Here Hee goes again..
January 18, 2009, 2:22 am
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Well, for now, I’m not really sure if it was just the positioning of their heads.. Or was it for real.

But tbh, I didn’t expect Ming to be so willing xD

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I kinda closed one eye about the Heechul-Jungmo one.. But now? .__. I wonder what everyone else thinks?


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Umm I’m not really sure also. =[]=”

The concert was now Cinmin Encore?-w-

Comment by watergumi

Huhu~ What is there to think about?
It’s fanservice that Hee is getting into now. ><U Lol.

Comment by spike*

i don’t know what to say..
but, it was really shocking me!
then i make up my mind,comfort myself and think that they just fooling around~

but it still shocking me (@.@)

Comment by dienda

oki! this time is with minnie!!!
but with me it’s oki!!!
let’s see what paparazzi say about thiss!!!
but do you have the video of this kiss wth min??

Comment by Anonymous

kyaaaa~~i barely recovered from the 1st one, and now this!! x]
thank you heenim oppa for the fan service!! but i fear your other petals&non-fans. maybe twice is too much.

Comment by lily

Ahh, Cinmin!
And I thought just seeing Jungmo/Heechul would be a wonderful, rare little sight,
And yet here he is again, with sungmin ❤
I think I’m in Heavan ❤ And Heechul is God. XDD
I don’t mind this atol, nope nope.

Comment by Mrs. Lee Donghae

It kinda looks like he’s kissing his nose. ❤ Heechul and Sungmin!

Comment by Flower

Now that’s what I’m talking about. 😉

Comment by Anonymous

ROFL, who wouldn’t be willing to kiss such a cute guy like Heenim? XDDDD Joke aside, I truly believe it’s all just fanservice, and you got to admit, it was pretty effective XD

Comment by lovemelodies

One is enough….
Two is too much….
Three is OMONA!

Comment by OmoChul!!!


Not positioning of heads…

*_* Heenim~

Comment by RKQS12

I don’t know…I don’t think he’s gay but maybe he’s liking the popularity he’s getting….who knows?….besides him and the Super Junior members! lol

Comment by Anonymous

Lawl, he is so rocking the Jrock thing, y’know without the Jap. singing bit.

Comment by Carrot Plush•

and it made me really excited. lol. XD
totally love heenim!! XD

Comment by icepluscoffee

Min actually let heechul do that? I mean.. i thought min was more.. sensitive or whatever. Even in EHB, when they had to do the passing-oxygen-underwater thing, Sungmin “kissed” yesung/kangin and he was so aggravated after that. but this?….

Comment by joannetayy

Yeah.. I was closing my eyes at first too..
Um.. getting used now? 😛
I wish that lightstick away. xD
OOH the sexy Min *faints*

Comment by ahwang

ok that was real!it’s really real!!!
nooo.. im really shocked by this.!
maybe this pict was taken when they are doing their sushow?
heechul oppa please stop it.!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by sachikomichiko


I wonder if Heenim will kissing our gentlemen Siwon for the next concert…[hehehe]
Kim Hee Chul, The King of Fanservice!!

Comment by mirue

@_@ heenim whut @_@

Comment by minjee

Gosh, I don’t like all this fan servicing at all ><. I adore Heechul and his personality, but to actually ‘kiss’ another guy (be it real or fake) is just…ughh. The one with Jungmo I just brushed off, but I can’t seem to take it so well the second time.

Comment by shazzii

Fanservice T.T !
i don’t think that sungmin was really into it.
but i almost cried when i saw it!
Sungmin is the Victim this time, who’s nezt?

Comment by happysungmin

haha! not shocking at all..

i was shocked on heechul-jungmo first..~~

i knew it.. that he will do it again..
in different person..


Comment by chellie

This was shocking. Even though i know, it’s just fanservice, it seems so real XD

Comment by katie

min didnt look too happy after the kiss to be honest. poor boy

Comment by zee

I love it! Don’t worry too much about it, it’s just fanservice

Comment by mimi

Yah!!! Heenim ahhh !!!! It’s Kyuhyun’s Sungminnie.

Why why why???? ohh you did really kissed our Sungminnie .

It’s super duper unexpected. How will Kyuhyun feel about this???

Fanservice??? not this fan this fan wany KyuMin.

Comment by Peach

This is super hot fanservice~!! xD
Kyaa~! Loved Heechul’s devilish grin after the kiss~! =]

Comment by Kyowoon

…heenim….dun get use to this….
first i was shock bout jungmo-heechul but this…
it getting lame for me…..

Comment by notxxaxxprincess

Heenim i LOVE you now~!
A freakin dream come true~!!
Fanservice or not, it’s still hot and amazing.
Then Hannie, then Kyu- KYAAAH!
-dies from fanservice overload- xD

Comment by YES!!

oh my god what is it with people getting all EMO AND SHOCKED AND *CRY* over this 😀

it’s not like YOU are ever going to kiss him/marry him/w/e so let him kiss whoever the hell he wants, gay or not, fanservice or not. it’s his business even if he is an entertainer.

plus boys on boys is hot. some like it, some don’t, some like boys on girls, some like girls on girls…… some fans just want them to, I dunno, die without ever dating ANYONE, girl OR boy. lol. D:

Comment by Anonymous

wow…..when I first saw it, I was really out of it…..
what to say?

Comment by kanji

really weird guy!!

shocking me at the moment,,
I wake up n think it again,,,

have fun go mad,,
I really agree 4the others comment oppa,,

next victim,,
choi si won,oppa!!!

Comment by penz_nick

heenim… WHY???
stop doing tat..

Comment by aten

HeeChul is fearless…cool man:D

what is such a big deal about kiss anyway?

