Heechul’s Fancafe Entry 2009.01.09
January 9, 2009, 11:34 pm
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Heechul’s Kiseki Fancafe Entry 2009.01.09 22:27

Title: Nice~ (>_< )=b 2 0 0 9

Mysteriously quicker than anyone else, and with a dissimilarity among others, I, whose age increases continuously
Hmm, anyway your are all ageing too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Let us all keep those clichéd ‘Happy New Year’ greetings ^-^

In reality, a few days ago when I was filming ‘JoAhSeo’, I had my fortune read

Me: I don’t believe in divination, nor do I believe in God etc etc ㅋㅋI don’t have a character who relies on others ㅋㅋ Please start by saying all the bad stuff~

So I let him take a look at my romance life.

Me: Will I fall in love this year? ㅋㅋ

Fortune Teller: You don’t have any love luck. Up till now, you don’t have it either, neither will you have the luck long time into the future..

Me: (-┏)

Fortune Teller: Heechul-sshi’s situation is that, your luck with women isn’t that good. You have the fate that is unacceptable to women.

Gun Mo hyung & Hatsan hyung & Seyoon hyung & Hongki: Puhahahahahahahaha!! It’s so accurate!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Fortune Teller: Your imposing manner is too strong, women aren’t able to come close to you. You’ll make women suffer. They won’t be able to take it.

Me: *!(@*..Ah This isn’t good;; But it’ll come somehow right? ^-^

Fortune Teller: It’ll be difficult in the next few years. You’ll get married really really late.It’s just those women who just brush past you.

Me: -choke-! Evil*(+_+) Not too long ago, I had my fortune read at another place and they said I was an emperor (-┏)

Fortune Teller: Heechul-sshi belongs to the fortune where you don’t know how to treat women. You absolutely do not know how to capture (their attention).

Me: That’s true.. The longest time I’ve dated was about 3 months or so.. *!&*&@.. Don’t tell me I am walking the same road as Gun Mo hyung?..

Gun Mo hyung: Heechul ah, come here~ ㅎㅎ You must eat with hyung everyday~

—In the midst of drinking a toast—

In the meantime, listen to what those around me said..

Hankyung: There’s nothing else you can do! You make women too tired.

Jay: You can only play a fool for your whole life;;

Donghae: Hyung, don’t get married ━ you’ll only be busied with your divorce

Jungmo: Hyung, if you can treat women by bugging and telling them ‘I love you’ then it won’t be such a difficulty ㅎㅎ

Kibum: Hyung, if you get married, I’ll sing you a song of blessing

Sunkyu (Sunny of SNSD): Oppa, you’re better off being alone ㅎㅎ

Yoona (of SNSD): Oppa, to ask you to be gentle and kind to women..ㅎㅎ It’s simply not possibleㅎㅎ

In addition to etc..

No, I want to reject. I should open up my war trophies –Amidst Twins-**

The meaning of purple is (my) protest against fate (+_+)

If I fall in love in Spring, Heebum will grow nails and a beard!!

The recommended song for today is F.T Island’s ‘사랑하지마요 (Please Don’t Love Me) ‘ ㄱㄱ

N.B I do not have access to Kiseki.. So hopefully this is as close as to the original ^^
*, **Not sure about these, they sound a little weird..

Original Source; 김희철 팬카페 『KIseKI』
Credits; LoveChul, OnlyHeechul
Please do not take out!
Gosh, it has been a while since I did such a long entry.. And.. it’s difficult trying to figure out Heechul’s thinking, lol @__@

But so cute. xD Ahh Heenim, I pray that you find your happiness soon T_T


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LOL. So he had his future read again.
Well. it’s good that he won’t be married soon (…I think…)^^;;

But I agree, we should not relay on divination too much. Nevertheless, it still feels kind of scary to know these things about your future.^^;;

Comment by clare08

hahahhaha….will you be ok off alone, oppa~????
you know that no matter what, the members and ELF still support you, right???
heechul oppa~ fighting~

Comment by xuan dinh

heenim XD … i can’t stop laughing reading this.. XD XD
but at bob,the fortune teller said that his wife would be brainy one but not the sexy one…

you can read it you can read it

This text
is a link to a page on
the here.

