Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.13
January 13, 2009, 11:23 pm
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BoB Showcase

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.01.13 21:28

In the ‘天’ folder..

마 스 크 希/Mask Hee
김희철 2009.01.13 21:28

Hee (希)

Wearing a mask with this letter

Indeed, the GoKong Culture* (?) has worked hard (_ _)(-_-)

I said I wanted to have all my things embellished with the word Hee..

Gaegood (ºㅁ º )=b

Once I put on the mask

Jay&Jungmo : Puhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me : Ah XX!! I won’t be able to breathe..

Yeong Choon (Kkang) : Indeed Hyung, what happened to your sanity.. You should go check for drugs..

Jungmo : Hyung you look like someone from a motorcycle gang** from those comic booksㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Me : Then you wait to get hit by someone from a motorcycle gang Peok! Peok!

Jay : Will all your fans come wearing masks with your name embellished on them?ㅋ

Me : Gaegood!!………………Ah Don’t make me talk.. I can’t breathe..(-┏)

I should come up with the brand Hee

Now, products embellished with the Hee brand are selling with outstanding popularity

Selling on the streets…………..It can’t be (-┏)

N.B *Refers to their stylist team
**In Korean, it’s ‘폭주족’, but I’m not really sure how to translate this xD

Original Source; 김희철 미니홈피
Credits; LoveChul, OnlyHeechul
Please do not take out!

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I’d buy it..hahahaha
Heenim is too cool~

Comment by evile1690

폭주족 – i’m pretty sure this means ‘biker’ … so you were on the right lines ^_^

Comment by Rebecca.ox

hahaha “HEE” clothing brand.

“Jay : Will all your fans come wearing masks with your name embellished on them?”
HAHAHA i’m imagining girls with hee masks on. LOL. 😀

(he looks like a biker/that character from naruto)

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

Will now embroider all my clothes with Hee. ^^!

Comment by spike*

I would buy anything with that brand 😀

Comment by min_is_mine

aw! heenim looks so sickly! he needs rest! :]

Comment by bbftw

save me one too heenim ! xD lol !

Comment by lovemixin

isnt it looks like Iljime /movie which lee junki were there/

Comment by khina

mee too! ill buy it!!..

kangin said ” u should go get sum drugs..”..
yay! oppa! i know ure weird but dunt used drugs! okei xDDD..

Comment by chellie

hahaha….i want that mask tooo…..
dat mask remind me of ft island song “heaven”
heenim….LOL “Ah dun make me talk i cant breathe”

Comment by notxxaxxprincess

he’s a j-rocker! Love heechul!

Comment by mimi

OMG…Heenim you’re so cool!!!

[ Jay : Will all your fans come wearing masks with your name embellished on them? ]

Very good idea!!!

Comment by mirue

wearing mask makes u look like
1 of da members in the gazette!!!!
heechul rock!!!!!!

Comment by kim

what a good idea oppa, he could have a fashion line with that name….
i’m definitely one of those lining up to but them! lol^^

Comment by nairazai

good one!
ill start saving my money for your products, heenim. xD

Comment by ahwang

Haha Heechul can’t breathe! lol.At first I thought he was Kakashi from Naruto and my sis thought he was TOP lol but then a second later it was Heechul XD

Comment by I_lovee_SuJu

hahah funnie Heechul
needa find brand Hee frm now on LOL

Comment by ngannie

u look good what…^^

Comment by SuJu13lover

i wonder if Hee related to Soohee??? aixxxx, just look at the way he dance Soohee’s moves in Nobody. aixxxx, i hate that much!!!

Comment by mrs Kim


Comment by xeraxiah

anything for hee….heenim ^__^

Comment by Anonymous

ahhhh!!! don’t suffocate!!!
Hahha,though, that mask looks tight

Comment by kanji

I love hee chul oppa too..!

Comment by rara

i guess HEE willbe a superbrand one day~~

Comment by Aliah

Omg would SOOOO buy those items!
I want a mask too.
I wonder where he got it~?
I already bought a necklace with “HEE” on it.<33

Comment by LMAO!

Heechul, i think u naruto hehe..
Heechul oppa, though u’ve close to 26,ur face still like teen 16..Hwaiting young oppa!

Comment by lellytaangelteukie13

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