Heechul’s Fancafe Entry 2009.01.22
January 22, 2009, 10:01 pm
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Heechul’s Kiseki Fancafe Entry 2009.01.22 01:19
In the ‘━─·‥ 希 DJ 추천곡’ folder..

Title: Crying Nut : 말달리자 (Maldalija)

Among all the songs that allow me to relieve stress
A song that I like most

‘Shut up!Shut up!Shut up!Shut your mouth and listen to me!!’

The expression is a little too strong.. but they’re really awesome words

My Petals and E.L.F.
As well as Undead.. Indeed, it’s too tiring to write it all out like that

For you all (who care for) me..
I, who think of you all who care for me..

Don’t be upset with this and that annoying stuff
Just shut up, and listen to me

We are supporters who stay strong to our conviction and will definitely not waver

Shut up and listen to me

P.S Watch the official MV here.

Original Source; 김희철 팬카페 『KIseKI』
Credits; LoveChul
Please do not take out~


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Sir, yes sir..
You’re cool. I am cool. We are cool, man..
Cool down, Heenim, I trust you always. You have a good heart. I can see that.

Comment by green*opium

“We are supporters who stay strong to our conviction and will definitely not waver”
oh wow! great one heechul! ^^
we are always here caring or you…>_<

Comment by yan


Comment by spike*

Arrusoryo~~~ Heenimaaa.

I’myour Undead, will listen to you only hehe.

Comment by Peach

I’m very happy to find your blog, Hee Chul:X
I’m Thảo :X I’m from VietNam.
I known you have a show in NamNinh , China…
I don’t buy ticket…
I so sad…
Hee Chul ah, i’m a your big fan :X Always :X

Comment by Bee

Neh oppa~~~
I’ll always listen to you and do like you want
Cos’ I’m your UNDEAD^^
Oppa fighting~~~
Thanks so much for updating Heenim’s entry^^
I’ll translate this into Vietnamese

Comment by linh

I listen to you hee XD

Comment by mei an

of course we will always listen to you..
heenim we will always be here no matter what they say..

Comment by aracelli

OMO, oppa. What happen to you oppa? Wae? Are you mad oppa? Please dont mad again oppa. Calm down oppa. I still believe in you. Please calm down oppa. 🙂

To all ELF please dont say any bad things to Heechul oppa. He wont do anything bad. Dont get him wrong. Hwaiting oppa.

Thx for share. 🙂

Comment by Caroline

i’ll not waver. promise. 🙂

Comment by iheartmeowing

Uhm, shut up and listen to u.
Talk much and I’ll listen carefully.

Comment by hangchul

we will shut up n listen to u sir…^^

Comment by jun-in_teukilover

My Petals and E.L.F.

Heenim ah~ i always love u, always believe u.


I promise

Plz,.. try ur best

i love u 4ever, listen to ur 4ever

Heenim ah~, i really love u so much…. *cry*

Comment by hannieheenim

awww Heenim, we will always support and love you. You’re awesome and we appreciate everything you do. <333

Comment by C

i’ll keep on listening..

Comment by mar

awesomemest two words . SHUT UP . 😡

Comment by yin

how are u?

Comment by smile and hope

Heenim, don’t be so quiet…It doesn’t suit you..

Comment by green*opium

I love when he writes I can hear it coming out of his mouth just the way he writes! lol loves him!

Comment by Nepurr

How to entering Heechul’s cyworld?
Eh, wanna ask, is this connected to Heechul’s?

Comment by lellytaangelteukie13

we as a fan always listening what u said….be strong…n enjoy ur live….dont be sad…fighting…love u

Comment by ety

wooooow …. this is so great >> i hope you still being strong .. and for sure you have 2 know that we r here for supporting u .. cuz we r your fans ..

Comment by meme

ok good heenim…
you look so strong now…be more strong …be more man…dont be strees with annoying stuff..
remmeber always looking foward…
we as fan always support ur back.
fighting….be cool

Comment by ety

hello as these heechul

Comment by melani

that you make

Comment by melani

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