Super Show Nanjing Photos From Both Days
January 19, 2009, 11:09 pm
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Lots of pictures.. I only downloaded most of the higher quality/clearer ones~

The preview!

And.. Actually, there are


in total.

I downloaded the whole lot of them from all the China forums, please don’t spread the link, I’d appreciate if you could link back here instead! 🙂

Zip is here: 87 MB

Credits; OnlySJ13, SJ Baidu Bar and as tagged.


33 Comments so far
Leave a comment’s a LOT. does the zip has pword…?
anyway,thanks a LOT! 🙂

Comment by xeraxiah

thanks for the pics!!!! sj fighting!

Comment by asian517

OMG thank you so much for posting the pics!!
AHHH, im gonna make the HeeMin kiss as my desktop wallpaper!!
Omo~ Kibum gained weight and grew a mustache.
He looks sooo mature.<3

Comment by Chelsea

woah. that’s a lot..

THANKS btw! ❤

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

Thank you for that!!

Comment by Shelley

Thanks for your hard work and for sharing the best of the bunch!

Comment by sugarwn

ah,they have a good time!

Comment by sunny

Wow , Thank you Thank you .

Comment by Peach

wooww.. thx a lot.. lots of pics!!

Comment by sharee^o^

Oh wow, thanks so much for this!

Comment by C

thank you!! ♥♥

Comment by juice

y did hee chul kissed my minnie??

Comment by jorie

lot of pic!!
thnx for sharing~~!

Comment by suju13lover

thanks a lot
I just get crazy when see that much
and I see zip ver
and get excited XD

Comment by mei an

thanks alot too.. …^^

Comment by nhyta

OMG what is this?

Is it true?

Comment by Coco

Jeongmal gamsahamnidaaa~~~

Those really made my day!!!

@coco..i think it’s just the angle matter..
I think heechul just pretended to kiss minnie..
But for jungmo,i think he did the kiss.. O.o
That’s hottt aniway.. XD

Comment by Ariluvsuju

thx a pic na!
thx very much 4 zip ><

Comment by choko

downloaded zip!
thanks a lot lot lot!

Comment by ayakabun

Taking them! Thanks a bunch… HeeMin kiss is hawt!

Comment by Porcelain

thanks 🙂

Comment by Diptz

thank you sooo much for the photos!

Comment by Di

thank you soo much i downloaded the zip!

Comment by ry

thanks^^ lmao whats with heechul’s face during the kiss?
he looks disgusted but kinda into it xD

Comment by EternalELF

thank you so much to upload that !

Comment by sparkling

😀 thank you so much loll. these are so hq!! ❤
heechul-sungmin kiss. *dies* <333 o.o

Comment by heyheyy

I’m taking the zip!

Thank you so much~

Comment by nefernoon

l0ts 0f super duper!

i just want t0 kn0w their latest s0ng..
d0 u kn0w it?

Comment by wazzup2!

thanks so much for sharing!!

Comment by evelyn

thank you!
will be taking pictures.

Comment by tamara_minami

I hope Super Junior to be more success.I like super show.I love kioppa among Super Junior boy band.Thank you very much

Comment by Anna

thank you so much!

Comment by tamzyummy

thank you a lot~

Comment by blacksoul12012

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