Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.01.11
January 11, 2009, 9:26 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.01.11

E.L.F’s love is so huge!
I’m gonna start tearing…I’m always grateful for the things that have not been forgotten up till now, I’ll work harder in the future to bring better songs to everyone!!!Just wait a little while!!Thank you I love you all.

Original Source; 김향숙 미니홈피
Credits; OnlySJ13


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u are very much welcome!
please take care and hope to meet u one day.. 🙂

Comment by donghai-syah

ahhhh donghae so cute. donghae fighting!!!!! i will always wait forever!

Comment by Roge

My love is always for you,sweet~

Fighting Fighting!

Love you so much.

Comment by nefernoon

welcome donghae..
there is only one you in my life <333

Comment by mariedul

Donghae TT__TT You love us too, right? So it’s only fair that we love u even more. Suju fighting, I will always wait, nomatter what ^3^

Comment by katie

Aii, Donghae~<3
Our (E.L.F.’s) love is so big, because you Fifteen are so amazing ❤ (Yes, I said Fifteen)
Donghae-oppa Hwaiting ❤
Super Junior Hwaiting <33

Comment by Mrs. Lee Donghae

Do ur best ya!! Sarangheyo..

Comment by Linkz4ever

we love you all too!!

Comment by min-ji

donghae oppa !

rmember, rin,won,lyn,mash,hanna & all the ELF will always support u no matter what !

SUJU Fighting !!

We will visit u & the others soon.

take care oppa !

Saranghae ^^

Comment by choi jun rin

DongHae~we here always support U!!!hope one day u will get hidayah!!! Im serious!!!!!

Comment by kim

we know that u will do ur best..
dont tear oppa..
we’ll giv more love..

Comment by minri_melissa

i’ll always support you, donghaee oppa !

and hope you always health and energic !!

chayoo , oppa !

Comment by sparkling

Hi there,to ilovejr = Donghae,
Firstly,I want to say sorry to Donghae.I was really really wrong.The songs in Korean are not bad and they are very very good when I listen to them again and again.So I want to say you sorry for 100 times.I like Sunny,Miracle and all.But my most favorite one is U in Chinese,Mandarin.I really like the MTV,too.I know that you will work hard.You was born on October 15,1986.Right?And you was born in the year of Tiger and your star sign is Libra.I don’t know why I know all about you.It is,I think,automatically.The things I want to say you are so many.So listen,no,read carefully.The first thing is to take care of your health and your voice.OK?I think it will be OK.And you are still,I am sorry to say that,a little short now.You are 5’9″,right?But you are only 22 now.So you can still be higher.So try.I understand that you will be busy for both your education and your work.But try to reach on internet to get contact with your fans.But I want you to watch international sites.There are many blogs wrote about you.But I will only write on this page.This is so nice.I can write blogs about you.Since I see you,I had seen the talent in your eyes.So be patient to reach your aim.In my opinion,you have already succeeded.You are the best.And the weather in Korea is too cold now,I think.Because even in my hot country,the weather is so cold now.Therefore take care of your health.And don’t always grieve for your father.He will be in heaven now,I believe.And there are so many people who love you around you,including your mother,your brother , your friend ,your fans and me.So never give up.Please mark my words.And keep moving forward.And I lied to you.I am just learning Chinese.I understand some of them.But I don’t know them all.But I am trying my best to understand all the things you sang.But I will understand them someday.And if you have a vacation,don’t forget to visit to Myanmar.It is really beautiful,except the hot weather.I’ve seen a lot of Korean boys in my school but all of them are not as handsome as you.Bye.Last,but not at least,I love you,I don’t want to say oppa as others say,I will only say Brother.Bye.See you on this page next time.

Comment by Khin Kan Kaw Thin

@ Khin Kan Kaw Thin:
Hi there ^^
Is your post is directed at Donghae? Cos sorry to tell you but I am NOT Donghae.. I’m merely an E.L.F who translates entries that the boys write on their cyworlds/fancafes etc.. And if you want to send him a message, it’s hard cos even I’m not sure how you can..

