comment by lellytaangelteukie13

Dear Hangeng oppa,
I wish not only you will happy but also your family.Hangeng oppa,you are very look like my boyfriend but he and I was dissapointed during
last new year..So I very miss him everytime when
I see you…Oppa,always time I hope that you may
have great good luck and a good time!!!
And same to my old boyfriend…..

Comment by Cinderella0133

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