SJ 2009 New Year Greetings
January 6, 2009, 11:30 pm
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SJ’s 2009 New Year Greetings


Happy New Year! The sun of 2009 has finally risen!! You must pass this year being as hard-working as an ox*!! And please anticipate Super Junior’s 3Jib lots!! ~I love you~!! -Teuk-


You must always be happy in 2009, may everyone’s wishes come true!


2009 has arrived~ Wishing everyone a happiness-filled year ahead.. Yesung♥


It’s the new year. I pray that it’ll be a smooth-sailing year under God’s kindness.. I love you all…♥”


To pretty E.L.F^^ Annyeonghaseyo! I am SJ’s Donghae! Please love our 3Jib lots in 2009! Thank you for protecting us all this while, for loving us, and don’t climb the walls**! Today, everyone who’s here is Donghae’s girlfriend, Donghae’s bride?? ㅋㅋ

2009.1.3 Love you all, my girlfriends~


Our E.L.F, may you be blessed in the new year! I am Super Junior’s Ryeowook~


You must be blessed all the way!! In ’09~ May all your wishes come true^^


Please be happier in the new year! You must always be healthy! 2009 Fighting!


2009 is the Year of the Ox~♥ Shindong’s born in the Year of the Ox too..^^ Must be as hard-working as an ox in 2009, and as happy as Shindong ~♥


Happy New Year~♥♥ Top Star Kim Heechul☆☆


May you be blessed in 2009, to become a rich person~ ♥ -Sungmin-


Thank you everyone for your support and attention in 2008! We will work harder in the new year, and hope that everything will be smooth-sailing, everyone will be safe. Let us turn into ‘oxen’ next year!

I love you all!


My beloved E.L.F ^_^~ I am Kyuhyun. Finally the sun has risen on 2009~ In 2008, because we were split into SJ-Happy and SJ-M for our activities, we missed many opportunities to meet with Korean E.L.F. Hope that we can have a blessed 2009 together! I love you all~ ^.^

Official Message

Thank you everyone for giving us your cheers and encouragement in 2008. In the new year, we will show everyone a more hard-working side, at the same time, may everyone’s wishes come true, may everyone be prosperous and safe, and hope that everyone will continue supporting us in the new year. I love you all.

N.B *It is the year of the ox in the lunar calendar
**I’m not really sure of how to translate this, so I just did the literal translation. It means something like changing fandom xD

Credits; SJ Baidu Bar
Please do not take out!


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LOL Heenim and Siwon’s greetings are so…like who wrote them xD

Comment by Shinnie

siwon xDDD

love donghae’s message :3

everyone in their own style ^^

thanx a lot for the translation, i’m putting this in spanish 🙂

Comment by ALI

Donghaes greeting totally made me swoonㅋㅋㅋ Waah, I am happy to be His girlfriend <3^^
And Teuk ❤ ~I love you~!! Imagine him saying that in person *faints*.
Minnie ^_^<3 I wish you all the best my dear Suju, please stay healthy and ofcourse I will support you guys, Until death do us apart ! ♥♥♥♥

Comment by katie

Aaw I liked Shindongs the most… I don’t know why but when I read it it made me feel happy 😀
And he is an ox, kangin too xD They are going to be 25.. still very young.. last forever !

Comment by Shelley

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO teehe. I love all of them 🙂 and yea Siwon’s greeting is so…. like him lmao… Ohh! Donghae’s <33

Comment by Sarang

Thank you for translation , Ohh i love SuJu so much.

More and more everyday.

envy Donghae’s fan, He’s so sweet to them xoxox

Comment by Peach

…ouwhh…i hope this year be a gud year for suju n we ELF….suju fighting…luv u !!!!!xD

Comment by nOtxXaXxpRinceSs

I love their messages.
I guess Siwon is very religious.

Comment by Angel

Wow, thanks for your translation….

I’d like to trans this into Vietnamese…Is that ok?

