Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.22 (II)
January 22, 2009, 3:55 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.22 00:43

In the ‘澈’ folder..

좋 아 서 / Jo Ah Seo
김희철 2009.01.22 00:43

(It is a) Really very very heart-warming, and favourable time ‘Jo Ah Seo’

I express my heartfelt thanks to all the members and staff who have been filming together ^-^

Handsome Gun Mo hyung, who always gives his evaluation on his dongsaengs who disobey and saying that they’re the best

Hassan hyung, who drank only beef soup in our dorm but washed up all the bowls and chopsticks and started cleaning

Se Yun hyung, who looked at me and said my brain was good and I said what should be said

Hongki, the AB type who insisted on coming to play at our dorm and took a taxi over, even when we were about to sleep

Cute Jung Eunie, who knows how to aegyo and make her appas happy

First daughter Hyo Jungie, who’s really like a friend, quarrelling with me everyday and really unforgettable

Gun Mo hyung, I teased and cackled at you for drinking beer everyday, sorry ^-^

Hassan hyung, I hit and terrorized you everyday, sorry ^-^

Se Yun hyung, I criticized hyung and even made it difficult for you, sorry^-^

Hongki-ya, I ordered you around everyday and said that you couldn’t act cute, sorry ^-^

Jung Eun-ah, I called you fat everyday, sorry^-^

Hyo Jung-ah, I called you an idiot, a fool, a dog everyday.. I made you cry calling you those names, sorry^-^


It looks like I’m always bullying others (T-T)

But I’m blessed ^-^

(Because) I am shy, I have suspicions, I don’t know how to express, truthfully, besides my friends and members,



Jung Eui Chul

Geun Sukie

Oh..? Writing it out, it’s more than what I imagined (-┏)

Ah anyhowㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Everything I met while filming.. Really.. Even living till now, it wasn’t like anything before..

Everyone, really thank you~♡

Original Source; 김희철 미니홈피
Credits; LoveChul
Please do not take out!
Ahhh, sentimental post +_+


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… Made me sigh. ><
I should start apologizing to those I’ve hurt as well for being so mean. Ah, but my list is longer than his..

Comment by spike*

I really want to live in Heechul’s mind and perhaps experience it. He’s just really like no other. Ah~ What will I ever do without Heechul’s extraordinary entertainment. Wish him the best of luck in everything he does. (:


Comment by CM

oppa must be missing his friends in JoAhSeo so muchT_T
I can feel oppa’s love through each line he wrote T_T
Oppa looks so cold and talk straightly, sometimes even roughly about sth or some people
But I know oppa is truly warm and kind in oppa’s heart
(Maybe talking roughly is the way oppa express his love for other people?)
Anyways,be happy oppa~~!!!
Perhaps you’ll meet your friends in other programs
Hwating oppa~~~~
Thanks so much for your translation
And I’ll translate this into Vietnamese^^

Comment by linh

is becoming good daddy will end soon??

Comment by ry

..Is “BecOming A Good Daddy” gOnna enD?
I thOught it wiLL be peRmanent..
Why’s HeeChuL saying this?
JuSt curiOus..

Comment by wiLLow439

wahh..heechul ssi.
despite your dorky and crazy act, you have ur sentimental value too…
ahh…dats why I love you. =D
nado saranghae~!

Comment by xeraxiah

waah! love this !!..coz he bullied YES!!..
BUt he says SOrrY and that was the great PART!!.. LOVE U OPPA!!<3333

Comment by chellie

awwww…. i will definitely miss seeing heechul (and hongki!) in good daddy…

that’s one hearthwarming message to all his cast member….and did i forgot to say so heechul-ish? lol~

Comment by yan

bully is part of heenim! it would be really boring if he’s not bullying others ^^

is good daddy subbed? i only watched a few episodes… love heenim and hongki so much! <33

Comment by min_is_mine

that was so touching T__T
heechul is such a nice person^^
love him!

Comment by ilyc

ah heechul can be so cute sometimes…

they’re good friends with Jung Eui Chul? i LOVE that guy!!!

Comment by Kim Yu

Oppa, wae? Are become daddies ended now? It’s so pity. I like it so much. Everyone so happy in that show. Dont be sad oppa. You all are still friend even if you’re not filming together again. Smile oppa. 🙂

Hongki is your friends now, right? He’s a cute dongsaeng for you right? Hahaha, what’s wrong with you oppa? Why are you say something like that? But i believe you didn’t mean it. It must be your love expression. It’s ok, oppa. Everyone must understand it.

Hwaiting oppa. Don’t be sad again. ^^.

Thx for share.

Comment by Caroline

yo hee chul sexy boy sooooooooooooo cool

Comment by enhee_1119

yahh! i’m glad him and hongki got along so well!! <3333

Comment by redandrosy

Aaaa. Heechul is still fo cute. You do not have to say what you think about others xD But so long you are happy you will be happy and I will be happy ❤

Comment by Shelley

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