Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.21
January 21, 2009, 9:34 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.21 04:08
In the ‘…Jung Soo…’ folder..

..그대는 정녕 인형인가요../..You are a doll for sure..
박정수 2009.01.21 04:08


(It) wont’ be inferior even after going through many decolourization (processes) and dying..

The quality of your fine hair…

Even with UV rays and strong light waves..It won’t go faint even if there’s insufficient sleep

Your deep and distant eyes…..

Songs, radio, and many other programs which requested you for a “BoBo” but you refused to give in..

Your lips…

If you broke your hand, you’d break a Casanova’s prejudice (?)..

Your beautiful hands…

There won’t be any difference even with lots of make-up or insufficient sleep..

Your glowing and beautiful skin..

Are you human for sure…

Or are you a doll….

Or are you really an angel….?

Mummy…I want to get married to someone like this…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Please~~~~~~~~This fella’s popularity………………

This fella’s popularity series…4 bullets..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Original Source; 박정수 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13


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omo!!!!! so hot ……. i really want to be ur wife!!!! my angel really are the hottest and the cutest!!!!! muwahh!! a kiss for my angel!!!

Comment by marianne arevalo

ohh Teukieee.
I do hope u find ur soul-mate.
Who wouldnt wanna be that person.
*sighs again*

Comment by 7samira7

This fella’s bragging.. xDD
Haha, Teukah, you really is an angel, okay?!
Aigoo, desperate not? -.-
Dont marry someone with a beautiful outside and not inside kays?

Comment by ahwang

waaah..eeteuk sshi you are surely arent normal..hehe
you are an ANGEL sent from heaven to give us love and to be loved by everyone.

i love the song “doll” yeteuk version.hehe

Comment by suju_jjang

Teukie oppa..why are you in a hurry to get married???

Comment by kiixiah

oh jungsoo! you’re our doll and angel! ❤

hahaha ROFL he talked a lot about himself this time..

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

teuk ah …. please, don’t hurry to get marry! T.T u have to wait for me!! …

Comment by khina

aah, Teukie, please, don’t marry yet 😉
So cute ^^

Comment by katie

hes not saying hes getting married…hell hes still single…what hes saying is he wants to end up with someone that is as perfect as him…in his eyes. if that makes sense

Comment by amanda

Teukie oppa… Please MARRY me..!

Comment by renren

Oppa, you you finally see you are perfect to me ^^.
Mommy want you to marry me, right Mrs Park?

Comment by Shelley

Teukie and his soulmate talks again.
he’s so lonely.
wish he’d find someone soon.

i’d still support him no matter what :DD

Comment by yannnnn.

LOL is our leader-sshi possibly bragging?! XD
ahh wells, its nice to know that he’s confident in himself!
altho this entry could be interpreted in another way – maybe that description is of his ideal girl? waaah i’m confused :S
but wateva – i’ll honestly be happy for him if he gets married, since he IS of marriage-able age now! 😀

Comment by elleeeee

i just can’t stop laughing while reading jungsoo’s entry^^ he seriously brags himself….but with someone like him, he has all the right to do so >_<

"Mummy…I want to get married to someone like this…"
oh yeah, i definitely wants to get married to someone like him!

Comment by yan

I don’t understand at all, if he’s talking about himself, or about a girl he likes, or just about the kind of woman he idealizes and wants to marry… xD

I hope it’s about a girl, it would look a little awkward to me if he’s talking about himself like this… 😡

Ah.. ~ this fella’s personality… xD

Comment by nie

I think teukie should look for a female artist will be more easy because usually the actress has all the charateristic that teukie mentioned!
I have heard that teukie appreciated Vivian Hsu very much!hihi!

Comment by suni

like it when he do thet face…^^

Comment by jun-in_teukilover

Vivian Hsu is the one who has the glowing and white beutiful skin!
By the way,Her bodies also not an angel!
But why you please to your mom? Is she doesn’t allowed you?

Comment by suni

teukie,Vivian Hsu is the best!
She is really beutiful.
And really your ideal girl!

Comment by huy

i think he has girlfriend right now. Ana he is talking about her . dont u think so? oh …. didnt u guys watch TV show that recenly Teukie appeared?

Comment by khina

After marry,will become more busier.

Comment by fustard

LOL . wassup with the
“this fella’s popularity” thing ?!
XDDD its darn funny tho.

dollie dollie !

Comment by yin

Ah, Teukie, I only hope you will not fall for a girl who is only pretty on the outside and decieves with her false charm…

You deserve a pretty girl, pretty inside and out^^
That most definitely is not me, for I do not think of myself as pretty at all…

But you know, you have many fans that love you truly^^ There are more fans that love you dearly than fans that simply worship you for your fame^^

For sure, you will find your perfect soul-mate one day, so don’t worry about a thing^^

Comment by mochistar

don’t get married so soon.
i still want to see alot of cute and manly side of you, once u married than those charms seems not going to belong to your fans anymore..huhu
but, i really really hope that you’l find a really,really nice and pretty girl to be ur wife,
eeteuk is da best!

Comment by zetty

It doesn’t matter whether he got married or anything.. Because we know that he won’t abandon us aside when he got a wife. Maybe he will love us even more. (= But. I also won’t want him to get married to somebody else.. I want him to myself XD

Comment by Anonymous

uhm..ya, he’ve pure heart,, so he won’t abandon us..
but try to think something..
he’s human too..even if he never say within some words bout his feel, i sure he ever thinked bout girlfriend..
Oh, actually im jealous when said it..

Comment by lellytaangelteukie13

uhm..ya, he’ve pure heart,, so he won’t abandon us..
but try to think something..he’s human too..even if he never say within some words bout his feel, i sure he ever thinked bout girlfriend..Oh, actually im jealous when said it..

Comment by lellytaangelteukie13

i’m jealous soooooooooooooo much!!
but i lways pray for angel teukie’s goodness.i hope he’ll find his soulmate..n i hope she’s E.L.F..D’point,teukie has to let us know bout her..

Comment by lellytaangelteukie13





Comment by sungmin0126

oouw poor oppa. He really wants to find his soulmate. Hope u find her soon oppa, and we always by your side ^x^

Comment by milfeuelle

يالبى فلبك بس اموت عليك 🙂

Comment by سارونه

يالبى قلب هذا الانسان امووووت عليه


Comment by سارونه

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