Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2009.01.01
January 1, 2009, 7:44 pm
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I can’t believe it’s 2009 already~

Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2009.01.01

January 1, 2009… I’m already 23…

Why would I have thought of the background music for being 23… I even know of the song name ㅋㅋㅋ
Just like this, I’m already 23
Just like this, I’ve completed little things big and small, putting myself excessively into being Super Junior’s Ryeowook
There are a lot of those around me who are celebrating their birthdays (Sungmin hyung, 메Me noona)…
There are also those who have reached 30 (Seunghwan hyung, I’m sorry ㅋ)
And our coordi-noona who’s turning 29, there are really many people who have beautiful memories
I tried to set goals… Doing them while thinking back about 2008
They were days to be ashamed of~ If I were to go through it once again I wouldn’t repeat my mistake!
These kind of days… Days that make you proud
I really don’t want to go through those kind of painful days once again
I really really have too many of these kind of thoughts.. I don’t know how are the hyungs doing or how’s my family doing^^
Today I’ve been setting goals the whole day, it looks like the performance today made today a pretty good day ㅎㅎ
In 2009, let us try to fly!!^^
May you have happiness in this new year!

P.S It’s so hard to refresh ㅋㅋ Tidying up is good, this is great!! ㅋ

Original Source; 려욱닺컴 “형님”


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Thank goodness wookie also remember sungmin’s birthday!happy bithday,cute sungmin!oh!wookie,you are so humerous!how can you said like that!wookie supposes to be 22 years old.why 23?

Comment by huy

oppa Little Pea
I love you
forever 😡

Comment by xíu

Oo,happy new year!wookie.A good-bye to 2008 and the new year will be better.wookie will do better!

Comment by joilkay

to huy: that’s his korean age but his really 22.

heheheheh wookie soo cute!!! Hwaiting!

Comment by kiixiah

Awww Happy New Year too Wookie! 2008 was indeed a great year for you, i hope 2009 will be as bright for our eternal magnae & the rest of the Suju. Nice that he remembered Min’s birthday and revealed Manager Seunghwan’s age kekeke

Comment by 16candl3s

fighting for 2009!!

Comment by suju13lover

Yeah I thought Wookie oppa was 22 right how are you going I love u and super junior!!!!!!

Comment by ladygalaxy02

wow….ryeowook was very cute….hehehe… don’t angry……i very like ryeowook.. he very handsome…….

Comment by try_girlz

Hi ryeowook opar
How are you? I hope your are in goodluck.ryeowook opar you are very cute and handsome.Your voice is very pleasant to me.I like your voice.opar!naw mo Sar Dar Nge yo♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Aza Aza hwaiting.♥

Comment by saori

I don`t want nobody else without you.there`s no one left then I gotta have you and I cannot wait now to be your everything.♥♥♥♥♥

Comment by saori

i love u so much …zzz

Comment by Ti4mo

naege sarangheyo wookie oppa! come to spore ya to make a big performance! i’ll b the first to buy the tickets! ❤ ❤ ❤

Comment by Nura Alexa Faith

is it really ryeo wook doing this..???
if he is..i just want to say i love you..
naneuntang nareul sarangheo..did i said it right??am not sure..

Comment by Jannary Quitiol

hmmmp..june 21 1988 is the real date of birth of wookie oppa??

Comment by Jannary Quitiol

@Jannary Quitiol: Nope it isn’t~ it’s june 21 1987! ^^

Comment by ilovejr

hi ryeowook oppa, the first time i saw the super junior i thought kibum oppa was the cutest but when i saw you, it turns upside down!!! Saranghae!! Its the only word i want to say to you this time… But i really want to see you someday in person… Take care , more blessings, god bless, and saranghae!!!

Comment by abbe


Comment by chidau_yeuanhdau

ryeo wook uppa! you please help me tell ye sung uppa that additional memory stay healthy … .. fed to bed early … and I always love him … love him forever

Comment by kimsumin

my friend,she love ryeowook
and she love sj and me too

Comment by lovekyu4ever

Kim Ryeowook’s birthday is JUNE 21 not JANUARY !

Comment by janh patricia aquino

kim Ryeowook’s birthday is JUNE 21 not JANUARY 1….

Comment by janh patricia aquino

kim Ryeowook’s birthday is JUNE 21 not JANUARY 1….

Comment by jan patricia aquino

JANUARY 1 is LEE SUNGMIN’s birthday….

Comment by jan patricia aquino

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