Sungmin’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.01.15
January 15, 2009, 11:19 pm
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Sungmin’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.01.15 20:33

2009.01.15 목 Thursday 20:33

Big cleaning!!!!!!

Wa…Really… An unbelievable amount of trash and dust..ㅋ

And..I found many of the things that I’ve lost within this period of time..

If I arranged my things, I even managed to find a lot of funny

memories from the past..

Also…I felt the precious love from all the fans..

And once again, I thought of giving thanks to the fans from my heart..

Many letters and notes

Taking pictures of me on stage…

The 50 million fans who cheered for me..

I received many congratulatory messages this birthday

Received presents that I liked

Been using them preciously and carefully..Because I cherish them too much,

I even have those that aren’t that usable^^

I also have things that are really good to use~

Thank you so much~

No matter when, I must always work harder to develop

This is Sungmin who will continuously show everyone his best appearance!

Original Source; 이성민 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13
Please do not take out!


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Sungmin oppa cuteta!

Comment by kim

awwwww Min *-*

so proud of him ;3;

thanx for the translation, i’m putting this in spanish :3

Comment by ALI

Aw, Min is always saying how much he will improve.

ilusm ❤

Comment by kitnim

Sungmin fighting!!!

Comment by Roge

wah! That is so cute. So nice to know that he appreciates his fans.

…I feel like I should go spring clean now, too…

Comment by cat

Sungminie Fighting!

Comment by Karla

You are welcome,Ming.
We willing to do everything to support you,right?

Comment by carde

Best wishes to Ming’s birthday.
Things that unusable and that really good to use..
U are so cute with the words!

Comment by fustard

Ah,Many letters letter and notes..?
Wonder what it is about.
I am eagerly to know that.kaka..

Comment by oni

ahh,that’s really a bright remembrance for you.

Comment by possiy

lol! can’t believe and imagine the amount of trash and dust.
you really cherish the presents very much!

Well,Ming, keep fighting!

Comment by cocado

cute^^ he really is determined ot give it his all this year, isn’t he! I’m cheering you on oppa!!! May your dreams come true!

Comment by kanji

Wow,big cleaning!
It must be very tiring!

Comment by sujulove

That’s great!
wonder very much what the presents which sungmin received is and things that good to use.

Comment by cuka

Wah, U r so dilligent,oppa! Would u mind help me to clean my house too? Coz a week more i celebrate Chinese new year!
The sweet memories.. Keep it! Someday when u old, when u open that memories, u will remember about all that u ever did, for urself, ur carrier, ur fans, ur family, ur friends n u will feel how lucky u r! U hv many supports,love, cares, protects from ur fans,friends,family..
Always do ur best!!
ELF(me) love u,support u,protect u,cherishing u! 加油,哥哥!

Comment by Linkz4ever

perfect !!
always support you !

Comment by rezz

i wish i cud give u present too…..
owhh…sungmin…so lovely!!!!

Comment by olivia

That’s nice!sungmin,we will look forward to!
do your best!

Comment by tinuh

Sound like it’s really fun^^.He’s always think of fans.

Tooo cute Sungmin.>w<

Comment by watergumi

Wa,how a sweet memories!

Comment by gumi

So sweet. I wish i could have sent him a present 😦
That would have been great!

Comment by katie

Anna is sure lucky to have him

Comment by GKL

sungmin is so sweet keep all the presents and letters that fan gave him. i wish i could give u present and letters too =[[

Comment by nemo_lovey2002

Ah, I remember when I cleaned my entire room for Lunar New Years…so much dust, I was nearly unable to breathe save for lots of sneezing. It was not something pleasant.

It is sweet that Sungmin keeps all the presents and letters the fans gave him, surely he must have a lot of them by now .____.

I wonder where he keeps all of them XD

I can’t wait what image they will show in their third album when it comes out in March^^

Comment by mochistar

may i ask where do you get those entries? and how do you know if it is really sungmin? sorry, i’m just curious.. XD

Comment by ...

hello…sorry because i never about super junior before…but now i one of ur fan….sungmin u so cute n cool..may i ask u onr question..hmm why u like to hug other member?

Comment by rynsujang



waiting fOr the third Album

Comment by aliCe

I love you (kisses kiss kiss) ^=^

Comment by rachel LA Poll e ona

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