Comment by thir13teen

awww heenim don’t be sad. how bout try some guys instead of women for now? xD

Donghae: Hyung, don’t get married ━ you’ll only be busied with your divorce

Jungmo: Hyung, if you can treat women by bugging and telling them ‘I love you’ then it won’t be such a difficulty ㅎㅎ

Kibum: Hyung, if you get married, I’ll sing you a song of blessing”

HAHHAAHAHAHA hilarious friends

Comment by EternalELF

ahahahahh hankyung’s comment. ahahaha… awww the other comments are cute. hehe yoona is love… well, i hope he gets someone soon~~ after all, he is a normal male-.-

Comment by Roge

wow..i love heechul.whether he gets married or not.haha
heechul oppa,just wait.time will come.haha
wait for

“Hankyung: There’s nothing else you can do! You make women too tired.”
listen to my hannie heechul oppa!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

hahahaha..heechul is so cute..!haahaha
thanks for ur hard work.^^

Comment by hoho

ahhh! heechul. come to me and u will find ur happiness! and i will find mine too! hahaha! ❤

Comment by love.

ahh Heechul Oppa…you make me laugh =p
i’ll gladly fall in love with you to make you happy =]

“Hankyung: There’s nothing else you can do! You make women too tired.
Donghae: Hyung, don’t get married ━ you’ll only be busied with your divorce
Kibum: Hyung, if you get married, I’ll sing you a song of blessing”

LOL. thats all. just LOL. i love these boys.

Comment by c.n

i feel bad for you oppa!!

Comment by aracelli

Thx for translation. It’s true about Heechul’s love life. He seems somehow hard to get near by women. Being friend with him is the greatest but being lover is considerate. His unique personality makes it more difficult to be in love. Plus, for wat I see, he might be not interested in relationship at all, at least until now.

Btw, still be a fan of Heenim. Wish some day, there is such a woman can handle a witty Heechul xD

Comment by Nhim

Heecul oppa!! please take me as ur bride..I will obey U!! I promise to make U happy and we can live together happily!<3<3<3<3<3……

Comment by kim

hahahahahha…wat donghae said sooo cute!!!!

Comment by kiixiah

i totally freaked out when i saw an update from heenim.. XD

it’s okay if heenim won’t get married..
he still have a lot of girlfriends(E.L.F)..
hehe. i hope heenim finds happiness too.. 😀

Comment by icepluscoffee

hahaha… heenim really cracked me up when he say he gonna go against the fate…..anyway..i hope heenim going to find sumone soon…fighting!!!!

Comment by notxxaxxprincess

Heenim Oppa…!!!Marry Me..Don’t worry I accept all your rude character…

Comment by SuperJuniorHappy13

donghae’s made me lolololol. XD

Comment by iheartmeowing


Comment by suju13lover

Chul and his love luck.

Comment by ahwang

poor heenim.
if yuu need one oppa im here..xDD
just be patient dating gurls..
dont be hot tempered…0.0

hey btw! i got dissapoint on what he did
wen he kissed jungmo.. idunt like it..

Comment by chellie

don’t be too affraid lah! I’m sure someday,there is a woman who very love u,carre to u, faithfull,understand u,u n she will spend the time always together. If u feel so hard to find a woman diz time,next time It’s will be ‘a happy ending’ lorz..
But,remember the promise in ‘Marry U’,be her side,loving her,cherishing her through the snow n rain, protect her,always be there,through many days together. Dun hurt ‘the most beautiful human in the world’ !! Coz i ever felt it yao! T_T
remember to protect her always! ^^ zzzzz

Comment by Linkz4ever

poor heenim! i can be your girl^^
*slaps by siwon*

Comment by aitsukame

nyahaha. donghae’s comment… =))))))

Comment by kaye

lol, poor Heenim. And the comments by Sunny and Yoona, man, they’re girls, Heechul must’ve feel so depressed hearing them. XD And Hae’s comment ftw, so awesome. D

Comment by Nee

so…if only men are comfortable around him…he should stick with some man 😀

Comment by M

Donghae~~ I agree with you a hundred and ten percent! 😀

I agree with everyone else… 😀

This cracked me out. ^^

Comment by sallysync

ahh Thank you for translation.