Comment by M

what can i say?
i was still on the shock mode..
aftr jungmo it’s sungmin?
who’s next??
its scripted i know, but why does my heart hurt so much 😦

Comment by aracelli

$$quote$$ some fans just want them to, I dunno, die without ever dating ANYONE, girl OR boy. lol. D:$$quote$$ LOL, good one right there…

Comment by Anonymous

hello… its KIM. i got an account at wordpress. haha!

our dear little boy sungmin just lost his innocence. that heechul corrupted him! lol.

its ok though i think sungmin kissed the most SJ boys on the lips: hangeng, eunhyuk, kangin and heechul. 😀

Comment by icywhitelady

whew~~ what’s with heechul and his kissing spree. LOL.

i think this is the second time they did this.. because i found a video of heechul kissing min @ sm live 08.

my mind goes into a blank state whenever i think about this. hahaha

but oh well, sungmin looks extremely hot playing the guitar!!

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

i cried like crazy when i saw this… i didn’t like this kind of fan service.. i really shocked.. if heenim i can expect it.. but not sungmin.. why he willing to do this… so many heart broken fans.. especially to sungmin fans.. OMG i can’t believe they did this.. they did it twice in nanjing… but i think this will happen again especially in SMtown COncert in Bangkok & also Super Show in Sinchuan…

Comment by mulan07

this just a team play larrr…..just a family kissing

Comment by sungmin lover

He is just doing fan service again.. I wish I was Sungmin at that moment!!

Comment by Shelley

I….. really wonder what’s up with these little girls that CRY BECAUSE OF THIS.

I just… don’t get it. WHAT’S THERE TO CRY ABOUT?!?!?!?!?!

Kisses are not a life changing thing, like described in dramas. Goddamnit. He probably doesn’t even FEEL anything when kissing them. He is an actor after all.

Comment by Anonymous

no way..,Ming~
I think it is fan service.

Comment by suni

Lol… you know, when I saw the pictures I was like ‘uuuh… wow o_o’, but watching the video I was totaly ‘WAAAAAH HOW HOT! =OO’

Waah waah I love it xDD I love how he first comes close to Minnie, then moves away… then suddenly turns back and kiss him.

Heenim oppa, do kiss Shiwon, Hannie and Kibummie next~! xD

Then kiss Teukie! \o/ Hahas I know both aren’t too much like a couple, but they’re so interesting together… and both are my fav. members, I’d die if Heenim ever kiss him. xD

Comment by nie

I can’t believe this….
i actually find Sungmin hot in that position i have the sudden urge to want to kiss him too…sorry can’t help it but his jaw line jeeez..soo hot..

Comment by kiixiah

I think heechul should kiss kangin because that day was kangin’s birthday exactly.
Ah..can’t imagine..
Sure kangin will pushed him away!hahaha…

Comment by gumi

well, i thought when ChuL kissed Jungmo, it was juz sth…. kinda too emotional.. But once again.. he kissed Minnie.. omg…eventhough i know that Chul’s character is always too weird ( 2 understand!).. but the 2nd kiss… wow….. it shocked me..! Esp the way Min took it..!
O__o anway, i still get hook in ChuL n Suju.. hehe support them always..! ^^

Comment by Boorin

it’s not strange for Heenim but Sungmin!! > <
I was kinda shock actually but later i found it quite interestin’ = =.

but i’d prefer them not to do this kinda thing too often Y__Y

Comment by chewyz

eeeerrhhh .. *speechless*

Comment by yin

how could heechul do that??
poor oppa…hikz….

Comment by Hyun Ah

I’m too lazy to read all the comments…
So, just wanna say, what I think from the pictures…
Ahm. What is wrong with it, if ChuL kiss Minnie or Jungmo…?
It is so elusive, that guys also kiss each other?
Above all, when they get so emotional…?
I don’t wanna say, that they’re gay or something like that… but I think, even if that could be the truth, they will always be the guys, who we all love, wouldn’t they?

So… that’s all for now.
Even if you’re shocked or something like this, I think it will be very hard, to find a way, to ask them…

Think about it…

Comment by Yuku

They kissed for real :3
In intimate note Sungmin complains about the kiss .D

Comment by SujuFann

When seeing this picture, I did not suprise. It’s Hee Chul anhd Ki Bum and they r both crazy (in a good way, a humor way.

Comment by trym

When seeing this picture, I did not suprise. It’s Hee Chul anhd Sung Min and they r both crazy (in a good way, a humor way.

Comment by trym

How can you not think that’s sexy?
I would rather see a boy kiss a boy than a girl any day

Comment by Emmie

OMG!!! is that true?

Is Heechul gay? i cant believe it. 🙂

Comment by jhesa43

@ jhesa43:
He’s not gay ^^

Comment by ilovejr

he didn’t like the kiss! he was not willing. it was awkward for months between sungmin and heechul after that kiss because sungmin got very upset. if you watch any video of the kiss, you can see sungmin pull away from heechul and heechul quickly shows his sexy naughty tongue-sticking-out smile

Comment by u

yup…it’s not true…it just their lips…..

Comment by sungmin lover

When is the super show 3?when will you all come to hong Kong?

Comment by cherry

hai,sungmin,i love you

Comment by syamimi

y u all over acting…hee chul is human too…let it be like this….he looks sexy and attractive…if u talk badly about hee chul,then ur not a real fans…u just a trash!!!!first time i shocked too…i dont know what to feel….confiused…i felt like crying,angry,happy,sad n funny…but later,i find it sexy n i hope to see it more…..really attractive…it’s ok to make the kiss with guys,but hee chul~ah,make sure u kiss me too! ;3

Comment by airin

× My Sung Min Oppa :’> .I Love You :X
HPBD to Oppa 🙂 Sung Min so Cutieeeeee :”>

Comment by Bond

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