I promise to give full credit and link to your page…

Comment by Naochan

as always the self-centered princess heechul and father siwon…
kyuhyun is so thoughtful… donghae is very lucky to have a lot of girlfriends…

Super Junior Saranghaeyo ❤ ❤ ❤
May you be successful in 2009… ^^

Comment by kyuwonaddict

Yes,shindong must as hard-working as an ox and everyone must fighting in the year of ox!Wish all be happy in 2009!

Comment by alicia

So, i’m ur girl friend too, dong hae oppa? Kyaaaa… Mau..mau..mau donk!! Haha~ Cwon oppa, always in jesus blesses hya! ^^ 加油!我爱Super Junior! 想你们!

Comment by Linkz4ever

hahahahah LOL @ siwon<3
and omg<3333333
donghae is still so sweet~

thanks for translating ^^

Comment by inyeon

I love all our boys’ – especially Eeteukie<3 hehe- greetings! xD

Heechul’s just as unique as usual haha. Afterall, he’s our Top Star Kim Heechul 😀

Comment by yinghui

i love donghae’s wish the most~~
huhu..i won’t change my fandom..dun worry~

Comment by miljnte

right now many of US became donghae’s girlfriend!! LOLz kyuhyun’s always thoughtful and heenim. . .well. .we all know him =) hahaha HAPPY NEW YEAR OPPAS!! i will always be an ELF for all of you =)

Comment by kyuhyun's gal

thanks for the trans…..

awww….we love to be your girlfriend and *blushing* bride fishy!!
and teukie! i love you too!! lol >_<

btw, i’m oxen too!^^

Comment by yan

Oh~hahah, So our Donghae-ah is pimp now! XD

I can live w/ that, I like sharing (His face IS the one adoring my month on the official calender after all~)

*Totally jumps on Sungmin’s “rich” blessing*

Make Money!!! (We fans will be sure to help SJ make lots of money this year w/ their 3rd jib<3)

Comment by fatalblue

ow gosh! i wanna have that peice of paper! aww i wanna see them! aww to donghae! gotta love his personality and siwon too! its soo him! haha i love them!

Comment by may

kyaa~~~happy new year to u too oppa~~

can’t wait for the 3rd album….

Comment by suju13lover

There goes narcissist Chul.
And aww Siwon ^^
Kangin I promise you to be happy.
I was kinda down lately.. ^^

Comment by ahwang

Oh,what a suprise!
All members here..
Don’t know what has wanted to say.
Wish everyone happy new year!

Comment by jukop

thanks a lot for the translation 😀
siwon is so religous and donghae is cute^^
lol heechul…and teuki i love you too!lol…
love all their messages!!!

Comment by ilyc

Waha! I love DongHae’s message!
There goes Hee Chul… =D
And Siwon’s message… so inspiring… *melting* =D
Happy New Year Oppas! Hope you can also have a happy new year… just like your fans! =D

thanks for translating their messages for everyone! Happy New Year to all! =D

Comment by tingsala044

ah yes.. heechul you conceited person:DD
teukie..happy new year!be happier this year!

Comment by Anonymous

Hi, we’re from 360kpop family

U ask not to take out of your blog, and I won’t do that ^^
cam I just translate it into Vietnamese?
this is out site

I’d be thankful if you allowed me to do so
thank you so much~ for all the hard work on translating

I’m looking forward to hearing from U~


Comment by Hee

thanks for sharing the translation and the pic ❤

Comment by minjee

lol I loved Donghae’s message ❤
Shindong’s message was cute 😀

Comment by YanYan

suju is so sweet (:
which is whose? can any one identify?
i know which is leeteuk’s, siwon’s, donghae’s, heechul’s, hangeng’s, kyuhyun’s. but i can’t tell the rest.
anyone knows?

Comment by cottoncandyfloss12

happy chinese new year for all of you! I hope everyone wish and pray come true and more happiness for us ^-^

Comment by mai_ree

yeah ,me 2 and god will bless all of you.

Comment by Swe Lai Phyo

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