He’s so unique. I think alot of women want to risk their lives married Heenim but i think it’ll be like what Donghae said that he’ll be busies with divorce.

Comment by Peach

I hope he gets his wish/dream.
If not then I fly over to Korea and find one for him. XDD

Comment by Angel

Wah everyone’s reaction around him was too funny!!! Donghae’s was the funniest! wah poor Heechul, such a late bloomer, but the fortune teller said that he would find love eventually….lol he’ll have to wait until I get to Korea…lol j/k please dont kill me!

Comment by Nepurr

i’m sure heechul is gonna find somebody soon. ❤
hmm. is he that too weird or dominating for girls.. LOL

“busied with divorce” PUHAHAHA nice one danghae! ❤

what a coincidence, i was just listening to FT island’s “don’t love me” before reading this.
(and i’m kinda shocked to know chul’s listening to ft.. lol.)

Comment by mrskwonjiyong

kibum says he’ll sing him a song, considering how much kibum sing that is saying alot LOL.

Comment by Ellie

heechul! you must wait for me! I need to find you to get your fortune reversed!!!

Comment by mimi

i don’t see heenim will marry in his 20s. maybe in his 30s. soon he will find his partner in life. i wish all the best in his love life. good luck heenim!!!

Comment by garfieldjm

LOL… i was listening to FTIsland’s 사랑후애 when i read this…. and when i see that the recommended song is FTIsland’s 사랑하지마요, i tuned it to 사랑하지마요 straight away…. *sing along while leaving comment*

Comment by LFi

cant stop laughing!!
esp donghae’s “busied with divorce..”

dun worry heechul oppa!!
u’ll find ur ms right soon!!^^

Comment by meHEARTsuju

hahaha… poor heechul.
I hope he get his happiness soon,though. He deserve it.
I like Donghae comment… busied with…

Comment by Eonis



Comment by minjee

gaaaawdd all sound so mean ! but of so funny .
and somewhat true .. 😡

LOL ! Heechul hwaiting !
Marry Kibum ! <33

Comment by yin

Heenim, I know many a woman that would be willing to have you. And even let you do as you like (with other women or men), so long as you remain loyal to her. XD

But I really can’t picture oppa being married. Perhaps it will be an unofficial and unspoken understanding between the two of how their relationship is and will be. Because I’m sure that oppa is the type to disregard the opinions of others, and rashly charge forward. (:

Comment by tacti

XDDD he’s such a failure ❤
I say that adoringly XDD

Thanks for translating ^__^!

Comment by spazzes

it’s so heenim..
ah don’t worry oppa, we are all here to love you!
his friends’ comments are so sweetly dorky funny! ^^

Comment by yan


Hehe well, I really do like his weirdness lor Xp

Comment by yinghui

OMG Poor Heenim~~~
Why such a great boy like him can’t find a girl?
maybe he doesn’t know how to spoil women and say sweet things to them? haha~~~
And I strongly believe that he was an emperor^^
I really like the person whose personality like Heenim
(Because his character and mine are quite similar^^)
Hope Heenim will find a good girl whom he can cherish and love till death^^
Thanks so much for your translation
I’ll translate this into Vietnamese~

Comment by linh

annye0ng to all SUJU oppas!!!!=]

keep good n` great!!!!

take care 0lwayz=]

Comment by SUJUholic=]

Hahaha, I love cynic Donghae.

But how come ? I can’t believe in 25 years of existence (at the time he wrote it) the longest he got in a love relationship was 3 months. If it’s true, he really has a nevrotic relationship with women haha. (or they wasn’t good match ;D)

Anyway ! What’s so great about marriage ? Let’s live in concumbinage !

Comment by Arctic

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