Sungmin’s Cyworld Photo Entries 2009.10.12
January 12, 2009, 11:15 pm
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Ming opened a new folder~ “SUPERworld

Sungmin’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.01.12 03:13

파자마파티때!/Pajama Party Time!
이성민 2009.01.12 03:13

With Dong Dong~

Playing with~Selca~!ㅋ

Sungmin’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.01.12

이성민 2009.01.12 03:10

Puppies, Fishy and Danhobak have met!ㅋ

I really miss my babies!

So cute~~~~!!!!ㅋYou must listen well~
Original Source; 이성민 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13


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Tihi, did he say babies 😀
And Haha puppies, Fishy and Danhobak have met 😀
Cute!! ❤

Comment by Shelley

XD Squeal~~~~~
Minnie is so cute
what do you get when a fish meets a sweet pumpkin with puppies
You get ultimate cuteness
Love you Minnie

Comment by candy

Have a good time at Pajama Party Time!
shindong and sungmin are always stick together anytime.

Comment by cocado

They really have met!
The puppies so cute~

Comment by sujulove

oh~~ they look so cute together ❤
And Hae came back from China, what a good news~
Well, hope you can stay for a long time, oppa ^^

Thank you so much for translating ^^
U said it’ll be okie to translate and leave a mess, so…
Once again, thank you for your kindness~!

Comment by Hee

They really have met!haemin!
The puppies so cute~

Comment by sujulove

wow.. nice^^ I like “HAEMIN”! hehehe.. too cute minnie oppa~! hwaiiittttiinnnggg~!!!!

-e.l.f. judy-

Comment by judy23sj

Min is really updating everyday ^^

❤ HaeMin ❤

Comment by min_is_mine

Sungmin and Dong Dong!
Thanks for sharing!
Looks nice!

Comment by possiy

ah…cute puppies…

Comment by green*opium

So cute~
Who is the babies?

Comment by fustard

“I really miss my babies!”
– our babies sungmin…lol

Comment by suju_jjang

Shindong’s hair very funny!

Comment by cuka

Both of them so cute!

Comment by huy

hahaha~~ so cute!

Comment by yan

so cute lov ethe puppies! (only the puppies?)

Comment by kiixiah

Sungmin Oppa You are so cute!!!~~~

I like you

Comment by Tarn_kibum

aha,they are so cute playing with the camera.

Comment by tinuh

Pajama Party Time!
When was it?

Comment by carde

sugmin’s smile so cuteee !

donghae ! you’re clothes so nicee ! i want it !

Comment by sparkling

Minnie, hehe so cute ^-^

Comment by katie

you are so cute…
pleace welcom to indonesia…

Comment by sungmin..........

you are very cute….
pleace welcome to indonesia……..

Comment by sungmin..........

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