But thank you for your dear message ♥ I really appreciate you coming here *-*

Comment by ilovejr

Hey there,
I don’t know if you’re still working on this website. But if you’re still the admin of the site, I need to talk to you. Thank you 🙂

Comment by Pikachu

hi there Pikachu!
I check the site once in a while, is there something you’re looking for me for? =)

Comment by ilovejr

do ur best ne!!^^
ELf always supporting u, ,luph u very much!!
Hope u know all of our sincerity to loving n supporting u,oppa!!

Comment by HaeRie


Annyong ilovejr, ,^^
according to your last reply, ,iz dat mean dat d real cyworld iz with korean lang?
Ur put in d last cyworld iz jan 11, ,dat mean 11 jan iz d time dat dhae updating his original cyworld in korean lang or time u’ve been translating dat cyworld?
Ooh, ,do u understand what i talking bout?, ,mian, ,my english iz not good enough, ,

Comment by HaeRie

@ HaeRie:
Yeap, his cyworld is in Korean, I translate from Chinese translated from Korean.. So it’s Korean > Chinese > English. ^^ And yes he updated his cyworld on Jan 11~

Comment by ilovejr

I realy Like You and Wanted to see you so Much,I Love All Your Songs and now that i will always cheer for you.I have lots of your Pic’s and at night i can never sleep without them.Hope to see you soon in Mizoram,India

Comment by Baby

if i could have one wish,i would wish that i could be always with you even in your happy and sad days.Hope to see you soon in Mizoram.Love you so much.

Comment by Rin

You know,.I think you’re the best member in Suju.,

Comment by Dina


OoO, ,i see, ,
thank you for translating in english, ,coz of u, ,we could be able to kno bout dhae oppa feeling, ,hehe, ,
Where r u come from?R u korean??
Understanding 3 lang iz so awesome!
U rock chingu!^0^

Comment by HaeRie

Hi ilovejr,
I know that you are not Donghae.I just wanted to tell these words to you as well as Donghae.I know that you will read my long message.If you read my message this time,I want to know about you.Are you a girl?I got friends on internet who work for celebrities like Lee Jun Ki.So I want to be your friend,too.So I want to know more about you.Are you over 20 or under 20?I just want to know.Where are you from?Are you from Thailand?Because many of the web makers who work for the Korean celebrities are from Thailand.Don’t think me as a stupid girl because I wrote ilovejr=Donghae.I now don’t want to write about Donghae that tells how he cute.I will only write to you.I think you will be so friendly.And I want to know your e-mail address.My e-mail is the way,I am from Myanmar.So if you get bored,don’t forget to send me an e-mail.I think you are not Korean.Because a Korean will understand what a Korean wrote on his cyworld.But I thank you very much for the things that you have translated.And I am very willing to sent Donghae an e-mail.The thing is that I won’t be on internet these days because I am not well.But if I get recovered,I will write to you immediately.Thanks a lot for your translation.I hoped that you are Donghae for the first time I saw his cyworld.But sadly it is not true.But I admire you a lot.Is there a way to send an e-mail to Donghae,inform me immediately.I am very interested in it.By the way,do you love Donghae so much like us,I mean like E.L.F.I have to say that Donghae is not very handsome.But he is cute,isn’t he?Bye!See you.

Comment by Khin Kan Kaw Thin

@ Khin Kan Kaw Thin:
Hey 🙂 Thank you for your long comment once again, and sorry for the misunderstanding *-*

Yes I am a fangirl xD Wow, that’s so cool you have so many links to famous celebrities!
I do not know of Hae’s email.. So I apologize for that 😦 An yes, I am not Korean.. Sadly TT

You’re welcome ♥♥

Comment by ilovejr

o par
i love you and i miss you so much
one day …… u will no how much i love you and miss you
i love you more than i can talk
sarang hae……

Comment by su myat noe

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